Dance Performance

I went to a dance theater performance a few nights ago. It was the last thing I expected myself to be doing that night.

It started when I went to my friend's house for lunch. There I met her transit house mate, Nhan, who had an extra ticket to the performance, in which none of her friends wanted to attend. So she offered me and I accepted it. I can assure you that I'd never say no to a free ticket.

Once there we had to sit separately because of the different seating numbers on our tickets. The show started. Having never watched any performance of this sort, I was intrigued by what's happening on the stage. I can only describe it in one word: breathtaking. Contemporary dance is what it is. I'm no expert in dance styles but I know a kick-ass one when I see one.

My friend, Nhan, got into conversation with her neighbor on her right during the break and introduced me to her afterwards. That was how I met another friend, Pauline. Like Nhan, she is a regular at dance theater shows as well. They're both really passionate about the art of dancing, a fine art for that matter.

Personally, I prefer the faster pace performances like gigs and concerts but this is a breathe of fresh air and I'm glad I get to experience its beauty.

Me with Pauline and Nhan

Short Update

I'm excited for the Australian Open final. First of all, Nadal is out so Ferrer is going to play Murray and the much anticipated one is the other match between Federer and Djokovic. Somehow I feel like Djokovic should win this one because he deserves it! I'm gonna be supporting him obviously!

Classes are more exciting (not that last semester was dull) but yeah, more intense, more work therefore more effort needed and hence higher stress level. I kinda like this feeling although I know this statement is going to come back and haunt me. But for now I'm optimistic.

And I'm gonna need more caffeine this year.

First Spider

I have nothing better to write about but this.

Honestly, there is nothing much going on here that I can share but the story of how I met your...not-so-common spider here in the UK. I know of all the things I could talk about, I choose to talk about spiders. WTH. But hear me out!

I used to see spiders all the time back in my old uni. Ah hell, back in my country they are everywhere! And it really surprises me that none of these crawlies can be seen anywhere here. And finally one day I met one.

It was just crawling on the wall directly in front of me. Wow. I have to admit I miss seeing these creatures. They are beautiful and make annoying webs all over corners but still...they are such wonders!

This particular one was crawling funny though. I couldn't figure out why. It crawled around as if it's missing a leg. But it wasn't! So til now I am still wondering why is that, but I guess I'll never know...

If you are still reading up to this point you really must have nothing better to do.

Also, now that the exam's over and I have a few days before classes begin next week, I've really been putting off things I'm suppose to do. Today I made plans to do four things and by midnight, I did none of those. I'm such an excellent procrastinator! I'll try to really do them tomorrow and hope I actually get them done.

First of Three

image credits: Zindy

I sat for my first ever paper here in Leeds. I wouldn't say the experience of sitting this paper is any different than those countless ones I've had back in my old uni. But we have seating numbers so the seats are not on the basis of first come first serve. My lucky number 80 brought me straight up the center front row seat. It's totally fine where I sit as long as I am not distracted. After three intense hours, it's over, at least for now. But the exam is far from over as I have two remaining papers to tackle next week.

First Post of the Year

Sorry it took me so long to write a post these days. I've been working on things. Hah, as if. Nah, I just haven't got the inspiration to write up a good story. So here goes nothing.

As the girls were about to leave for an event, all dressed up with their coats on, I grabbed my camera and snap a photo of them.

Looking good girls..Wait a minute, what's that on your hand, Izzy?

Now, how can I forget the the most basic thing you can do with eggs? Half-boil them! I took the liberty to prepare breakfast for myself one fine afternoon. And I had this along with a bowl of maggie and another bowl of cereal. In my defense, I was so hungry I could eat a horse!

My last story of the day is my tennis racket came and I tried it out with my housemate yesterday. I miss playing tennis so much! It's so good to hold a racket again. Brings me back to those days back home. Unfortunately, it started snowing again today so there goes tennis playing. Maybe that's a sign so that I take this time to study for the upcoming exam.