Goodbye November

Before I begin my chatter, let me enlighten you with a very soothing photo of a hibiscus flower.

It's simply lush!

Now, where has time gone? A blink of an eye and gone are the months of October and November. Normally, I would be looking forward to my December holiday but it doesn't really apply now because I'm having this uncertainly long vacation where I try not to think too much about what's ahead and just enjoy it while it last. I'm not complaining, you know. I do enjoy waking up near lunch time and not dealing with deadlines but sometimes I do wish I'm doing something productive. Anything! (e.g. watering the plants or even scrubbing the floor! I kid.) But oh well, life is bigger, it's bigger than you and you are not me (quoting R.E.M's song).

I love it when my siblings hunt for games at the game store. For the record, I suck at playing games. So much so that I asked my brother to invite his friend over just so he could help me with the first part of Medal of Honor. But I still gave up very quickly so don't bother evaluating my noob level.

We dropped by the mall the other day to check out Skin79's 1st Anniversary. It's pretty cool. There were lots of enthusiastic people roaming the store so I bet purchases were aplenty.

I went to get me the prize I won via a lucky draw. And I got their gel product which I gave to Shely because I know she appreciates it more than me. But I still want to thank the organiser of the contest for the prize.

And one last thing, here's me driving around with a pillow on my head. Killing it! LOL

Spongebob Frenzy!

Warning: The following pictures are very bright, equivalent to looking directly at the sun.

I don't know how long I will keep talking about Spongebob before somebody starts complaining. But I'm going to make my own initiative by killing down the topic a little. To do so, I will have to compile possibly my last "Spongebob Hunt" items I found while I was out and about. Mind you, any new trend in this country spreads like wildfire. Since it's the Angry Birds era, nearly every toy shops/stores/booths you visit will have Angry Birds merchandise. Spongebob is no exception. You see him everywhere! But here I'd like to show you some of the better Spongebob stuff I found around town.

These are items found in ToysRUs. They have a cool collection of playing cards and puzzles, all at a very posh price, I might add.

Here is a more complete 5 selections all in one box. I am yet to find me a Squidward beanie bag.

This lenticular puzzle looks fun.

Here's one of the more common items: the Spongebob doll, of course. There are basically two versions, the flat printed nose and the 3D nose, both at the same price which is just ridiculous.

I found this at 1st Emporium. If you know what it is, please tell me because I'm still trying to figure out what it is.

You can bring Spongebob with you wherever you go with these assorted bags! Now wouldn't it be fun to bring this bag to work?

PvZ keychains

I'm not a regular at Gadong's Nam Hong Restaurant. Heck I'm not even a regular at the KB one. What am I a regular of? KFC, Ayamku, Jollibee and the likes, you get my drift.

This is only the second time I've been here so seeing how rare I eat at this place, I decided to snap some photos to put in my drawer of memories, for future references.

I'm not a fan of this area because it is almost impossible to find a good parking space.

I wouldn't say this restaurant serves the best food because there are better eateries around but its not too bad because I'm not particularly picky when it comes to food.

However, the "Seria kolomee" as they claimed wasn't as good as I thought, since I'm a regular customer at the Seria mee stall so I give this an average rating.

My brother ordered Western as usual. Yes, in a Chinese coffee shop he ordered a western! By the looks of it, I give it a rating as...meh! But I want to point out that they ran out of baked beans that day.

I honestly can't remember who I was with when I came here the first time around a few years back. I have to ask Sharon, it might be her.

Oh, one thing before I end this. Look what I found at Hua Ho!
I want ALL of them!!!

The Art of Cheating

I've mentioned before that I've been playing Plants Vs Zombies again. This time, I discovered a software called Cheat Engine and boy, the game has been a blast since then! Don't believe me? Here's how my Last Stand 5th flag level looks like.

I'm on fire!

Speaking of zombies, my sister has been very obsessed with a character from The Walking Dead. I, on the other hand, just find the series brilliant and can't wait for the next episode. I love how the series is full of twisted plots and surprises. It's always exciting to have something to look forward to in my otherwise dull life.


How's it going? These days I've been preoccupied by all things entertainment. Well, almost. I'm currently attempting to read five books. Yes, I can be very greedy at times. I've got two of Dr. Dan Gottlieb's book, a book by Barbara and Allan Pease, Business Icons and Steve Jobs Biography, all of which have bookmarks placed not even near the halfway mark. But I'm sure to get it going once I find my motivation.

In the meantime, I've also just completed the Plants Vs Zombies game in adventure mode for the 3rd time, this time using the awesome cheat engine I just discovered. I love cheating. In this context, of course.

As for TV, no doubt I've got many lined up like an assembly factory ready for me to watch. It's senseless to ask me to list them all but among them, I've recently picked up Falling Skies, American Horror Story and The Walking Dead Season 2. Oh, have I mention that I catch X Factor UK and DWTS too? Johnny Robinson is great and I love Ricki and Derek!

Here's a random picture of our two cats napping. Cute!

And we've got a dog too in case you're wondering. This old dog we call him Boy boy. No idea why my brother is "shooting" at him though.

Right, that is all for today. According to my brother, chocolate that contains 70% dark chocolate tastes really bitter #totallyrandomtrivia


My journey continues with a trip to the mall with my siblings. It's sort of a tradition with us. We would just find a good weekend to go watch a movie and eat out. We even enter the same stores every time. Its almost an insult not to go in our usual stores when we're in the area. Although the stores here are considerably smaller-scaled compared to the ones in Leeds, you can still find almost everything you need here which is a nice touch to my local shopping experience.

The mall food court. Always a nice place to chill for us.

Shely picking nuts. I asked for the sweet one and I think she got the salted one.

Yup, still not happy with her selection.

My hunt for Spongebob items continue.. This one, in particular, looks cool but I have totally no idea what it does because it doesn't come in a language I can understand.

This was another day, another time and another place. My mum was getting her haircut so Stephen and I decided to tag along like little kids.

Free head massage. No guarantee the head will stay intact after the procedure.

Here's Stephen being extremely asian. I mean look at him! He got the whole package: glasses, shorts, palm resting on knee and an Old Master Q comic in hand. Classic apek posture if you ask me!

Guess what these are?

Portable cooling fans! Oh, I so love Asians' creative minds! ><