We Are Young

Currently, I'm on an art tracing project I call Project Taylor Swift. It's still not done yet so I'm not going to show you the result just yet. I'll normally just post it in my deviant art account anyway so you can check there when it's ready.

So, my blog writing journey continues starting with pictures from last weekend. We like to go out shopping on the weekends so normally we would find an excuse to go bandar to shop. This time last week, we landed on Manggis mall because Stephen wanted to get some Legos. Yes, we always find time to take pictures wherever we are. LOL

Stephen reading the Legos manual. 

The Legos construction site.

A man at work on his tractor.

Unfortunately, I don't have the final result of Stephen's hard work. It's a police station that is now propped up in his shelf along with his other Lego model. Oh, well.

Yesterday, Jazelle came with her mummy and daddy so I had a fine time training Spongebob and Patrick their baby sitting skills. Not bad.

And I noticed that a blog title is never conspicuous so I just want to point out that the title of this post is a song that's currently stuck in my head. It's quite catchy that song you should have a listen too.

New Building

It's 9:33am on a weekend. I just had breakfast with my dad at his usual Seria mee stall, and as usual we bumped into this uncle and aunt who are always there on a Saturday morning. The old people say that the kolomee there doesn't taste as good as in the olden days before the business is passed on to sons and daughters. That is always the case, isn't it? The authenticity of the ingredients usually deplete as years go by. It's rather inevitable. Anyhow, as the younger generation, I have no complain because to me, it tastes as good as always.

Coming home from Seria, I had a chance to explore around outside our house a bit since we're blessed with a nice weather today.Yes, I'm bored. No, I do not want to wash the car.

Across the street from our home is this building in construction. Nobody's sure what this building is for, really. But many guessed that it will be a new sixth form center.

I brought one of the cats (the fat one) into the house because he was practically begging to be let in. The other cat don't seem to be bothered, climbing up to his spot near the roof of the cat house and not bothering to come down when I called so I let him be.

This one, though, loves attention. He'll stick to you whenever he sees you and keep calling out for attention. Well, one of those days, my mum said it'll be nice to make him clothes to wear so he got measured. I'll try to grab a pic of him in his new clothes when it's done.

This is not new because I've been harping on about it. I think my laptop has finally given up on me. There are more than one hardware failure I'm afraid so I might just get myself a new machine rather than trying to get this one repaired. Resources are scarce in this part of the world so buying a new battery don't seem like a good idea at all. I saw that it costs nearly $200 just for a damn battery, when I can get the same one in the UK for GBP30. And I've always thought that HP is one of the most reliable machines. Well, I was wrong. Lesson learned!


April has been flying by very quickly. My work sure seems to be piling up so I'm sure April will be quite a short month for me, or long depending on how much I dread the workload. So far, I would say I enjoy what I'm doing, although sometimes it can be very stressful but there is nothing in life that does not bring upon stress so no point in sulking. I like to get things done so you can imagine my delight in ticking tasks off my to-do list. 

Little Jazelle is finally home so thank god for that. She's cuter than ever. I just wish I can see her everyday. But then again, the nights would not be quiet!

Last weekend, I was at my friend Mimi's engagement. I wanna take this opportunity to again congratulate her and her fiance, and wish them all the best.  I'll be looking forward to her marriage hopefully not too long from now :)

Last but not least, my aunt and cousin from Canada are here for about 3 weeks. I've never met my cousin before but apparently, I've met my aunt before when I was 3 so I obviously can't remember that. But otherwise, its really nice having them here and meeting my cousin for the first time. They're leaving soon so I'm gonna miss them.

Dinner with my aunts and cousin at Excapade Sushi

I will try to update more often because sometimes I didn't even realise I've neglected this space of mine especially when everything is moving along so fast. Hopefully, I can get more pictures in as well...for the enjoyment of the readers, perhaps? :D


I'd like to welcome my niece, Jazelle, to the world. Soft baby, warm baby, little ball of...errr..hair? 

You sure are adorable especially when you raise one eyebrow to take a peek before you fall asleep. I hope you are having fun being a baby. I wish I have a schedule like yours too!

Awesome aunt baby is awesome