Week Eleven

It’s been a loooooong week for me. Well, that doesn’t really mean that I’ve been busy with my school work. In fact, I haven’t done much with my project. But I just have a lot in my mind lately and I get very much distracted.

Well, what do ya know? I completed a whole season 3 series this week, watched the same movie at the cinema twice, went out for lunch many many times (ate sushi twice and had tongkeng twice), bought a new pair of sneakers, wear my sneakers everyday since I bought it, tried to sing “Somebody To Love” on the karaoke (failed badly), watched the circus men in JP, bought a new casing for my phone (finally!), changed the casing myself which at first I thought is impossible, possibly flunk my financial test, missed the Earth Hour, bathed the puppy with strong anti-flea shampoo (love you, Randy), went to the eye clinic just to find out that the optometrist wasn’t around, had Seria kolomee (from the best stall, of course) and missed the Sony Ericsson Open on TV.

What I should’ve done is: PROJECT!

To sum it up, here are some illustrations taken from my camera’s eye.

Tuesday night in JP

I haven’t been to that place in years. Well, the place is as expected. That’s all I have to say. The show was pretty good I guess, relative to the events we have here, if you know what I mean.

Earth Hour on the road

I still see a lot of houses with lights still on. These people just don’t care now, do they? But just when I thought my family and I are supporting this event, my car turned the corner towards my house and I saw my house flooded with bright lights. What? It turned out that my family did switch off the lights, but just those in the rooms, not the ones outside. LOL and what are they doing inside? Karaoke-ing, watching TV and playing computer games. I guess we’re disqualified!

Lunch on a Sunday

Today is not much exciting as the day before. But I’m guessing my siblings are quite satisfied, well, maybe except Shely who didn’t get the chance to buy the Body Shop something that was on sale. What was it? Shower gel? She’s so damn addicted to everything considered as beauty products that are original and freakin expensive. But that’s her.

This was the last food I had this week. I wonder what the first food I had this week was. Oh wait, I remember! It was the $1 burger from the first floor!

And I also realized I missed the Thai week in uni...

Hate This Part

I skipped a class today because I really didn't feel like attending. But I guess it is not just me feeling the laze at the moment. It must be the weather or the time of the year, or something. And damn it, I haven't touch my project since my last meeting with my supervisor. And my next meeting is so close. I am officially doom. I am scared and yet I am not doing my work. This procrastination is really turning me sour.

Okay, here's another guy to ponder. Guess who he is...

A scene from CSI: Miami

Well, remember Lizzie McGuire? She had a brother called Matt. Yep, that's him! His name is Jake Thomas and here's him when he was just a kid in the Disney Channel series.

Saddle Point

-I am the saddle point and I am unstable-

The internet was pretty bad today but now it's 2:12am and surprisingly, it's pretty fast. I guess it's the internet traffic that causes this.

Earlier today (or yesterday, technically speaking), I had a really long short-presentation that was doused with countless comments, critiques, suggestions and questions. Now I feel like my work just doubled. So I really need to get on to it as soon as I can. I just hope it all works out.

I had my dinner at the canteen with Nina and we went online there as well (I still like the signal from my room though) Oh, and Nina didn't finish her food for the second time today! Lol. Just stick to western next time okay? Like I say, nothing can go wrong with fries!

Guilty as charged...

Having spent my time here at the hostel for the weekend, I kinda miss the buzz at home. Well, of course what I miss the most is the TV. It's always the TV, I wonder why. I haven't had the chance to watch Paribas so I guess I'm gonna miss that. I'm hoping for a win from Robin Soderling, by the way. Okay, before I bore you to death, I'll just get on with my life here while you get on with yours. Happy Sunday, people!


I'm having a short presentation on Saturday so it looks like I'm stuck here at the hostel for the weekend. To make matter worse, I saw a new memo at the main entrance about cleaning campaign. Again? They even printed a big COMPULSORY on it as if we can't see it. And I don't know if it's my luck or what but guess which part of the building I'm supposed to clean?

Oh god, no! It's kinda unfair because some people get to clean the corridor! What's in the corridor? Nothing! What's in a toilet? I don't even wanna know. Well, fortunately, I'm not the only one who got the toilet. A good buddy of mine gets it as well. Apparently, her name has been changed to Rina. hahah

But she's back home so it'll just be me. But I can always bail right? Hmm, that doesn't sound like a bad idea at all.

BNP Paribas Open: The top half of the draw looks pretty competitive comparing to the bottom half, with Nadal the only top 5 players on that side. Top 10 in fact. Djokovic is out. So is Federer. And Davydenko. And Tsonga. Well, Marin Cillic didn't make it. This tournament sounds a bit dull now without the big fish. Well, maybe it's the time for Nadal to shine cos he's not the defending champion for nothing. I hope he wins this tourney!

