No Dent

I drove back home today and when I reached home, I wanted to reverse park into the garage. But ama’s car took up quite a bit space on the right side so my parking space was smaller. So what I did was reversed more towards the left to avoid getting too close to her car. But then as I reversed, I suddenly heard a low grinding sound as the side of my car made contact with the gate wall.

I went, “Oh my fking God!” and hit the brake, then as quickly as I could, I moved forward. I was on panic mode. But I had to park the car first before I dashed out to see the damage. Well, surprisingly, there was barely a scratch. Whew! My dad would kill me! I told him later though, much to his amuse. Yeah, believe that!

This is the junction to my house. Actually, you can already see my house in this picture.

Rise of the Djoker

Cincinnati Masters Final:

Roger Federer vs. Novak Djokovic

Two of my favourite players. If I were to cheer in the final at Cincinnati, half of my face would be painted with a half-cross in red and the other half in three horizontal stripes. I would guess that Federer would claim the title in three sets but I was hoping Djokovic would take the crown because he has been in drought for quite some time now. Federer, on the other hand, has not only won the French Open and Wimbledon recently, but also regained his No. 1 ranking. Djokovic has since been shunned to No.4. Therefore I think he deserves this title, at least before the US Open kicks off.

Everyone has been eyeing Murray for months now. Please pay more attention to the Serb.


I looked at this post and I thought it's too short so I decided to add a little something.

As you may have heard (not sure if you care), Roger Federer won the Cincinnati title on Sunday, beating Novak Djokovic at 6-1 7-5, so here is the current top 5 ATP ranking:

1) Roger Federer 12,040
2) Andy Murray 9,610
3) Rafael Nadal 9,025
4) Novak Djokovic 7,660
5) Andy Roddick 5,720

The next big event in tennis is the Grand Slam US Open which starts next week. That's gonna be something to watch on tv! I'm also quite excited to catch the Malaysia Open this September. Of course that event coincides with Thailand Open but many top players are gonna be in Malaysia; Nikolay Davydenko, Fernando Verdasco, Robin Soderling, Gael Monfils, and so on. I wonder who's playing at Thailand Open this year...

Oooh, I just went to the Thailand Open official website. The confirmed players are Marat Safin, Jo Wilfried Tsonga and Rafael Nadal! Wow, now that's more like it. Hmm, Djokovic played there last year, wonder if he's playing again this year.

All In One

[Long post ahead]

I am back home for the weekend so the first thing I decided to do is to update this blog. Well, actually the first thing I did was the laundry. But anyway, the important thing is I haven’t updated for a week so here I am.

The final year project proposal was out last week and we’ve chosen our projects. I kinda like my project but we’ve not started yet so I hope I made the right choice. I still can’t believe this is our final year. It feels like adrenaline rush cause you know what’s in store for you and you feel like you are finally put to the test. I know that some of the stuffs we are studying are still introductory to a more complex area of mathematics. But then with Math or any other field of study for that matter, we are constantly learning and we never stop. What’s further than the sky? Mars? The Milky Way? Well then, with education, the Milky Way is the limit.

This week has been a fun week mainly because I finally get to play tennis. Of course we tried playing on the big court until we gave up and headed for the practice court instead. Tennis is just so hard. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

Kelly posing with a Babolat

All set and ready to play

Haniff with his green racket

Day was damn hot until the sun set

The very next day…Look what the wind blew in...

Yes, you!

That’s hopefully a forehand swing

Bottom line is, by the end of the day, three balls got stuck at the wire fence at the top of the wall and countless number of balls flew over the wall to the jungle beyond. That’s how pro we are. Haha. To Mimi and Sara, we have a pending tennis meeting!

Then there was the CS gathering earlier just now so of course we gate crashed the party. Kidding. There were invitations of course. Thanks CS people for inviting us Maths people. Really appreciate it.

Looking sadly at the cake…Ok I got it wrong I guess. Haha. Looks like concentrating on the cake. I don't know. Go figure.

Lots of CS people. And if you zoom to the middle, you will see a lecturer busy eating despite the crowd ;)

This for the weekend ahead

Like I said, I had an enjoyable week. I hope yours is as good as mine. Today is the moon sighting day so the junction outside our house will be packed with ‘moon sighters’. Yep, my house is the one behind the Bukit Lumut sign.

Before I end this, I would like to wish my Muslim friends happy fasting.

We Talked

There were a lot of anxieties in the air. Our attachment presentation was held yesterday and well, I just want to say that I don’t fancy much my presentation. Mostly because I stuttered a lot and kept getting the words jumbled up or else left sentences hanging. The likes, you know. I need to take public speaking course or something.

But anyways, frustration aside, I was busy snapping pictures with my phone camera. These are taken before the presentation.

Nina wasn’t in any of the above pics cos she arrived late. But she sure knows how to make it up ;D Seriously, I didn’t even know when she took this pic…

Or this…

Or this…

I can go on but I have a feeling someone wants me to stop. Hehe.

And the moment you've been waiting for...Drum rolls...Hands connect...

*click to enlarge


If you go to, you might stumble across these two images in the headlines. Andy Roddick and Juan Martin Del Potro are battling for the final in Washington today. But seriously guys, don’t you have any better pictures (or video freeze) than these images? I want to think of them as champions but these images made it really hard for me to take these guys seriously. You might notice that athletes tend to make funny faces when they’re in the game but c’mon, surely you can cook up something else from your vast collection of their faces in your picture folders.

Oh yes Delboy, you're going down!

*DelBoy bitch-facing Roddick*

Fallen Hat

Ridiculous if you ask me. Chicken chop that looked and tasted like Sweet & Sour Chicken and still charged at a high price? By high price I mean more than one coupon. Still…it doesn’t even taste fantastic to begin with. I’ll just have soup in the future.

Well, the week has been great besides having long hours of lectures that I can’t focus on and preparing for the presentation next week. I do like my timetable though. And I like my room at the hostel. It’s not stuffy and it has got a great view and of course privacy has been good to me.

This is what I see looking out my window. I know it’s kinda obscured by the tree but think of it as a shade in the late afternoon. That’s when I really appreciate it.

Pic below is a stray dog that wandered to our home a couple of months ago. We call him Rafa. And I think he’s gone now, run away, I don’t know because I haven’t been home yet. I like how he would sit obediently and let me snap away with my phone cam. He’s like no other stray dogs I’ve encountered.

Oh, and I really miss the unlimited internet time. I can’t go online without thinking how fast it’s killing my credit. Too bad I’m not gonna be home this weekend.