Recycled Menu

Fried mee + fried rice + sausage + popiah and repeat - the chronicles of breakfast at the hostel. I don’t want to elaborate further. You get what I mean.

Many people are having their exams now. I wish I have my exam earlier so that holiday comes faster. I have more than a month before I can taste freedom. At the mean time, I just have to study and hope for a pass. Well, I can’t believe I’m still worried about my project presentation. I wonder if Gauss was that stressed up when he was doing research on Gaussian function.

*Warning: Skip this if you’ve never heard of David Nalbandian or Nikolay Davydenko.

BNP Paribas Masters Series, France

Djokovic was defeated by Tsonga – again! I think Tsonga is not satisfied with his loss to Djokovic during the final of the Australia Open in January, even though he did beat him in the final of Thailand Open a month ago. So now all I have to cheer for is Federer so he better not loose to his upcoming opponent James Blake. And amazingly, the up and rising Argentinean star Juan Martin Del Potro lost in the 3rd round to Nalbandian. I hope Andy Murray follows his footstep soon =P

Connected Disconnected

Uploading a video can take ages, especially with my connection speed. After three failures and $10 down the drain, I gave in. You might be wondering what connection I am using that’s so bad. Well, actually, since I stay at the hostel, no e-speed for me. Nope, I didn’t get the broadband thingy. I just simply plug my phone to my laptop and voila, a connection established at 115.2 kbps. Not bad for me, except the expiry date for my phone’s credit is steadily getting to infinity. And the stupid cable is so sensitive. Just a touch of it can disconnect the connection.

So every time I’m online, I have to make sure I place the cable at a place where I won’t accidentally touch it. Oh, and I like to place my phone on the window sill which is two storey high so again, gotta be cautious. I don’t want my phone falling two-storey down the drain below. Maybe I should just get a Wave card or something. I don’t know why I like to do things the hard way.

By the way, I got a new teddy to go with my bed. Lol.. Thanks Sharon the sis!

And I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect capo but I can’t seem to find one that I like. So the search continues…Until then, I’m going bass.

Rain Again

It’s a Wednesday and it’s raining. You know what that means. No tennis yet again. Sigh. But I went to the sports complex anyway, to watch whatever’s going on. Yea, I got nothing better to do. There is squash competition. I didn’t know it’s still going on.

Oh, and the test yesterday, I’m so gonna flunk it. I didn’t study all, just enough hoping what I studied came out. Turned out all that I didn’t touch came out. Damn. I managed to write 6 lines of answers for the first question worth 20 marks. And then I left the rest blank. Like my paper is thinner than toilet paper. I might as well hand in a blank paper with my name written on it. I really don’t know what’s gotten into me.

Rain can be refreshing but it usually spoils the day. So I hope there’s no rain tomorrow or we can wave tomorrow’s activities bye-bye. Tomorrow activities = ‘car booth sale’ and ‘car wash’. Car wash for 5 bucks on a rainy day? The rain can wash a car for free! So you get what I mean. Hope tomorrow’s weather is fine.

Convo Exhibition

I went to the Chancellor Hall today with Nina and Fakhriah. We went from the side entrance so the first thing we saw was the Ideal booth. I was instantly attracted since I was hungry but we decided to explore the real thing first – the exhibition. We weren’t really interested in the career section so we went around looking at the ECA booths and what really attract us were the military cars on display at the entrance of the hall. The guy in charge let us go up the car so we climbed up and took some pictures.

The guy was like, “Hold both handles, place your back on the rest and rotate”. I placed my hands on the handles but then I couldn’t move the damn thing. So embarrassing.

^ That’s me looking like an idiot at the machine gun controller. That’s Nina at the back.

^ Taken inside the military truck

^ Nina and Fakhriah posing with the truck

There was a band playing, I think from Fonemik Club. The singer and lead guitarist are very talented.

Snap and It's Gone

There was a rumah terbuka at CLT earlier just now with food, performances and lucky draws. It was quite fun seeing people from all faculties gathering there. There were also many stalls for the convocation festivities so I can’t stop buying and eating. The performances were good, well, apart from the bad mic/speaker ensemble. I did take a lucky draw price but it wasn’t my number. It was Nina’s. She got the price!

But unfortunately, I didn’t go to the sport complex today. I wanted to play tennis but I had no partner so I didn’t go in the end. So I had dinner even though I felt so bloated from the festival but because I still have today’s coupon. So I came back dragging my feet up the stairs feeling exhausted and tortured from the food. After that, it was all relaxation: shower, movies, and not to mention, a new song on the guitar.

