B'ham Day


I'm in Birmingham! I've left Leeds a couple of days ago so I'll be in this bull city for the rest of the month, thanks to Mimi for having me! You are not in this city if you've not taken a picture with the bull so the first picture is a standard compulsory photo of me and Mr. Bull.

For most of the afternoon, Mimi and I walked around the city which is quite big! And here's a random guy shooting bubbles at Mimi. Welcome to B'ham!

We even played a game which is an event as part of the Olympics sponsor's games and as predicted, I lost both games to Mimi. hmmph. At least I got a Cadbury chocolate in the shape of the Olympic mascot :)

Here's us in a Blue Dragon mobile. I don't know how we ended up there but we brought back home free sweet chilli sauce!

Mimi and I decided to hop in a water bus for a half-hour tour around the canal in B'ham with a bunch of Japanese tourists. One of them even spoke Japanese to us, if only I knew how to reply them...wakarimasen!

I don't know what is this weird thing in the middle of nowhere, with hands and legs stretched out and smiling stupidly at the camera.

Since we have bus passes, we decided to go on random bus rides that late afternoon. We hopped on the first bus that stopped at one of the stands in the city centre and found ourselves arriving at a small town area.
Turns out this town is quite close to the university so we decided to navigate our way back home on foot. But after a while, we came to realise it is actually quite far but thanks to a certain someone who likes to walk, we walked anyway. Somewhere along the road, we passed by this hospital that I just need to show you.
Isn't it awesome? It's so modern and has very nice architectural structure unlike the ones we see at most places. Basically throughout the day, I find myself saying "I love B'ham" so often that I feel guilty 0:)