Yes, I'm watching HK series

Today, I will only update a short post. I promise to write more on the next post because I truly am busy these days and I apologize in advance.

Agenda for next week:

1) Catch US Open on TV

Final Grand Slam of the year is up. It's hard to believe how fast time goes by. I heard a number of top players aren't competing in this Open. This includes defending champion Juan Martin del Potro, double's defending champion Serena Williams, and my newfound tennis idol Justine Henin. That's just too bad. But there are still a lot of matches to look forward to! I'm obviously going to support Novak...and the other top 3 players. Biased!

2) Raya rush - this is the one that's been keeping me busy :(

3) Watch the HK series 秋香怒点唐伯虎

This is an unusual thing I don't normally do. Shely passed by and exclaimed, "You're watching HK drama?". And then Stephen came and asked in surprise, "Why are you watching that?" Sharon is usually a fan, but not the rest of us. We prefer American series. But I figure since I'm sitting there doing a repetitive job, I might as well play something on my laptop to kill time. HK series is the perfect solution and thanks to my cousin, I managed to get hold of a couple of them. As cheesy as it can get, I'm actually starting to enjoy this one.

Until the next post, adios!

Buns and Nature

Another attempt in breaking and entering by yet another beast. This time a small monitor lizard came crawling up our front door and attempted to climb on the glass door. After it failed to enter, it swiftly moved away. But of course, not before I snapped a photo of the culprit!

In case you are wondering, the hornbill still visits from time to time, never failing to knock loudly on my window. It's so loud that it sounded like a stone thrown at my window. Why does it like to land on the teeny window sill that it obviously can't fit? There must be something about my window sill that the bird find attractive.

Another incident was a pack of dogs came unannounced in the vicinity of our home, as if they are searching for a meeting place. I didn't get to snap any picture because my dad went out and scared them away. And mind you, they were all big dogs and seemed well organised. Scary as hell!

Animals and whatnots aside, here is a simple treat that I enjoy;
mantou or the Chinese steamed bun.

They are like my Doritos and my Lays.

Power Cut

Anyone else went to the uni today, got stuck in the traffic for two hours just to find out that it's a wasted journey? I felt like singing Tiger Lim's traffic jam song all the way.

Love The Way You Lie kept playing on the radio.

Stephen had his birthday the other day so we had our usual family gathering with plenty of food and gifts. My sister got him a Junior Pictionary so we spent the rest of the night playing it. Well, since it is junior, all there are to guess are simple words like eyes, book, desk and stuff so it got boring after you play two or three rounds.

There was a short power cut yesterday. You see, we have this tradition when that happens. We would take out the guitar and start singing along to songs; random songs; songs we invent and songs we've sung hundreds of times. This power cut thing is good in a way because I haven't play guitar in a while so that got me in the mood. Needless to say, when the power came back, the mood went away.

The other day, we went for sushi again. I have to admit that after so many sushi time, Japanese food is not a special treat anymore. It's just one of those places that you just go when you want to eat.

Sharon and I waited for Shely in her room at the hostel the other day (I keep saying this). We were so bored cos we didn't bring our laptops. And the weather wasn't helping either.

For two hours I sat there listening to music. I swear I forgot how to move at one point.

Sharon is more creative because she spent the whole time drawing what she draws best. I followed suit and tried to draw a toddler. I ended up drawing a monster baby. It looked so horrible that you get nightmare just looking at it. Obviously, I'm not posting my work here. I don't want to creep you out.

Four Movies and Counting

Over the past few weeks, I've indulged myself in countless number of movies and series that by now I would probably not be able to tell the difference between the real world and the fantasy one. It is rather intriguing to say that we're brainwashed by television because up to a certain extent it is true.

But movies give us more accurate pictures than books will ever do. It is for movies that we can recognize accents and read the body language. So once in a while (too much is unhealthy though), we should all take a break by watching some good movies.

Here are some I've recently watched that you might enjoy too.

A romantic film about a woman who flies to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend and met an Irishman on the way. There is a journey and there is love. You'll just have to watch it to appreciate it.

This film is based on a book of the same name. I only realized the boy is the same boy in Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, which I've also recently watched. I have a fascination for the Holocaust. I've read articles and stories. It's really inhuman what happened. I find this film a bit odd because the Germans speak English with the British accent. I guess that's because it's meant for people to understand the story (the book was written by an Irish novelist). This is my favorite movie from this list. It's a must-watch!

If you're a football fan and you know who Brian Clough is, then you should probably watch this movie. I am not a fan of football and I have no idea who Mr Clough is but I happen to like the actor who protrayed him, Michael Sheen. He's also one of the old vamps in New Moon. Fortunately, the movie is about the said sports in the 70s and I also happen to like the 70s so this is a good one for me. It's a bit slow though.

If you like adventure, then The Hangover is one you shouldn't miss. There are plenty of silliness and mysteries throughout the film and overall it's very entertaining. I still wonder how the chicken got there. Sorry, that was a spoiler. But go watch it already!

Early Bird

Seven early eight early, I heard knocks on my window.

Well, it was more like thuds. Being a light sleeper, I wake up to the sound of almost any kind of disturbances; from the sound of clock ticking to the sound of dogs barking. It can be frustrating sometimes but I try to minimize them by having a wall clock with no batteries in it and using my earphones as earplugs whenever my dogs go mad barking at a passerby. In this case, a passerby is usually a monitor lizard or a wild boar.

Oddly enough, on a fine morning like this as I was lying in my bed fast asleep, this thud came unexpectedly. Thud. Thud. I knew immediately that it must be some kind of bird pecking on my window. I've heard of that noise before. It sounded familiar. This time, instead of ignoring its cry for attention, I grabbed my camera and sneaked up to my window.

Carefully, I reached out for the curtain. But as I was struggling to find the flap, I saw the silhouette of the bird flew away. It must have sensed my movement. With much struggle, I managed to flip the curtain open and what I saw was no small bird I had envisioned earlier. This creature stood proudly on the top frame of the swing right in front of my window, jumping every few inches across the frame before flying up to the nearest branch of the mango tree.

But I managed to take it's picture before it went out of sight of my camera.

And then back to bed again I went, wondering what a wonderful sight I've gained.