Walk and Run

I got my key so what’s next? Oh yeah, packing - the laborious part. As Kelly says, pack light. I will try and remember that. As for the countdown to the presentation day, me and a couple of friends had a group chat last night. I felt so much better after that, knowing that everyone is just as freaked out. Doesn’t really sound right the way I say it but at least we’re on the same boat. But what the hell, it’s just a presentation. No big deal. I worry too much sometimes.

All in all, I have a busy week ahead of me. Class starts early on Monday. We’re trying to make ‘that’ classroom ours and keep the weekend class-free. And of course, there is the big project coming up so I better get prepared for that too. I didn’t know where to complain about the missing timetable. I guess there is no point now. I’ve made one anyway so that’s done. Yes, ‘neglected’ is the right word to describe us final-year nerdherd.

I hope I get to play some balls too. I don’t know if anyone is up for it. If you are, call me. Haha. It sounded like a pick up line!

The Old Wood

This is what happens when you slump your guitar unceremoniously at the corner of the room. Sigh. I really pity this piece that has been long forgotten by my family and now sits quietly in my room at the corner – only partially visible. It is very old yet stubbornly sturdy, even though some strings are broken, and it’s literally collecting dust. The reason why it is not popular is because it is a classic guitar and has a very large fret board, and nobody seems interested in playing one of these nowadays. But it’s a very dear thing to my mother as she bought it many years ago, even though she doesn’t play anymore. So I’ll do something about it, I guess. Maybe I’ll switch the strings back to steel since nylon doesn’t work for me.

On a happier note, here is a pic of me and Shely at The Hut earlier today. But I am not going to talk food again since someone is complaining that I talk about food too much. Well, what to say now then? I got nothing~

Closing Door

One more day to go. I’m going to miss the place obviously, especially the desk where I’m sitting at. Every place that I’ve been, when it’s coming to an end, there is always this sense of sadness because I was there at some point in my life. I’ll put that memory in a box along with other good memories I’ve had there and hope one day I will have the chance to visit the place again. Well, every ending brings about a new beginning. So, after closing that door, I will open up a new door and prepare to walk in. Yes, everyone is anticipating the next semester. I am no exception. I am pretty sure I’ll go back to my old ways of dozing off in class or simply staring blankly at the lecturer. I will try to give efforts in digesting the lectures. God, I hate lectures. They are like bed time stories – without the story. Hope I can survive listening.

I had lunch with my sis, her colleague and Nina at Coffeebean in the office recently. And Guess what? I got a gift (or gifts) from Nina!

Thank you very much Nina ;)

And as a complement, here is the lunch I had that day. That’s lasagna which I couldn’t finish so my sis helped herself.

Year 22

First of all, I just want to thank those who greeted me on my birthday. So in return, I have decided to update my blog J This is my birthday cake yam flavored. It’s kind of big, I think two kilos would best describe the dimension of the cake. And this year they got the name correct on my cake! (Last year, my sister’s name was on my cake)

These are some of the gifts I got. I’m not telling you what I actually got but I can tell you these: they are good stuff J Of course nothing tops angpows because my haul this year is better than last year *evil smile*

My cousin edited this photo of me the south park style. Apparently, you can edit it using a photo of yours with this application or something. Thanks yeah!

Last night I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about our presentation this August. I just received an email from the coordinator and it freaked the hell out of me. I don’t know why I’m being so nervous. I haven’t even completed my attachment for a start and I still have time to prepare for the presentation, plus my report is more than halfway done. I shouldn’t be so damn scared, right? Right. *Exhales*

Seven Days

I don’t feel like writing much so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

According to Nina, this is the day the shuttle bus left her:

The entrance to the headquarter:

Faceshop vs. Bodyshop:

Numbered Future

If you read my tweet, I’ve mentioned that I’m watching Desperate Housewives. And it’s good as always. I love the suspense and the humor. It never fails to make me laugh. I’m not done with it yet so don’t throw me any spoiler just yet.

The semester is starting so soon. And I’m kinda worried about the final year project. I’m not sure what topic I’m going to choose. I would be doing the topic for the whole year so I hope I choose the right one for me. You know, when people ask me what program I take in uni, I say Mathematics, and they give me the curious look and say, “What can you do with that?” Nobody knows. It’s too broad a subject and it has too many fingers pointing in different directions. I don’t know either. Perhaps there are actually jobs that require the power of raw mathematics, but it’s rare. They just don’t stand alone. Maybe that’s why we have minors, to support the majors.

Some people are just blessed with cool jobs. I would call those jobs the dream jobs. And I just found out about a friend having one. He’s gonna be a pilot soon! Lucky guy. And when I look at what’s ahead of me, all I can think of is lots and lots of numbers. Sigh.

The One and Only

Roger Federer def. Andy Roddick

5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14

Roger Federer and his 15th Grand Slam title

Roger Federer made history yesterday when he won The Championships Wimbledon and broke Pete Sampras’s record of 14 titles. Sampras was there to witness the event, smiling when Andy Roddick apologized in jest for not being able to stop Federer from breaking the record. Shely and I practically camped in the living room and watched for hours. The great match ended at around 1:30am local time so I slept pretty late last night. Well, at one point I was gonna give up watching cause I was thinking that they are never gonna be able to break each other’s point so it could go on forever. Federer had many chances and he blew them. Finally, after more than four hours into the game, he finally managed to break Roddick’s serve and won the match. As a bonus, Federer got his No.1 ranking back. Everytime he wins a Grand Slam title, there’s always more than one record to put in the history book. He is indeed the greatest player in history.

Roddick was clearly disappointed

Image retrieved from www.wimbledon.org


The Championships Wimbledon

These are the semifinalists for men’s single. Live matches on Friday.

Tommy Haas vs. Roger Federer

Andy Murray vs. Andy Roddick

All images retrieved from www.wimbledon.org