Good Luck Guarantees A Pass

I just got back from my second paper. No comment.

I’ve been trying to find different ways to revise. One crazy idea I tried was writing on the wall. Guys, don’t try this at home coz your parents are going to kill you.

Scribble scribble on the wall

It is helpful in a way because you see it in front of you and it doesn’t fly like papers do. BUT, when it comes to ‘deleting’ it, it is nightmare! My eraser becomes shorter by half a centimeter erasing that part in the pic only. So, I got this stack of very thin papers that are so annoying because they always fly all over the place. Instead of writing directly on the wall, I stick the papers up and wrote on it. So I’m still writing on the wall in a way. Pretty stupid idea if you ask me.

Writing indirectly on the wall

In the end I switched back to the normal way – paper-on-desk.

A friend asked me why everybody wish everyone else good luck before an exam when it doesn’t help at all. Come to think of it, why?

Cross One Out

I just had my first paper. If only I had enough time…There were some questions that I skip and thought, “I’ll come back to it later.” But I never had time to look at them again. If I have an extra half hour, I can probably get extra 10 marks. This paper really doesn’t leave you to think much. What with the new no-reading-time rule. Immediately after the coordinator said, “You may start”, I ripped my question paper open and put pen on paper and was a running machine for 2 hours.

This week I’ll be busy talking about exam so if you are not interested, kindly come back after one week. I promise to talk about other things then. Nah, I’m just kidding. I don’t think I’ll have the time to talk at all this week.

This is how I revise with Nina with a portable white board.


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wth?! No editing? What's image processing for? =P

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2D Drum Kit

I found this which I think is neat. Try random mouse over. Sounds like pro!

THiNK maths

Thank God the presentation earlier was okay, at least that’s what I feel. I did a topic about Gaussian Function. But I only had time to finish my slides this morning. So I think my presentation was a bit messed up. Doesn’t matter. It’s over now. I have to admit I didn’t really understand most of what everyone’s saying, especially when they start talking about maths. Haha. So there were four guys from different companies who came to watch our presentation so we really had to do well. I’ll just leave you with some pictures that I took. Oh, and sorry Amir cause you had to run all the way from SHBIE to HEP just to find out that everything’s fixed. Thanks anyway =)
Jia Liang on image enhancement

Chun Ping, Shy Ni, Aden and Fakhriah

Chun Ping’s presentation

Haniff posing before his turn

I grabbed this from Nina’s Facebook =D

So now I can finally study for my exam. Whew.

He's The Master

Novak Djokovic of Serbia won the Tennis Masters Cup yesterday at Shanghai, China. The funny thing is he was the first player out last year at the same tournament. He lost all his matches in the round robin group with 0-3. This year, he’s the champion. What a turn of event it must’ve been for him. And too bad Roger Federer lost in the round robin matches. Well, at least my favourite player Nole win this time. I’ve been waiting forever for a win from him.


On a different note, tomorrow I have a presentation. I’m having a hard time trying to piece information together now. I keep editing my slides. It’s like nothing is good enough so I’m pretty much stuck here. Hope I don’t screw up the presentation tomorrow.

Radek Replaces Roddick

I think I just threw away one of my socks by accident. But that’s not the reason I’m writing today so let’s just move on.

The final for the UBD talent competition was held yesterday. Congratulations to Aman for winning. He’s really amazing. I love the finale. Other performances worth mentioning include the amazing violin performance, the dance crew, and I especially love the band We Are Not a Band simply because they are entertaining.

Me and Mimi at the Mall

All contestants on stage with hostess Maya

Alright, let’s go to Shanghai for the Tennis Masters update. Andy Roddick is injured and replaced by doomed alternate player Radek Stepanek. I don’t even know why he was chosen. His ranking is quite low. Roger Federer might loose to Andy Murray and be out of the game. Roger – the defending champion. Whatever happen to the Roger we all know? Oh yeah, Novak Djokovic lost to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga – AGAIN! But I think win or loose, he proceeds to semi-final and Tsonga is out. Lucky for Djoko.

Sun and Beach

I went to the beach carnival at Muara beach yesterday with Mimi but we went there a bit late around 2pm so we kind of missed a lot of the earlier activities like limbo, aerobic, dance performances and such. But we were there up until the end so it was ok. My greatest regret is I didn’t get to ride the horse. Better chance next time.

We spent most of the time at the volleyball court. I actually just sit and watch those people play. The weather was quite ok because I thought it would be scorching hot. I actually had my sunscreen lotion with me. But maybe because it was already late afternoon that time we were there so the sun was setting. So to sum up, here are some pictures I took.

Beach volleyball in progress

Mimi saying hi to mr. pony

I wonder what's gonna happen if I sit on this horse

Before The Meeting

Photos taken by Nina at the basement cafe.

Quote from Nina: If the taboo thing happens, then it's okay because "we don't know anything".

Nina and me

Nina and Haniff

The Adventure of My Mind

I’ve skipped quite a number of classes lately, particularly OR and CA. So the guilt is finally catching up on me. But it doesn’t mean I’m not going to skip more in the future. I can’t promise myself that. Frankly speaking, even if I did attend lectures, I’ll end up day dreaming throughout the class. My attention span for lectures is extremely short. There is not much difference between my presence in class and my absence from it. Sometimes I feel like I’m not there at all. There must be another way to do this. Alright, enough said about class.

Tennis Masters Cup in Shanghai starts on Sunday. If you’ve been catching up with any news other than the presidential election, you might have noticed that world no.1 Rafael Nadal is not playing the best of 8 this season. Tennis masters is the annual finale where the top eight players in the ATP Race compete in round robin matches to determine the best player of the season. The lucky Gilles Simon will take Nadal’s place instead. If you ask me, I think Roger Federer will be the champion once again. I can’t see any other players who can pull this off. Not Djokovic, not Murray and definitely not Roddick.

Paint Job

I thought I would finally relax once I get home but I was wrong. My sis is moving to her old room so there was much chaos going around at home last weekend. Once I got home, I had to help move some furniture and clean the room. Then, there was the fun part – painting. My sis chose two colors for the wall. Well, I took some shots of the process so here it goes.

My dad painting the first part of the wall

That was just half finished. The next day, we went to Petani mall to buy some stuff and I bloated myself with Jolibee food as usual.

Me and owner of new room at Jolibee

My brother Stephen

So later in the night, we painted the finishing touch. It’s just a design Sharon came up with.

Sharon hard at work

And finally, this is one of the finished walls. Looks good eh?