Blue Sky

Last week, I went to Lumut Beach for this boring so-called beach party. I don't even know anyone there. It was mum's friend I think. We didn't do much actually. By we, I mean me and my sis. We just walked along the beach and it was scorching hot. Haha, I make it sounds like a desert.. Anyway, we were back in front of the TV in 20 minutes watching Supernatural. Now that's more of a blast.

And Found!!

Guess how this post is linked with an older post? If you scroll down a bit you'll see a 'Lost' so just link that with this to give a happy ending to the book now happily on the shelf at UBD Library. Yes, it's found! That's mean I don't have to pay for it (the amount doubles if you lost a book, y'know). Actually, I don't know how it's found, but this librarian offered to help me find the book when I wanted to pay for it. So I guess she found and scanned it. I wanna thank her for helping me out. The book wasn't flushed down the toilet after all...LOL that was my first thought when I lost it in the toilet. Now I learned my lesson: never hold an important book (esp. one you don't own) on your arms and stroll around the campus just because it doesn't fit in your bag. What do you do? Force it down your bag, even if it means tearing the zipper!

Holiday Again??

Saturday is National Day so yet another holiday this month. Don't get me wrong, holiday is great, but many holidays make me worried coz I can't do my work at home and we miss classes. In fact, I've skipped so many classes I've lost count - Algebra, Algebra tutorial, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Anlysis tutorials which I haven't attend at all, and Statistics, especially Statistic tutorials which I've skipped for a month now. Damn! I feel so outdated, not to mention guilty. There's always excuses, bad ones, moderate ones and good ones, but summing up, they arejust a bunch of excuses. I hate myself for it.

On Paper with an Ebony Jet Black Pencil 14420

Some sketches I did over the past weeks out of boredom. Sorry about the quality of the images.

Ashlee Simpson

Plain White T's

James Denton (Mike Delfino, Desperate Housewives)

Broken Spring

Last week, I played the guitar with my dad (on the drums) and I was singing lousily over the mic when suddenly my dad broke the spring on the bass pedal. I don’t know how he managed to do that but it’s really broken, and mind you, that spring is not like those springs you find at the Physics lab. This one’s like the one in the gym, the really durable one. So dad said he’s gonna find a new one at the guitar shop. Hmm… I wonder if they sell the spring individually. What if it only comes with the pedal?

Well, now if I step on the bass drum, the pedal hits the bass and doesn’t retract so it’s pretty much broken. Hope it’s changed soon.

the bass drum with the broken spring

My Only Destination

Yup, I only went to grandman's house to pai nian last week. Up 'til now, just one house. I'm kinda lazy and I hate going houses anyway. So here are some shots from last week.

me and my sis Sharon at the back of Grandma's house..Lotsa memory here

I really look messed up here..this was 1st day of CNY

my bro loves the hamper..apparently, they haven't open those hampers 'til now

my cousin's family, except my bro in white n dat maid holding d baby
I'd post more but my sis will kill me for posting candid pics of them so guess I have to draw a line here. The rest of the pics are for the family photo album. CNY is a bore for me, well, except the angpow part lol =p

Chinese New Years Greetings To All

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Happy Chinese New Year..

Wherever you are and whichever way you choose to celebrate it, hope you ENJOY it! That's the point of the celebration right? At least if not enjoy the few days holiday, that'll be good too! I personally have not made any preparation, other than buying new clothes. I still have to worry about my poster presentation on Monday and Statistic test on Wednesday. Then I'll think about New Year (is it too late?)

Get rich with angpows if you think you're still young enough to receive it!! Have a wonderful NEW YEAR... Eat, get wasted, gamble, ok maybe I'm not suppose to say that..whatever. Go people's house, go watch Lion Dance, get served guys!!