Song of a child

When I was a kid, I used to love the song Sleeping in my car by Roxette and I would sing along to it everytime it was played on the tape or radio, I can't remember. And I seriously don't know the exact lyrics to the song. I just know it's catchy and totally liked it. Well, I searched for the lyrics and realized this is how the chorus go:

Sleeping in my car, I will undress you
Sleeping in my car, I will caress you
Staying in the back seat of my car making up

Ok... maybe it's not a suitable song for a kid but I didn't know -.-

One Vision

Just thought I’d add this to my blog. This is the lengthiest post I’ve ever written and will ever write so do read it.

One Vision. It is the song’s documentary I watched on Queen’s Greatest Video Hits Volume 3 DVD. Freddie Mercury was of course the front-man, the mastermind behind many of Queen’s greatest songs. All four members were there in the studio recording this song. Later, an extended video for this song was played…

Actually, I didn’t know much about Queen until years ago when I heard Wang Lee Hom sang a cover of Queen’s We Are The Champion for this Chinese program for a Cancer patient who was a fan of his. I was really a big fan of Lee Hom and I got interested the instant I heard him sang that song over a guitar. Immediately, I went out to buy Queen’s album: Greatest Hits Volume II if I’m not mistaken. Going through the songs from the album, I found out one thing about the band: they have a unique blend of pop rock and operatic music. It’s different from other rock bands of the 70s. And I thought Bohemian Rhapsody was the weirdest. If you’ve heard it you’ll probably know what I mean. Nevertheless, I came to like that particular song and was able to sing along to it, tone deaf.

I once came across the story of how Freddie died in 1991. As you may know, he died of AIDS-related bronchial pneumonia at the age of 45. But what I didn’t know was that he was gay, pardon me. I read an article from which was part of a book by Jim Hutton, his then partner. It is a touching story about Jim taking care of Freddie and how he survived each day. Towards the end I felt so close to that moment that I can actually see Freddie in his final condition. I’ve watched videos of AIDS patients before, how they slowly ‘rot’ and can’t move their bodies and how they can’t even blink their eyes. Just laying there waiting for death to arrive. It’s sad and lonely and most of all, scary. Those images I saw never got out of my mind. That was what came through my mind as I read the story. I think Freddie was a brave man, never showing his weakness despite his deteriorating health.

So Freddie was there, a beer in one hand, discussing about what to include in the lyrics and what not to. Brian May was testing his guitar while Roger Taylor walked over to his drums. The lyrics were built piece by piece as the song progressed. It was Freddie’s style of making a new song. He then added his own vocals overlapping his pre-recorded vocals as background. The song was finally done and the final music video was shown.

I watched the video with interest. I observed Freddie, and I imagined his illness, how much happier he looked in this video comparing to the true sad story told by Jim. He had lived his life the best he possibly could. And he had succeeded way beyond most people despite his terminal illness. Life may not always be as we expected it to be. Everyday, we may encounter bad situations. We can choose to go through the day and think positively or we can choose to whine and complain. Life is all about making decisions. Freddie had made the wrong choice once and he knew there was no turning back. Therefore, he chose to live everyday not thinking about the fate that awaited him. He had one vision: be positive.

(The image above consists of screenshots from One Vision Documentary, edited by yours truly)

Young David Caruso

I just watched an old movie, Twins, starring the Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, and I noticed that David Caruso acted in that movie. In case you don’t know, Caruso is Lieutenant Horatio Caine in the popular crime show CSI:Miami. Well, Twins is actually released way back in 1988 so Caruso was around 30 at the time. Quite young considering he’s now in his early 50s. Well, here are screen shots of young David Caruso and Caruso now from Season 5 of CSI:Miami.

Coincidentally, he was holding a phone in both scenes LOL…He’s one of my many favourite actors =)

Well, talking about favourite actor, I used to be a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger! Call me crazy but I used to watch his movies again and again. I don’t know why I like him, considering the fact that he has strong Austrian accent and he’s not the best looking actor. I guess it’s because he’s always the hero. I’ve watched most of his movies, from the famous ‘The Terminator’ to older action films like ‘Commando’ and ‘Predator’ to comedies like ‘Jingle All The Way’ – you name it. But as I get older, I get to know other actors and actresses so I sort of moved on. Now I like a lot of actors and actresses. It’s hard to say which one I like the best. I guess there is no ‘the best’ because there are many great actors out there with their own skills and charms. Nobody’s perfect. We all have different quialities.