Speaking of guitar, my capo broke in half. Nina and I were in my room and we were playing guitar. I used the capo and while adjusting, and testing the strings, the capo broke in half and flew in different directions. I got a slight hit on my right wrist but thank God it didn’t hit us in the face. It’s so dangerous, worse than a snapping broken string I’m telling you. You do not wanna see broken metals flying in your direction. So, now I have to buy a new one. Sigh. There goes my good old capo.

my tortured capo

* A capo is something you clip on the fret of your guitar to change the key

Family's Best Friend

We let our family dog out yesterday and it was so happy it went crazy running around barking and zigzag-ing across the lawn. I seriously don’t know what goes on in the dog’s mind. You see, the dog hasn’t been let out in a looooonng time so we let it free for at least the whole afternoon. We’re not allowed to let it out on normal days because it’ll kinda scare people. So since it’s a Sunday, no customers so the dog’s free. The dog’s very tame, by the way.

I played with it for a while, treating it with crackers. And I tried in vain to teach it tricks. So much for my constant yelling, “Sit, Boi Boi, Sit!” But it’s either deaf or it goes by the saying “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks”. I guess it’s the latter.

“You think I’m stupid?”

I wanted to give Boi Boi more food but all I had was leftover pasta and more crackers so I tried the pasta and luckily it gobbled it down in a flash. Point to note, dogs like pasta, or at least mine does. After a while, I decided to lure it back to its so-big-it’s-comfortable cage but it sensed what I was about to do. Hmm, apparently not stupid at all.

The problem is his collar broke as you can see above. So using a leash is out of the question. I tried the breadcrumb trail method. The dog ate the crackers along the trail and I thought it’s working until it stopped dead right outside the cage’s door as it sensed the trap. It sniffed the crackers by the door and slowly and carefully reached out for it, snatched it and fled to safety to chomp down his prize. Correction: very clever indeed.

So in the end, I had to trick it with more crackers thrown in the cage so it’s more tempting. Boi Boi couldn’t resist it and went in. Halfway in, I quickly slam the door shut behind its butt. Lol. The dog tried to turn back but it’s too late. It did gave me the sad look. Nice attempt but not buying. Oh well, at least it has plenty of crackers to enjoy until its next meal.

Go Houses During Raya

Today is dubbed by Nina as Test-day. The tests were really tough, like alien tough. Probably because I didn’t study but I was sure the last question in Mechanics was an easy one. And for OR, I’ve never even heard of convex set. Ok, again, I didn’t read my notes. Apparently, it was there…somewhere.

So I went with the ‘CS Gang’ to their houses on Tuesday as well as today. Tuesday was the tiring one. We went from afternoon until 10pm from Brunei Muara all the way to KB and then to Tutong. I came back and managed to go online until 2am after that. Obviously I overslept for the morning class the next day (morning class was at 11am). Today, after two consecutive tests, my brain switched from overstress to ‘raya’ mode as we headed to Ka Rosni’s house and later to Hadri’s place.

I took some pictures on Tuesday but they’re just random pics in random houses:

For much better pics, go to Aida’s blog.

Sunday Cars

I just got back to hostel at 7pm. We wanted to go to our relatives’ houses earlier but there was a last minute change of plan coz dad had to work so we ended up going shopping instead. The traffic around our house was terrible. We live right by the main road so from our house, we can see the traffic all the way up to the U-turn in Lumut. It was so bad that we got stranded for about an hour from the beginning of the single lane road to the end of it (from Sungai Liang to Telisai).

So we left at around 1.30pm and only reached Bandar after two hours. Damn the stupid traffic. Everyone’s got a new car. And it seems like everyone’s on road today. But amazingly, the traffic was better at Gadong. Hmm…I guess people are just going from houses to houses. I’m not surprise car accidents happen more frequently than the past decades.

Oh, and I missed my friend’s open house today. Sorry Aden! But I hope you had a great time today.

All Said and Done

Today’s the first day of raya and I’m sure most people are celebrating out there. We’re actually quite the opposite. Last night, I slept around 5am. Well, that’s not exactly last night, is it? I woke up at 12 noon today. It’s not so bad after all. I don’t have to work today. Last night was crazy. Last minute raya rush and I barely slept.

We had Olivia Newton John’s songs turned on the whole night so I practically recognize her songs anywhere by now. I still might help out every now and then at my mum’s request though so I may still be busy. Amazingly, I still found time to study a pinch of Mechanics.

Oh, and I’ve watched Kiss of Death and I think it’s good. I recommend it for serious action movies fans only though.
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