This camera's lens are pretty slick. I'm not an expert in photography. I'm pretty sure there are far more high spec gadgets out there that can do 50 times better than what I have but I'm quite happy with my SX40's performance. Today, I'm showing you the zoom function of the lens. The lens are 35X IS with 4.3-150.5mm... and I have no idea what I just said.

So here's what a normal view from my house of BLNG's flame tower looks like, if you can see it, that tiny thing with smoke coming out of it.

With full zoom, here's what I get. Not bad for a non-DSLR camera, huh?

Now I'm just wondering wouldn't it be nice if our eyes have the capability to do just what my camera did? I wonder how it's like if we have 35X optical zoom in our eyes. I'm pretty sure our eye balls would have to protrude from their sockets at some point so I guess that may not look appealing!


When something unexpected happen, it makes you take a step back and think about everything, about life. It's sort of like a fast evaluation and playbacks of memories. It makes me feel like I should appreciate everything around me more. Like anonymous says, "Cherish your yesterdays and dream your tomorrows, but most importantly, don't forget to live your todays."

It's the time of the year again. I expect myself to be busy helping out with this and that around the shop, hopefully I can stay awake for it because ever since I work, my sleeping pattern has changed drastically. No more watching series until 4am and catching late night tennis tourneys. This extra work won't be fun unfortunately. It's just work, work and more work.

Assorted threads stacked up nicely on a home-made wooden rack.

I don't remember when we went to KB, probably last week and I brought along my trusty camera to capture any "moment". Here's my brother playing with his phone while waiting for my sister in a clothing store. Not much of a moment!

Our regular kopitiam in Seria is this one. You all know where this is, no need for me to say judging from the table's design and sambals. Nomnoms!

My sister's current favourite footwear is this one. Wears them everywhere, even in bed. I kid.

This must be taken on a Sunday since the weather looks so fine.

Honestly, I have nothing much to share with you. I don't know if anyone reads this anyway. I'm probably just blabbering to myself. Give me a shout if you read this blog regularly, I want to show my appreciation :)

The Nerd Song

I found this song in my drive and can't believe that I made it for one of the management course's exam. Nerd much!

Warning: Educational song ahead. which probably won't make sense to most people...not even me.

Uphill Walk Pt. 2

Life is short, live it well. In loving memory.

Uphill Walk Pt.1

After coming back from work today, I decided to carry my new camera up the hill for a little shooting. Need to update my cover photo on Facebook, you know, need to be up to date with my social networking life. Speaking of which, somehow I don't always change my profile picture there. I have this rule where I only change it once a year. I like that rule because it means when I reach 40, I'll only have about 20 pictures in that album. Isn't that nice?

And I strayed away from the topic again. Anyhooo~ here are some of the better photos which I kind of like. By the way, my camera is a Canon SX40. It's one of the best thing I've ever spent on. It has exactly what I need so I'm very happy that I've made the right choice.

I was going to take a photo of the sunset but I got distracted by the silhouette of a tree.

These stairs are newly built leading to the moon sighting hut. It's quite a good place to go hiking actually.

Right in front of our house are these two dying trees. They are ideal subjects for shooting because of the branches sticking out. I also captured the backdrop of the construction site of the new building across our street.

Don't get me wrong, photography is not really my thing. I just like to capture events of our lives to keep as memories. These are just something that is fun to explore when we have the right technology to.

Father's Day

This Father's Day, we..

...had a great time!


As this is the middle of the year, I figure I'd go to our local hairdresser to get a haircut. The difference between the local ones and the one overseas is I don't have to make a booking and give them my name. I can just pop in anytime and I get the service. I've actually had my haircut last week but it's quite inconspicuous because I didn't cut it too short or anything. It's more like trimming to get my messy hair in place which is probably why nobody notices it, not even me sometimes.
Vain mode on - always

Today, I joined the blood donation drive. It's my first time actually. Never had the opportunity back in the uni because it always clashes with my class. Now that they have it here at my workplace, I'm quite excited to join in. It's not as bad as I thought. In fact, I think I'll do this more often in the future.
I really feel like doing something different. The problem is, I don't know what is that thing I want to do. It's like having a bucket list with items in white font against a white sheet of paper. It's there but I can't see it. Until I find what I'm looking for, I'll keep an eye out for possibilities.

