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Greetings fellow people,

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Twenty Fifth

Today marks my 25th Birthday. Just want to thank those who greeted me. Really means a lot to me.

What does your birthday means to you? For me, although there is nothing much happening today since I already celebrated it earlier with my family, there is still this special feeling like somehow everything I do today is special. Well, I was in a course the whole day so that wasn't much fun but yeah I guess it's something you remember. Like if I ask myself, "What did I do on my birthday in 2012?" Oh yeah, I was in a training. But I guess any memory is still a memory!

I also notice that every year on this day, I have trouble writing the date because I automatically want to write out my birth year out of habit. Anyone else does that?

On a different subject, I realised that London Olympics is starting in 9 days! Where have the time gone? I'm a fan of this kind of events so I'm quite excited about it. Tennis is definitely in the agenda, but so is diving and athletics! Can't wait!

Rainy Sunday the 15th

HM's birthday fell on a rainy Sunday. Unlike other citizens of the country, I did not watch the live broadcast of the ceremony because I'm ashamed to say we don't have the receiver for local channels. Nevertheless, we did 'celebrate' a birthday. Not His Majesty's, mine. I'll post about the cake later because I promised not to talk food for this post.

Our national flag hoisted up proudly despite the rain.

Jazelle relaxing outside the house and watching the rain pour. 
She loves the outdoor.

A wet gloomy Sunday, indeed.

A lazy dog on a lazy Sunday

Well, almost lazy Sunday. To be honest, we had our little party with guests and plenty of food to celebrate my birthday in advance. To top it off, we had a delicious custard cocktail fruit cake and for dinner, I went out with my siblings for sushi. We were gunning for macha ice cream so there were plenty of sweet desserts on the table. I even managed to squeeze in a gym session in the evening in my attempt to burn the calories off. So it turned out to be quite an eventful day for us. Like I always say, I love the weekend!

Another Sushi Dinner

I promise I won't talk food in the next post..but this post it's all about food again. This time, it's our usual favourite Japanese restaurant in this country, y'all know what I'm talking about. No doubt you'll find yourself indulged in this delicacy every now and then. As sushi lovers, we just love to try different dishes and of course reorder our regulars. This finger-food style dining is an ideal way to socialise with family and friends and at the same time, have a fine dining experience.

Food Porn

Lunch time at home nowadays can be pretty awesome, although I only get to see what's cooking during the weekends. Come to think of it, most of the food I eat these days come from outside. And I haven't cook in a while. I think I've forgotten how to prepare a proper meal.

Anyhow, today's post is about food - again. So typical me. These were prepared by my dad, the chef of the house.

This next one is my grandma's favourite..some sort of seafood? Hah, I have no idea what its called!

For desert, we had fresh longans courtesy of James' mom.

Here is a random shot of Stephen playing his piano. He's the only one who can really play this instrument, the rest of us pretend we can play it.

And here is an Angry Bird balloon.

Heavenly Food is Heavenly

Taking photos of food before eating is so common among the society these days that it seems like a necessity if not an obligation. Since I am quite dragged in this way of life, I can't help it myself. And I'm sure you won't complain about me posting delicious foods from a nice restaurant in town, right? Alright then, let's go!

A cheese on bread starter

Banana spring rolls

Century egg porridge with deep fried wantan skin

Japanese tofu vegetables with fried rice

Honey chicken rice set

Fried chicken wings

There goes my bet to lose some weights, down the drain just like that. It's alright, I will start tomorrow...is what most people say.