Snow Flakes

Is this the winter season? I can't really tell but there is already snow all across the UK. I still haven't get the chance to see snow fall and when I look out the window, there is already a blanket of snow and I missed it.

And this is just random but I love this cute little snow globe I got from the German market the other day!

I also love it when my housemates cook because it means I don't have to order takeout and I get to eat homecooked meal. I wish I can cook like them! I can't remember how I used to cook back at home. All I know is I don't get creative and I tend to just stick to the basic ingredients.

This is the view outside my window. It looks so pretty at night!

Oh yeah, I'm excited about the final today where we will see the two greats playing against each other at the O2 Arena in London.

Who I think would win? I want to say Federer but it's apparent who's more determine to win this. Federer has won this four times. Nadal none. So there you go!


Nancy and I had the best view of the student's protest in Leeds Uni today. We had lunch at Charco's and it was like watching the news while eating! Lamb was slightly burnt though.

In case you are wondering, students were protesting over tuition fees and stuff like that which I'm not very clear of nor interested in. All I care is getting out of harm's way and watching from the sideline ;)

Do you use Groomers shampoo for your horses? LOL

Photos courtesy of Nancy

Walk the Dog

I keep telling everyone that I'm very busy lately. That is partly true because there are lots of things going on around me, things that are there for me to experience. I never had this kind of fun before. Back in my old uni years, I was always just chilling in my room playing guitar loudly and trying my best to annoy the hell out of my neighbors. My friends would come by my room and we would sing and stuff. I still remember the songs we made and I really miss those days. Funny thing is I'm now still in uni, albeit a different one, and still playing guitar, but I get to do a bit more than that which is awesome.

My friend and I went to the Christmas Light Switch-on in Leeds last Friday. Unfortunately, we did not stay long enough to catch Shayne Ward and McFly perform. I've never been to a place more crowded than this though!

Here's me standing in the middle of the German market. Mad human traffic here too.

Santa on the big screen!

Friday was Harry Potter 7 for a bunch of us as we headed to The Light to catch the movie. I love how the movie is a carbon copy of the book. Let's just keep it that way and don't get creative like what they did in the past HP films.

Saturday we hopped on the train to Huddersfield for some laser tag fun. I didn't know how tiring it can get and that I wasn't prepared for!

Let me shoot somebody already!

Since my coursework involves pets, I can't help staring at dogs when the owners are walking them. I feel like I must do something. But what? Observe the owner-dog relationship? Approach the dog's owner and ask a few questions? Pat the dog? Help walk the dog?

Don't mind me. I'm just thinking out loud because after writing this post, I'm going to attempt to do my coursework.

Bath the dog?

Jimmy Eat World's Gig

Best gig ever. By the end of the show, the crew threw Jim's pick to the crowd and I got it!

My friend's luckier cos she got Rick's pick handed over to her personally by him at the end!

It was a great show and I miss it already :'(

German Christmas Market

Pictures from the German Christmas Market at Millennium Square in Leeds. Photos courtesy of Nhung.

Manchester Trip

Last weekend we headed to Manchester for a trip to the Old Trafford stadium as well as Trafford Centre. I have to admit it was the first time I went on a train, ever! And I'm 23. That's something, right? And it was also the first bus travel I had since the trip from Heathrow to Paddington last month. I don't need to go on a bus in Leeds. Everywhere is within a walking distance!

So back to my story, we bought the day bus ride ticket for £3.50. They were about to have a match at the stadium that day so we weren't allowed inside. We hung around outside instead and snapped some photos. The place was crowded by supporters of the teams which 'til now I still don't know which teams played that day. Haha I don't deserve to be in that place, do I?

This is the sign from the side entrance.

And I assume this is the front? I'm confuse but I think it is :D

My friends, the next "United Trinity"

The team's logo inside the Megastore

At the Trafford Centre

Just outside Selfridges & Co.

A charity fountain inside Trafford Centre

Vending machines outside the toilets... and the girls :)

Amal chillin' outside ;)

This is one of the buses we took in the city

I don't exactly know when winter is but I know that the weather now is starting to be unbearable. It's like walking inside a freezer, except this freezer stretches for miles and miles and there is no exit door around. The best way to deal with this is to think "Summer". Or in my case, think "Brunei". Haha.


Truth be told, I've never seen a bonfire before because there was no need for one where I came from, unless you count burning dried grass after lawn mowing as a bonfire, which I doubt. The first real one I saw is this and it was indeed a huge one. I don't know the significance of this bonfire though. I've read it somewhere but I couldn't recall at this moment but there is definitely a history behind it.

My friends from uni. Mini is missing in this photo!

The bonfire was followed by a fireworks display and there was a carnival as well. We didn't stay long though and were back by 9. Nevertheless, I had a great time hanging out with my newfound peers. I am also glad that this is where I chose to study because I couldn't have found a better place than this.

Lush and Garlic Bread

This title is not random at all even though it sounds so. This is actually about the Lush soaps that I bought and the garlic bread I ate this morning! Here's the pics.

I decided to try these two Lush products because they smell promising. Honestly, a lot of the others smell horrible! I haven't actually used them yet so I hope they are like what they smell!

My uninteresting breakfast this morning consists of fillet and garlic bread. I still despise cooking. This was prepared by popping the whole plate into the microwave oven. Save lives.