Kittens Close-Up

Here are, hopefully, better shots of the kittens. It’s funny coz my dad asked me to take the kittens out of the box ‘to get fresh air’ coz they’ve never been out before. So one by one, I took them out. And then Mourri came and one by one, she picked them up and carried them back to the box. She’s really an over-protective mother! She don’t even let the kittens out of the box. And she kept licking them every opportunity she gets and she licks whichever one that’s nearest to her. And the kittens climb all over her. I think when they get bigger, there won’t be any more space in the box to fit all four of them. Haha, of course by that time, they would’ve climbed out of the box into the freedom of our backyard.

I don’t really know much about kittens so I’m not really sure how to take care of them. Fortunately, they’re not mine, sparing me the time to feed them. But I really like them and miss them a lot when I’m not around. I just miss playing with them, really. Don’t know a thing about caring for cats =P

Cat and Kittens

I managed to get a poor shot of the cat and her kittens in their box home. It's so hard to get a good shot coz the cat kept moving! Fortunately, the kittens were sleeping. I had to adjust the screen colour using photo editor to get the right amount of colour because it was quite dark in the box. If you don't know, the cat's name is Mourri, and her four kittens still haven't have names yet, I guess. I'm not quite sure coz I haven't been home for more than a week. The dad is King (I have his pictures earlier in this blog). Sadly, he ran away sometime two months ago. I don't know how coz again, I wasn't home. I guess the kitties are bigger now. I'm going back this Wednesday so I'll check =P

Mourri with her kittens

What time does a function usually ends? There's going to be a Hostel appreciation ceremony this Wednesday that I MUST attend because I think I'm a blacklisted hostelite for not having enough chops on my passport activity last year. So if I skip this one again, I'll sure be homeless by next semester ('s a bit over the top) It starts at 2:00..Hmm, maybe around 5:00?? I need to text my dad to pick me and I'm certain he hates to wait.
Well, I'm having another test again tomorrow. So far I've only done one chapter, not much of a progress. Think of the bright side, another holiday after that which means I get to go home. I miss my guitar. Err, not this one here. It's on the left of the photo. The keyboard isn't mine (even though it's annoyingly in my room). Hey, I can't play the piano ok. My fingers are too short and you actually have to learn to read the notes, so I think I've past my prime on learning new things. Haha..

no, not alicia keys =P just me

Friday Night Blues

I'm not going back home this week coz there's tons of work to do. It's not that bad staying at the hostel, really. Of coure, that's only because I've been busy. Hostel is the best place if you need space to do your work. But otherwise, it's boring. But I guess I've gotten over the boring part, at least for now. I mean, no parents yelling at you for watching movies until dawn.

Well, now I'm in my hostel room. Supposed to study Maths coz tomorrow's the tests. Yes, with 's', that's 2 tests. I don't know which one I'm suppose to concentrate more. Both seem equally important. And for both, there are one more chapter each I'm yet to indulge in. If I ever get back to it now that I'm pretty attached to my pc. Whatever I plan to do later, I hope it helps me pass. Gotta get back to my work now. It's getting late.

Crazy Papercraft

My brother got this papercraft book and was all over it for days. Believe me, what you see here is just the portion of the clutter he made. I had to clear the table several times for his latest hobby. But I enjoy criticizing his work.

that's for the women of the world

Movie Addiction

It's near the end of the one-week holiday and I've not touch my school work at all. This is somewhat predictable coz of the distraction at home. If I really wanna study I would've stayed at the hostel. Well, these days I've been watching CSI:Miami, Desperate Housewives and House. You know it's like a marathon. I finished watching one season in 2 days. I think my head is about to burst. Everyday I try to do my project but everyday I end up putting it aside. Don't know what to do.

By the way, this morning my sis woke me up telling me our cat Mourri just gave birth to 4 kittens. They're cute! I'll post the photos next week if I get around to snapping some.

My Updated Mood

current mood song: Over You by Chris Daughtry

last song I heard: Save Yourself by Sense Field (last night)

last song I played with guitar: Over You by Chris Daughtry (last night)

last song I sing: Over You by Chris Daughtry (last night)

last band I Googled: Queen (3 days ago)

last TV series I watch: House M.D. (4 days ago)

last song I wrote: Saved in my Memory (last month)

last movie I watch: don't remember (last week or month)

Next week is the holiday so if I post anything, it means I'm posting via my phone so most probably no pictures. I've got no plans at all next week, which I'm suppose to have since there're tests coming the week after next. I'll make a list if I can.

On a totally non-related topic, here's a picture of a kid in pajamas riding the guitar. Cool eh? Except for the fact that the guitar was not plugged...