Record Breaking Rafa

"He was the better player." - Novak Djokovic

Alas, a career Grand Slam is not meant to be for Djokovic as he struggled amidst rain interruptions to find his rhythm to play against the Clay King. Rafa was just too good, with little unforced errors and consistently pushing his opponent to the limit. There is still chance for you Djokovic and I believe in you.

Photo credit: Roland Garros

On the up side, Wimbledon is approaching near the end of this month so another big tournament to look forward to. I hope Djokovic can defend his title here. But I'm excited to see the likes of Bernard Tomic and Kevin Anderson, and I do hope Kei Nishikori fare well in this tournament.

I really miss playing tennis. I used to play back when I was in uni. Thing is, it's hard to find courts and tennis partners around here. In my case, its even harder to find someone at my level cos they are either too good or never played before. I'm in the area of beginner borderline intermediate if I dare say. I still can't serve though so that's saying a lot actually. People of the world, if you are just like me looking for a tennis buddy, ring me up!

Healthier Choice

I'm one of those people who love food and won't mind spending that much just to be able to savour those delicious mouth-watering edible heavenly delicacies. But obviously with that comes the price of getting that extra flabs like its summer already. Wait, it IS summer already. And wait, it is always summer here! Here I want to share with you some food pictures because I got jealous of seeing people posting delicious food on Instagram but I gotta warn you these pics might not look delicious at all. LOL

This simple egg sandwich is one of the most frequent food that I eat. It's something that's always available and yet I never get sick of it. Go for this if you're a lazy ass cook and just want something available on the go.

Even though the chicken chop and roasted chicken are very tempting, my sister and I opted for this simple mixed vegetable dish because we wanted a healthier choice of food. But if you really want healthy, go boil your broccoli and add salt. This one comes with a much higher everything obviously but it's definitely much better than lamb steak, I gotta say.

Mixed vegetables and fish soup. Has anyone ever told you that you need more vegetables in your life than you think? Two meats and one vege on your dinner plate? No! Go for two veges and fish instead!

But don't let the pictures fool you. Behind the scenes there are much more unhealthier stuff that I've eaten in the past week such as fried chicken and chips. After all, I'm only human!

Little Bundle of Joy

I love babies. They are so adorable no matter what they do. But they grow so fast I can't catch up with them! I just feel like grabbing this photo of baby Jazelle from my sister's FB and share with you. She's just so adorable! Sharon made that hat for her. Awww!

French Open 2012

French Open is in full swing and it's getting more and more exciting each day. I just realised that I've been following tennis tournaments for 5 years now and I'm still loving every bit of it. I wouldn't say there is much difference in terms of the momentum in tennis over the years but I'm very happy that my favourite player has significantly improved over the years; Djokovic went from 3rd seed in 2008 to the top seed in 2011. Very proud of that. At least my 5 years of support has not been in vain! But I notice quite a change in the rankings especially in the lower half of the top 10 in men's single. Whatever happened to James Blake and Nikolay Davydenko? It comes to show that being at the top of our game is not one easy job to maintain so I really salute those players who managed to hang on for so long. You gotta give it to Federer, he's done a fine job keeping up with the game.

Djokovic in action at Roland Garros Day 4. Photo courtesy of Roland Garros.

Paul Henri Matthieu returning a shot from John Isner during their long match which was eventually won by Matthieu. Photo courtesy of Roland Garros.

Regarding my previous post below, the road has now been reopened only two days after closure due to complains by the public on the traffic congestion as a result of the closure. They're now devising another plan which I hope will be much better than this brilliant plan of theirs.