Natural Products

A friend is going back to her country for the summer so I accompanied her to the city centre to do a bit of souvenir shopping for her relatives back home. When I say souvenir, I'm not talking magnets with little British flags printed on them. I'm talking huge hauls from Lush and Body Shop and a walk inside those high street stores like Debenhams, H&M and GAP.

A walk through Commercial Street

I've never purchased items in bulk so I truly enjoy the experience of grabbing a handful of lip balms from Body Shop and filling up the basket like there's no tomorrow. It was great fun to be shopping without the window!

At Lush, we were unexpectedly baited by a saleslady who indulged us in their various facial care products which we both took into. Their products are known to be fresh, made from food products so whatever you can eat, you're sure to find the inedible versions at Lush.

To prove my point, I got myself a tub of 'wasabi'. I've tried this product and I really love it. It's actually a cleanser and you use it like any facial cleanser. Take a small chunk and add water, lather and apply to your face. It does feel like slabbing wasabi on my face though, but fortunately, it doesn't sting like wasabi!

The next one is a bit weird for me. It's a mint flavoured lip scrub. It's not so much the mint that's weird. It's the point of scrubbing the lips that got me scratching my head. But since I've got dry lips, I figure it wouldn't hurt to try this product. Honestly, I still don't get the point. After scrubbing, my lips became extremely pale, like I scrub off the colour of my lips. Would recommend this, though, if you've got peeling skins because it can scrub them right off.

The honey trap lip balm. Although it smells lovely, I don't like how solid it is. I can barely get any of it on my finger let alone apply it on my lips. It's great for hot weather so I might enjoy using this more when I get back.

Like I said, my friend was the one doing the haul, not me. So I've only got myself a few items. I might go to the city centre again in the next few days because I miss eating tang yuan and they have it in the Chinese supermarket.

I have a feeling that my next post will be about Djokovic. Hope it's about him winning the French Open! Otherwise you will see a post full of curses. I hope it won't come to that. In the meantime, it's a temporary holiday for me now. Yippie!

The Tripod

My tripod just arrived. This tripod is a little bit special as it comes with a holder for phones. So, I can use it for both my camera and my iPhone. I can't wait to shoot something. Well, after the exam. Or after the deadline for my interim report. Or after the other deadline. Oh well, I'll find time for it!


The clay season finale is here. Will Novak Djokovic continue his winning streak and break John McEnroe's record of 42 straight wins to start a season? Can Rafael Nadal defend his title? Can Robin Soderling reach the final for the third consecutive year? What about Brits only hope Andy Murray and 16-time grand slam record holder Roger Federer? These are the questions going through everyone's head, or at least people who catch Roland Garros. I always love this tournament, this and Wimbledon, because of the surface. It makes the sport so much more exciting.

I still have two papers this week so I will try to balance between that and taking peeks at the live scores. One last words of wisdom: Idemo, Nole!

Happy Birthday, Shely!

Poster girl of the day.

I just want to say that I'm still chatting with this b*tch, I mean girl, as we speak. She just turned 20 there. Technically, she's still 19 here. If she was here she would've been 8 hours younger!

This is just me counting down to 12 midnight. I managed to print screen when it struck exactly 12. Cool awat?

Shely, if you are reading this (of course you are), remember what I said about that thing that I said a few minutes earlier. To boil it down, be a good girl for me, will you? (trying to sound like mother) Shely also requested pictures that I deem inappropriate for my blog so I will just leave her with this instead.

Ah, who am I kidding. Of course she wants to see more!

I just don't get what you see in this guy, though.

So isn't this way better?

I'm just saying.

Once again, Happy Birthday, Shely. Have a blast!

The Week Before That Week

The week before the exam is always one full of joy and happiness. I can't even pull off a sarcastic remark anymore.

If you remember me way back in my old uni, the revision week usually mean beating my own high score playing games from my laptop computer. Not this year. I've changed. I've moved on to aimlessly browsing the internet, watching Friends while having my lunch and dinner, and staring up at the ceiling wishing I am somewhere else. I've also spent an entire day reading a crime novel by Stephen Leather. I bought that from the iBooks store because it has got great reviews and it's cheaper than the other books. It was a great read so I highly recommend that one - Hard Landing.

Thanks to my cute housemate Izzy, I am totally addicted to playing with fire a.k.a burning candles. I'm off to the city tomorrow to get me more scented candles. It's like an addiction, the smell, ah, adrenaline rush.

As random as this post could get, here's my two lovely housemates and I totally forgot where they were heading that evening. Was it the movie?

If you know me even better, you know I can't pass up the opportunity to bore you with more of my tennis talk. Tomorrow Djokovic will be up against Murray and I really hope he will beat Murray and either Nadal or Gasquet in the final to win the Rome title. I've been waiting for this moment for almost three years because I know eventually he will be able to go this far. Don't you just love catching the sports that you love the most? Be it football, basketball or tennis, despite you not being physically involve in the game, you still feel like you're a part of it. You, the spectator. You make it happen. (change "You" to "I")

And the outro for this post would be me trying to push my notes into my brain.

FYI, it didn't work. All I got is a messed up hair.

Tennis: The Surging Champion


It was an impressive win today for Novak Djokovic as he dethrones the clay king to win the final of Mutua Madrid Open and continue his winning streak in this season of the ATP world tour. Having won this match, Djokovic now stand at 32-0 wins this season. Most would've predicted that Nadal would end Djokovic's winning streak in the match today but it turned out to be the other way around as Djokovic ended Nadal's 37th consecutive win on clay.

The straight win today at 7-5 6-4 in Djokovic's favour came not without a fight from Nadal. Both were equally solid in their performance. It will be interesting to see how the ranking will change in the months to come if Djokovic continue with this new-found glory.

The next major tournament is the clay court Roland Garros which will begin on 22nd June. The good news is everyone will be anticipating the championship match, and hoping to see Federer against Nadal, or this time, Djokovic against either one of them perhaps. Either way, I will be following that tournament closely. But the bad news for me is it will be in the middle of my exam week so I may not be able to catch all top matches.

Here's how I caught the live streaming earlier today. Yes, I needed two screens just in case if one is buffering and also now that I think about it, I feel like I'm obsessed with it!