The Amazing Race was held yesterday at campus. I am not in the mood to elaborate each and every thing that happened but you can hear from us in person. The moral of the story (imitates Dr.VM) is we really enjoyed ourselves even though we were so dead tired by the end. We completed all six activities and before the time limit so it was all great for us. I'm still wondering what other activities are there though. Feel free to elaborate if you've been there. And also as usual, much more of these at FB.

I guess that's it. Exam is getting nearer so I have to start organizing the papers cos they're all over the place. I need to do something this week. That's all for now.


Another short post today since I don't feel like talking (writing I mean). I will fill this space with a sketch I did just now when I was supposed to do another thing. The body of the subject is not proportioned as usual. But I hope that will keep you busy for at least 5 seconds before you move your ass to another site :)

The Cake

My sis Sharon celebrated her birthday on a Sunday with the usual food and cake. But I gotta say, mum made a really fine choice of cake design. I really laughed when I saw the cake. The cake was supposedly a cute cow representing Sharon's Chinese zodiac but this cow (or rather buffalo) looks far from cute. But it's not so bad though. In fact, the person who design this cake is pretty creative. But stillll, she had a whole cow on her cake! Haha. And I just noticed that the wordings are spelled incorrectly...

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I want to wish my sis a happy 24th birthday!
Enjoy your trip to Temburong.

Ligne Maginot

Apparently, Ligne Maginot or The Maginot Line is a line of defenses which the French constructed at its border to defend attack during the World War I. Hmm...interesting. Not very original though.

Speaking of French, I just watched the match between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Robin Soderling at Shanghai Masters. Tsonga has got a baaadddd temper. He wrecked his racquet, hitting it to the ground twice until the frame broke, then gave it to the crowd. I don't like players who abuse their racquets. Those things are expensive! Now, ever since Soderling got into the final of French Open, I find myself supporting him more and more. I think he's a fine player. Djokovic's match is coming up soon. And later the much awaited Rafael Nadal so I hope they cruise to the next round.

I'm currently watching 30 Rock. It's not bad but it's not my favourite, for a comedy. I still prefer The Big Bang Theory and Monk. But I might change my mind as the series progressed. Who knows. And I am running out of ideas for a longer blabber so that's all today.

Math Final Year Open House

The final year Math students hosted an open house on Wednesday. The time it took for us to prepare was one hour. Everything was going as planned. Like I said, I kept having nightmares. So obviously something wasn’t right. Well, what do you know? The room was reserved by a lecturer. I knew something like that’s gonna happen. So we had no choice but to move to the class next door. What a waste of effort in decorating the room. We were just so lazy to reserve and I’m not even sure if we have the authority to do that. But anyway, the day wasn’t so bad after that. We had a food overload problem though (too much food too few attendees) and we ended up dividing everything in the sandwich bags we brought. Well, I would say we really did have a great time. I really want to thank everyone who attended. We really appreciate it. Here are some pictures but you can always find more of these in you-know-where.

I love this pic. It’s filled with love. lol

Not shiny enough?

Math 4th year students with Dr. Hoque

With Dr. Saiful

They look like they're in a band or something

Our Computer Science mates

Group photo with most of the Math lecturers

Still Thinking

This is a total random post. First of all, Nikolay Davydenko improved his wins against Fernando Verdasco at 6 to 1 by defeating him in the final of Proton Malaysian Open today. I personally wish to see Verdasco winning but oh well, better luck next time. I would love to have the shirt he threw at the crowd after his victory match in the semis though J

If you remember my old post I mentioned my buddy Patrick and the “Teddy”, here is a picture of them happily sitting on my bed at home, in case you miss them.

I found some objects of interest in our house today. The local durians. They’re so pungent I can smell them just by looking at them.

I hate Mondays because I have to wake up early for an early class which last for 2 hours in this small room. Dang.