Royal Wedding

Today is a historic day for Britain as the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate took place at Westminster, and it is the day the world tuned in to news channels to watch history in the making live.

My plan was to wake up at 8:30am in time to watch the attendees arrive at Westminster but alas, I slept really late the night before and couldn't even open my eyes when the alarm went off. As a result, I missed the vow and only managed to watch from the point where they were about to enter a private room for the signing. But thank god for the internet as I was able to click on highlight videos and catch the key part of the event. I just want to add that David Beckham looks dashing!


This is one of those spontaneous things we did for the birthday week. Izzy decided it would be fun to make a vlog of us answering tag questions. Special thanks to Vance for recording and editing the video, and of course for "interviewing" us too :)


If you haven't had one, it's like ABC but not exactly. One of the reasons why I love it is because it's pink! And of course it tastes great! To get one, we have to travel from Leeds to Bradford to an ice cream parlour called Moonlight which is quite far from the city centre.

Not unlike ABC, to get a cup, our family have to travel to Seria to the mien tang to get one too. But by the end of the day, it's always satisfaction guaranteed and before you know it, you're craving for another cup again.

Movie Nights

I love movie nights, especially if they are not planned. We've had a few of those nights this month. Last night, the Spenceleys watched Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night in our living room. I hate how they let us watch one scene that seems like nothing was gonna happen that lasted nearly one minute before something suddenly move. I wouldn't watch it alone actually and NOT because I'm afraid (I swear!) but I simply don't normally watch thriller movies that contain paranormal events. You would agree that they don't usually make much sense especially the ending part.

Watching it with people brings a different kind of flavor to the whole thriller type of movies, you know.

One of those days during the Easter break, we watched The Roommate with some of the group...The movie was okay and I only say that because I just watched Source Code the day before watching this movie. Source Code was awesome!

photo credits to Izzy

This is random but I love this picture below, taken during a picnic day sometime in March.
photo credits to Ken

Alton Towers

Yes, one of those days during the Easter break this was what I did!

And before I forget, I want to wish my very best friend Mijah a very Happy Birthday! Thanks for being a very dear friend and I'm really glad I get to know you!


It's April and this could only mean...spring!

My cousin is spending his spring break over here in Leeds and so far it's been good. I've honestly never eaten this healthily in a long time. And what do you know, I cook on a daily basis! I never thought I would do that because I thought I've hung my apron for the year.

True to my word, I have also been exploring the neighborhood. It's good to be out there taking fresh air and getting the sun on my face. One thing I miss is jogging. I've been up so late every night that I find waking up before midday a really tough task to do. And so I feel like my day is shorter and hence it's precious.

And to end this rather short post (as always), here are some pictures my cousin took with his camera which is so much cooler than mine.

And a random person sitting amongst those lovely flowers. LOL