Radek Replaces Roddick


I think I just threw away one of my socks by accident. But that’s not the reason I’m writing today so let’s just move on.

The final for the UBD talent competition was held yesterday. Congratulations to Aman for winning. He’s really amazing. I love the finale. Other performances worth mentioning include the amazing violin performance, the dance crew, and I especially love the band We Are Not a Band simply because they are entertaining.

Me and Mimi at the Mall

All contestants on stage with hostess Maya

Alright, let’s go to Shanghai for the Tennis Masters update. Andy Roddick is injured and replaced by doomed alternate player Radek Stepanek. I don’t even know why he was chosen. His ranking is quite low. Roger Federer might loose to Andy Murray and be out of the game. Roger – the defending champion. Whatever happen to the Roger we all know? Oh yeah, Novak Djokovic lost to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga – AGAIN! But I think win or loose, he proceeds to semi-final and Tsonga is out. Lucky for Djoko.