I just want to share with you the food I enjoy eating here. This chicken wrap is damn good! I come to realize that I love wraps a lot! Shit, I'm craving for it already.

This is my typical food here. I don't bother with cooking much because I am that lazy. Don't judge me!

A Walk in the Park

Rini and I went to the park near our place that day and you probably guess what I'm gonna say next. Less talk more pics now!

Munching on chips at the park, Rini hadn't had her lunch yet :)

I seriously suck a posing hahah

Lectures and 24

Classes have been..how should I put it? Almost like my classes earlier this year, in terms of my concentration I mean. I don't know why but I always lose focus when I attend lecture classes. I've tried but I'm always drifting away. But I like to think that I never stop trying :)

Parkinson Building in the evening

Seminar classes are okay I guess. Well, maybe except half the time those management jargons don't sink in so easily for me. I don't have a background in management so these terms can be hard to digest.

Java is back and it ain't going nowhere until at least a few months and probably more. I seriously wish I can substitute Java with another language. Give me Mathematica or Octave! I think I can handle them more but of course I don't know what I'm saying because I'm not particularly a fan of programming languages in general.

And as usual I'm starting to get addicted to TV series again. Just as viewers wrapped up the finale of 24, I've just started watching the show and right now I'm up to Season 1. Hah!

Anyone rooting for Djokovic in Shanghai Rolex Masters semifinal against Federer? Well, I am.

More Pacing

More pictures ahead.

Friends' house...They live in a really serene neighborhood. I like it!


Thanks for all your well wishes. I've settled down just fine here in Leeds. It's a really nice city, different but nice. I think I'm starting to enjoy my stay here. But of course I haven't entered a class so I might change my mind after that. haha

This is the uni's main building.

And here are some pics around the city..

Sorry for the lack of words in this post. I have some slides to read now so I have to get on with it. I'll upload more pics next time! Until then.