Just For Fun

There was an accident earlier today. We actually just passed the same road earlier and the accident happened shortly after. I shot this video of the traffic caused by the accident. Nina and I were just having a laugh when we realized we're at the exact lane as when Tiger shot his original version. Haha. This happened after one in the afternoon.

This is actually the first video I ever upload using blogger. I hope it works fine. I was thinking about uploading this to FB as well but I haven't tried that yet...


The weekend is here and although I look forward to it every week, I sometimes dread it because it means I’m closer to the next week, which means I’m closer to the deadline. But let’s put that aside for a moment because I really don’t want to think about it now.

I wanted to talk about this snack (below) but I don’t even know its name. I’ve seen how it’s made before on TV and now I get to try it. It’s sort of soft looking but in fact, is quite hard inside. This one here is oreo flavoured. Sorry guys, if you know the name, kindly tell me and I’ll give a proper description then.

Guess what my brother got from my mum’s trip to KL?

Solar-powered Shin Chan models! And not one, but FOUR! Seriously now, I don’t know what he’s gonna do with them. He’s already got one in the living room. I have a feeling they’re just gonna be sitting there on the top shelf for a long time.

My mum has a habit of buying senseless stuff. For example, this creepy singing-dancing doll that can detect obstacles and move around. How creepy can it get?

Rant on my project: I am currently stuck on a problem with Mathematica. I can’t get the correct solution. I think I typed the correct commands and yet I got a very long and ridiculous answer. I know the correct solution by solving it manually using the eigenvalue method so I know what I got from Mathematica is wrong. It’s either I’m incompetent or Mathematica is being an ass. Which one is it?

Life Goes On and On

Here comes the remaining 7 weeks of my UBD life. At times I can’t wait for it to be over, but there is always a part of me that will miss this place. But for now, I am constantly washed with fear of all sorts; from the Waves test tomorrow (which I have yet to study) to the project which is looming closer by the day. I feel a sense of foreboding somehow and I cannot quite say what it is exactly. Perhaps it’s all the workload combined together. I know that I need to pull myself together and really work for it.

I’m back in my room now and Snuffles is still around in case you miss him. (I got a new bed sheet, by the way!)

American Idol Season 9

Ah, who watches this nowadays, right? Especially when there’s no Paula to entertain you. But what the heck, people are gonna start watching once the competition enters the few final rounds and of course once they picked the Top 12. Obviously, people like us who catch Idol and cannot vote won’t have much say about who’s gonna be in the Top 12, but so far, I am supporting a few contestants. Let me be clear that I still miss Adam Lambert. Basically now, there’s nothing to look forward to each week for this season compared to the last. Anyway, I hope Siobhan Magnus makes it to the final 12.

Photo courtesy of americanidol.com

Aaron Kelly is gonna stay I can bet on that because he already has a fan site.

Photo courtesy of americanidol.com

Another contestant worth mentioning is Michael Lynche. Big Mike you call him? He’s got strong vocals. Crystal Bowersox, why not? And I really hope Lee Dewyze gets to stay to the end too. And with that said, I am gonna miss next week’s Idol because I am stuck here in an astro-less building. Damn.

Moving on to ATP tennis, Ernest Gulbis is the new Marat Safin? Maybe. This coming week is the BNP Paribas Open. I haven’t seen the draw yet but I hope to see a come back from Nadal after flirting around with Shakira a bit during his break from an injury. He’s still got his loyal fans behind him. And I am still a fan of Novak Djokovic so I hope he win another Grand Slam sometime soon (French Open, perhaps?)

Okay, I talked a bit too much when I should be studying. Waves, you’re being very difficult but here I come!

You Heard Me

Before I begin, I just want to show you this. Look who's spotted buying washing powder? (hint: here)

This week is the mid-sem break which is why I find myself napping at odd times which is really unhealthy and I really need to start getting some work done. The much dreaded project is still on hiatus which is bad news for me so I need to get on it as soon as I can.

Recently, I bought an eye shadow at the place where my sis work. I actually wanted to get the gel liner but they ran out of stock, as always. This was what I got.

Well, actually, unlike Shely, I am not here to talk makeup at all. I was just busy testing the functionality of my camera so I was looking for an excuse to talk about the photo. As I was searching for ‘test’ subjects, I stumbled upon certain treasures in a treasure chest (Sharon’s room) and since she’s not around, I like messing around with her stuff. I hope she don’t read this :)

I saw this glass thing on her dresser and thought the colour is really pretty. It’s a perfume. Right? hahah

She also got this make up palette prop up on a holder.

I found this bottle of cocktail by the bed ;)

And since she obviously likes crafts, you can’t miss the little stars in a jar on the table.