My dad made me a new shoe rack a couple of days ago. By made, I mean really made, like from wood. I begged (sort of) for a shoe rack for days. At first I wanted to buy those shoe racks sold at various stores but the problem with those are they always don’t fit the exact desired space in my room. So finally, my dad made one out of planks of wood. I watched the process. Pretty simple in general but it requires manpower so it’s harder than it look.

You should have seen the shoes piling up at the corner behind my bedroom’s door. It’s so messy that by the time I arranged the shoes, I had to throw away some pairs due to the poor conditions I kept them. But the problem is thankfully solved when I finally have a new shoe rack. And mind you, it’s bigger than a lot of shoe racks you see at furniture shops. And the best part is, it’s custom made, so it fits very well behind the door. Thanks dad! You made my day!

The Sequel Again

I just finished Book 5 with no affection when I read the part about Sirius’s death. *yawns* It’s probably because I’ve gone through it numerous amount of times that the information is getting weary. Nevertheless, I still enjoy reading the book as much as I had the first time I read it. The only difference is I get clearer pictures of the events this time than the last time I read. The images of what I read kept changing with each re-reading of the book. But now I can safely say that I have a crystal clear picture of the whole event.

Now I think about the movie that reflects this book, I can’t help but wonder why so many events have been left out or rendered carelessly by the screenwriters. The movie is nothing compare to the originality of the book. So movie-goers who watched the latest Harry Potter sequel, if you think the latest movie sucks, go for the book instead.

Oh, the result's out, by the way. I was suppose to get mine via my sis phone but she was at work and didn't bother to forward it to me. Apparently, my sis and her colleagues even made fun of my result saying it pronounce like "account cha cha". That's coz I got lots of A's and C's and if you read the result in order, you'll understand. But thanks to Shy for checking my result =D

Alright, don't wanna talk about it now. It's amazing how I still have more than a month of holiday!

Scratching the Surface

I’ve started revisiting Harry Potter again, intending to finish reading up to the last book. I’ve read Book 4 and now I’m at 5. I don’t know how many times I’ve read the books before now, probably 4 or 5 times each to date. I just never get bored of the story.

the current page

A couple of weeks earlier, I read Crab’s Moon and Whispers in the Dark by some authors I can’t remember. The former is a thriller about gigantic crabs attacking humans which already doesn’t really make sense. I didn’t quite grab the ending and furthermore, the story contained some sexual references, typical of American authors. The latter one is much better. And mind you, it’s written by a British author. The beginning of the story takes us to the Victorian era (my favourite part) and later on, the core of the story is about being trapped in this house of evil, being a sacrifice to some spirits and finally escaping from the ordeal. Sorry, I’m not good at explaining but you get the idea.

There you go, complete with the author’s names. Don’t sue me!

Event of the Uneventful Days

The past few days had been quite uneventful, except maybe for a party I attended for my 1-year old niece. Before we headed to our cousin’s house for the party, we wanted to get a gift for the birthday baby so we went to Makro Jaya in Lumut. We searched for the perfect gift (which turned out to be quite a challenge) and at long last we finally decided to purchase an unexpected gift – a package of pampers.

It’s definitely a weird gift. Also plus the fact that it was quite last minute so we did not even have a plastic bag to place it in. All we had was a ‘PAID’ sticker on the package which is not helpful. So in the car we argued who would be carrying the gift when we arrive coz obviously walking to the party with a big package of pampers is embarrassing. In the end, Sharon got the honour, much to her complaints. But luckily at the party, no one thought it was weird since it is, after all, a baby’s birthday party, so all was well.

From left to right: cuz Mei Mei, mum, bro Stephen, niece Sing Yee, cuz Kian Hua, his wife holding birthday girl Ze Yi, me and sis Shely

Me, my sis, bro and dad at the party

Cat Fight

I witness a series of cat fights for the past few days between two stray cats that came uninvited to our home. The most annoying part is they always find the wrong time to fight – after midnight. It’s usually outside my sis window so whenever they start making noises, they would suffer the consequences. My sis would slide open the window and throw things at them, that’s anything she gets hold of. The fight would stop… And then commence again after half an hour. I, on the other hand, sleep soundlessly throughout the entire event. *yawns*

Well, one afternoon as I was preparing to cook, the cats were at it again. So out I went to witness the ‘great’ fight. Oh, before I go on further, let me explain that these are not our cats. They come to us. We feed small portions and they stayed on. My father has thoughts of throwing them away coz they brought flies and fleas with them. But until then, we have to feed them and tolerate with their intolerable fights.
The fight goes like this. They started staring at each other and making angry noises in turn for 10 minutes or so. Then they attacked, rolling about and scratching each other. Then one cat was holding the other to the floor. The intense and long meowing continues.

One cat goes: “meeeooooowwww…..wwwww”;
The other stabs back: “MMEEooooooww!!”;
Then “meeooowww” goes the first one and “MMEEEEOOOWWW!!!” returns the other.
Gosh, I wish I understand what that was all about. It doesn’t make sense to me. I tried joining in the fight and went “meeeooowwww??”

And they ignored me.

It goes on for another 15 minutes. Then they attacked each other again. The fight took so long I got bored so I went back to cooking. When I was done, I looked out the window. They were still burning holes into each other’s eyes. The whole fight lasted 45 minutes, where most of the time they just stood staring and making angry noises at each other. They only stopped because they got tired of doing that. Silly cats. None of them were seriously injured, sorry for the disappointment.

My Siblings

I just helped my brother create a new e-mail. It's You can add him up at your messenger if you are interested. He's 10 by the way so if you are still interested...=D

This post is just an introduction to my siblings. There's my elder sister Sharon, my younger sister Shely and my youngest brother Stephen. Come to think of it, they don’t really need any introduction. You can view their blogs here: Sharon and Shely. There’re pictures of us at Sharon’s blog (I just checked) so you can view there.

(Ps. If you are not a fan of world’s tennis tournament, you can stop here or I’ll just bore you)

Alright, have to watch French Open on TV now. One of the semi-final match for men’s single is gonna be Djokovic and Nadal. Wow! I really hope Djokovic wins! But Nadal is world no. 2 so there is a very good chance he’ll loose but what the heck, my fingers are crossed. GO Djokovic!!

Not Sulking

I made a list way before my holiday started. It’s a list of what to do during the holidays. Now it’s all crossed off. I’ve done everything on the list and therefore I’ve nothing else to do. So these few days, I’ve been hanging around home with no plans ahead of each day. It’s nice at first but eventually, it gets boring. It’s just the same feeling when a new semester started. It’s cool at first but sucks in the end. Studying is boring, staying at home is boring-er, working is boring-est. There’s nothing I can do that spells fun.

Well, now it’s 3:49pm and I’m in my room typing this post. Everyone’s working except for my sis who’s here in my room and she’s online. A minute ago I was thinking what I should do. It’s scorching hot outside and I’m still not done cleaning my room. This old rag has been on the floor for a week now – all dried up and collecting dust I believe. An empty can of Mirinda has been sitting on my desk for days I think. The vacuum cleaner is still taking up most of the space in front of my wardrobe for at least a week now. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t go on. All I’m saying is I do have things to do, things that I don’t wanna do. I will get to it eventually. Just not now.