New Year's Resolution

I've got a list of New Year's Resolution written down in my diary.. Well, it's almost the same with last year's. Since I feel like I haven't accomplish my resolution last year, I feel I need to do it this coming year.

I'll only share one thing from that list - to learn to play more guitar picking styles. I'm really bad at that. I can only strum and they almost always sound the same. Boring! I've only learned a new song this holiday - One In Equal by Seven Wiser. I still can't get the solo part though.

By the way, I've pasted the link to the song I tabbed in this blog. Currently I've posted one at More to come in the future.

Cheers to all and Happy New Year 2008!!
Yours Truly,

Christmas pics

These are the pics taken on Christmas Eve and Day *laughs* Ive already mentioned some of the food and stuff

watdya call this thing. btw.. i hate firecrackers so we got the 'friendly' ones

my bro stephen enjoying it

sharon's garlic bread..

my ugly sushi

fried chicken that has been marinated for a whole day

we were watching Elf.. good movie

cute teddies for decoration

i love that snowman.. sharon can be very creative!

Well, that's about it.. I guess I didn't take much pic coz I'm so lazy!

The Getaway

I went jogging at the hill behind my house with dad and sharon, but it was more like a brisk walk coz they ate before going so i had to go slow. There were quite a number of cars passing by the narrow road leading into the forest where we were heading and at first i thought they were just some peepz exploring the nature until i saw a white cloth tied to a tree by the roadside and realised that they must be having some kind of sports event, jungle trekking maybe, no idea. But why at Lumut Hill? I thought it's off-limit. Ok,we are trespassers too. But I thought it's for soldiers training or something. Oh, and of course for moon sighting. But i think its a good place to get away, to explore. It is, after all, the nature.

Christmas Day


Merry Christmas to all peepz celebrating out there. Hope u enjoy it coz it's the highlight of the holiday!

Christmas eve - I did made sushi but it wasnt pretty. Taste good tho thanks to the wasabi. Sharon (my sis) made garlic bread, fried chicken, nuggets n crab balls and we had ice cream for dessert. Very simple right? Coz there were only me, sharon n my bro at home! My parents attended this wedding and shely had a party at her friend's so it's kinda boring. Bt at least today i learn to play a new song with the keyboard my bro stephen taught me. It's funny coz he's suppose to be the one playing the piano but i played more than him simply because i'm interested and he's not.

Well,exam result is coming out soon and i'm both nervous and excited! At least i don't have supp so i can pretty much relax before the next sem begins!


Princess, on her way to a new home. She kept jumping out of the box. Unfortunately I wasn't there to see it!

Tale of the Lizard's Tail

the pups are now in the cage! lol... just like any dog's fate at our home. we just can let them out if u noe wat i mean. it's ironic coz they're now eating leftovers just like the old ones. but i think it's better than chaining them at least they can run in circles in the cage! don't worry, the cage is BIG.

Well, I attempted to clean my room on several occasions but u'know, it's an 'attempt' so u can imagine it looks pretty much the same. I did manage to change my bed's mattress and bedsheet. Not bad. Except I found a lizard's tail below the bedsheet! I wonder how it got there! and my sis has been sleeping on it without realizing! ok, even a 'dead and dried' tail I don't wanna touch so I asked my bro and he just took it with his bare hands. Let's just say I hate lizards - period.

well, it's still early december so there's plenty more to do in the holiday.. I'm watching House M.D. at the moment.


ermm..i shouldn't be writing blog now coz I have an exam in one hour time..but i don't think i'll be going online often after this so i just wanna be a well-wisher now. HAPPY HOLIDAY!! (advanced) and for those staying at the hostel gurls happy moving!

i'm moving out tuesday and i kinda packed some of my stuff already. my plan for the holiday? plenty! i'm lazy to write it out here.

by the way, Christmas is coming and I know alot of peepz don't celebrate but I kinda feel like going in the mood of it so i wanna do something special on dat day. don't know what yet..maybe piggin out on the couch? haha..maybe sushi coz dats all i can do.

Wish me luck for my exam later! I sure hope it's not hard!