The Adventure of My Mind


I’ve skipped quite a number of classes lately, particularly OR and CA. So the guilt is finally catching up on me. But it doesn’t mean I’m not going to skip more in the future. I can’t promise myself that. Frankly speaking, even if I did attend lectures, I’ll end up day dreaming throughout the class. My attention span for lectures is extremely short. There is not much difference between my presence in class and my absence from it. Sometimes I feel like I’m not there at all. There must be another way to do this. Alright, enough said about class.

Tennis Masters Cup in Shanghai starts on Sunday. If you’ve been catching up with any news other than the presidential election, you might have noticed that world no.1 Rafael Nadal is not playing the best of 8 this season. Tennis masters is the annual finale where the top eight players in the ATP Race compete in round robin matches to determine the best player of the season. The lucky Gilles Simon will take Nadal’s place instead. If you ask me, I think Roger Federer will be the champion once again. I can’t see any other players who can pull this off. Not Djokovic, not Murray and definitely not Roddick.