Puppies in da house

it's really near the exam now and basically i haven't study much coz I was at home. We've got two new puppies and every once in a while I'll abandon my books and go see them so it's so distracting. The cat is now at the front of the house after being treathened by the pups, or so she thought. The pups are quite innocent coz they do nothing more than sniff and bark at the cat (if you call that innocent). My sis gave them names: Toby the white male pup and Princess the brown fluffy female pup. I like both of them equally and i think the two adult dogs in the cage are jealous coz these pups are free at night and we give them dog food. The adult ones are lock in the cage 24/7 and eat leftovers. See how biased we can get! But the thing is, the big dogs belong to the family, the pups belong to Sharon, my elder sis, and the cat belongs to Shely. Me? I don't have a pet actually. I'd like to have a monkey though * laughs

Best for Me

That's the name of the new song I made. It's somewhere between pop and alternative rock. very acoustic of course (what d'ya expect from an acoustic guitar?) Well, the lyrics about this lonely person trying to find her way in the obstacles of life, secretly liking this guy but have no guts to spill it. I'm not gonna post the lyrics here 'coz I hate critics! Lol.. It's just for fun and i'm not serious about it. Besides, there may be lots of grammatical errors too.

I bought a $1.80 umbrella recently but what the hell, u think it's gona work? I've tried it once and instead of opening like a dome shape, the spines jut out to the opposite side. That's why it's cheap I guess. Now it's just stuffed in my wardrobe somewhere. I may need it if I forgot my 'real' umbrella again. but i doubt it's gonna be of any help!