Tear Tracks

I was hoping it was Megan. But then there would be only two female contestants. So they have to get rid of the males first. That’s why Michael’s packing. Adam’s my favourite which is pretty obvious. Gosh, he looked so different.

Adam sporting a clean-cut look

Next week is iTunes Top 100. Finally something current. I just don’t know most of the songs they’ve been singing it’s just frustrating. And Twitter spoils my surprise. I mean, IdolNews announced who was eliminated before I watched the show since we’re one day late viewing AI here.

I was watching Jimmy Kimmel Live and the guest was Portia, Ellen’s wife. It’s funny coz every time Portia says “my wife”, Star TV censors it like she said something rude. But come on, for that? Then Katy Perry’s song on MTV should go “I kissed a **** and I liked it”.

Kick It If You Dare

As promised, here is a pic of my Archimedean solid.

It’s really actually just like a soccer ball except it’s not round on each face. I decided to keep it simple by not decorating it (actually, I suck at decorating). But I still hope I get a good grade for it because I spent hours making it. This will be the last time I take this type of course. Crafting is just not my thing.

Oh, by the way, I love my last RM assignment score. It spells perfect. If only I can do that with my other Math courses. You know, just simply google for the solution. Just like that, no sweat. Well, sweating is what we’ve been doing lately, especially in Prof H’s class. I can’t wait for this semester to be over.

Ăncơm Đingủ [Eat Sleep]

It’s funny how our accent tends to change when we speak with a foreigner. I remember when I used to speak English with a Thai worker. My English will have this funny broken hybrid sound to it. Then there was this Vietnamese. Even worse. It was really hard to communicate with her so I brought out my weird accent to fit hers in the hopes that she would understand better in that tone.

So anyway, my mum was at this pottery place where the salesman was a China guy. I was listening to their conversation. And when I turn around to speak to my sis, I was surprised the words coming out of my mouth has a Mainland accent. See how it gets to me so quickly? It’s like after you watch a Korean drama, you feel like you can speak the language, or at least imitate it. But after a while, you forgot how it sounds like so you get back your original accent. Then, you might pick up one or two accents in the future when you meet yet another foreigner. It’s a curious case of accent osmosis.

The Anticipation

The movie Confessions of a Shopaholic is coming to theaters soon so just coz of that, I took the liberty to read the first Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic novel. And it’s good. I like how the author uses the present tense to tell her story. The character in the story is very believable too. I mean, I’m sure many are as ‘imaginative’ as her but would never admit it. I still have four books to go so I’ll just take my time reading them.

I watched Dragonball Evolution and I don’t know what the fuss is about. I mean, it’s a great movie if you just wanna watch some action and adventure film, but if you are a serious Dragonball fan, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like the movie that much. I don’t think it brings out much of that Goku character in this movie, and the choices of actors are not exactly the best, although the main character is quite charming. And my sis says he’d be a better Edward Cullen than Rob. But then again, I’m in no liberty to judge since I’ve never watched any animated Dragonball series and I’ve never been a fan. So I don’t really understand what’s going on most of the time.


It’s Wednesday today, it’s 7.30pm and I’m at the hostel. Shit, I missed American Idol. My favourite idol to win is Danny Gokey, but there’s a chance he’ll not win, what with great competitors like Adam and Lil Rounds. I’ve seen the gay pictures of Adam but I still think he’s a great performer and he’s still likable by fans. I don’t think that’s gonna make much difference. Some early exits that I predict are Jasmine, Megan, and probably Matt or Michael. Anoop is gonna be interesting to watch, although I’m pretty sure he won’t make it to the final. But again, it’s just a prediction.

Danny Gokey

I attended the opening ceremony for the Japanese L&C Week, without realizing actually. I didn’t know what time it starts so me, Fakhriah and Aden came early. There were so many people, particularly students, and it was all stuffy in there so we decided to leave early. I have to admit I didn’t see much of what’s going on because everyone’s just so tall.

Quote of the day:

[On the lecture notes] “It’s not as interesting as reading about World War II.”

Joy Killer

I said “What?!” the same time Anoop did. That was freaking unexpected! Well, I sure am glad Tatiana wasn’t chosen. Seriously.

I haven’t done much for the past few days cos I was pretty sick. When I started running a fever, I took some panadols. My dad insisted that I go see the doctor but I refused. Then in the end I gave in. I went to the new clinic and guess what the doctor gave me? More panadols -_-" I’m feeling much better now, especially after I found out that Dr. S hasn’t emailed us the test questions. It’s like the fever vanished immediately. But my holiday is so ruined already anyway so… daym


As you know, my latest assignment involves a pair of scissors, a handful of materials and a bit of patience. I actually finished my assignment last night even though the due date is next Thursday. Talk about enthusiasm – or kiasu, depending on how you look at it. But I want to get it done and watch Chuck. So here’s my method to build an Archimedean solid in case you want to try.

First, be sure to have those stuff mentioned above, especially the patience. Then, cut away the shape and sizes you want.

Stick them together with any tape. In my case, I used a double-sided adhesive tape, then I stapled them, and finally I use cellophane tape so that it’s more secure.

Repeat the tedious step until you realize that it has become a solid sphere-like thing.

FYI, the solid that I did was a truncated icosahedron. Want to see the final result? Check my blog again next week. I hope it hasn’t fall apart by then.