It's Coming

I’m referring to the exam that we need to sit by the end of each semester. Good thing is there’s only four papers. Bad news is Advanced Mathematical Methods is sandwiched between two other papers. But on the other hand we start late and finish early. But then again, that means I’m getting endless and sleepless nights.

Lunch today with Dr. Holtby and the gang.

(Photo courtesy of Fakhriah)

Idol elimination prediction: Matt Giraud or Allison Iraheta. If America is smart, they would keep Allison at least for another week. Vocally, Matt has the quality of a star. But comparing his performance with the others, he’s weak. Adam Lambert. Well, what more can I say? I think it’s kinda unfair though. Every week, Fox gives him the best lightning arrangement and effects. It’s not a contest anymore. It’s a concert when it comes to Adam.

I’m gonna miss next week’s Idol. Next week theme is Rock N Roll.

Final Class

I won’t say much about today. I’ll just let the pictures tell the words. There was the second part of the game presentation today so we played some of them. I love physical challenges so the ‘ping pong’ game is my favourite. But I also like Math Chain as well because it’s more of a strategy game and therefore it’s challenging. I would have like to beat someone at it. Too bad it’s donated to the class :(

Colorfully decorated Math game. I don’t know the name of this game but it looks fun.

This is called “Math Checkers” It involves humans as moving chips. It’s simple but of course, you still have to answer some Math questions to make a move.

Nina, Fakhriah and Aden having a go at the game

This one is called “Challenging Balls Game” (correct me if I’m wrong). You need to answer some questions to get chances to throw ping pong balls into the holes. And believe me when I say it’s hard to get a ball to go through them.

Math Chain” is created by Fakhriah and Aden. And I gotta tell you, it’s a really great game. Trust me. I like this one.

So tired by the end of the day. We went out early before the class ends. So that pretty much sums up my last day for the semester. I hope yours is as good as mine, minus the two tests in the morning.

Before I end this post, I would like to share this pic of two solids that deserve much attention. Aren’t they adorable? Kudos to whoever did these. Brilliant!

Over The Limit

I kinda lost track of the time while I’m at home. But I’m going back to the hostel tomorrow so I guess I’m switching back to school mode.

Earlier today I was caught speeding in Seria. I had to pay 50 to the officer. But technically, I wasn’t speeding. I was driving at 80km/hr. That’s not really speeding is it? But then again, there is the speed limit. Damn. What a bad luck. Well, lesson learned. I drove very slowly after that.

Over to Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, Rafael Nadal won 6-3 2-6 6-1 against Novak Djokovic. He’s a great player but when he’s playing against Djoker, I’ll always support Djoker. It’s just too bad Novak didn’t win this tournament. He came so close. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Who’s the King of Clay? Rafael Nadal. No prize for guessing.

By the way, quick update on my right bar is courtesy of Twitter. I just realize I have not credit it. Follow me at

Game Day

We had our game presentation today. I was very nervous at first but turned out I wasn’t the one doing all the explaining. Thanks Nadia. Now I feel a little guilty because I kept going away from our table. There was just so many things on my mind at that time. Now it's all good.

Nadia, the host of the game

There were some games that I really like, in particular, this:

It’s simple and yet it’s so much fun.

I’m going to watch Idol so this is all for now.

And I found my supervisor. I'm kinda glad I get that over with.

My Apology, Horn Is Correct

I played scrabble with my sis last week. It was fun but I can’t remember who won. The best part wasn’t scrabble, it was Slap Jack. Someone is so bad at this game that it’s so funny playing it. And I kept losing to Shely in all games. Be it backgammon, chess or scrabble. Shit.

We went ‘hunting’ for Cheesy Meltz just now (I wanted Twister) but every time we order it in different branches, they don’t have it. Damn. We were seriously considering driving to another outlet. Then, in the end, we just decided to order something else. But the spicy chicken was good. Lol. And I had fried chicken for lunch and dinner today. I burnt off the calories (I think) by playing tennis with Haniff and Fakhriah just now. It might be the last time I get to play before the semester ends. I’m so gonna miss it.

And I sincerely hope I get to know where I'm attached to soon.

Whiter Than Ever

I don’t know why the whiteboard at FOS is so black. I mean, look at those in SHBIE. They’re so clean. It has gotten so bad that we Math nerdherds decided to clean the board ourselves. I use my nail polish remover. Not the best cleaning agent but it’s all I’ve got. Next time I’m getting isopropyl alcohol.

We went to the class we were going to have lecture in an hour but there were some students there. We lied to them and told them we got class just to get rid of them. You see how desperate we are to clean the board. Once they’re gone, we’re down to business. I like the final result. Class was comfortable, I’d say, seeing the clear blue ink the lecturer wrote on the “white” board.

The whiteboard cleaners (Photo courtesy of Fakhriah)

I got a new roomie. He’s very excited to be here. And we’re planning a campout and he’s now learning to sing the Campfire Song Song properly.

I just bought a Rubik’s Cube. If you’ve never solved one, believe me, it’s harder than complex analysis.



Warning: Short Post Ahead

I recently started watching Ghosts Whisperer. I always thought it’s a horror series like Supernatural. I couldn’t be more wrong. I cried watching every episode. Damn it’s just so sad.

We had our weekly weird class earlier and I am really getting annoyed with the lecturer. What exactly does he want? I have to admit I wasn’t prepared when I went to the front to explain my proof. Hence the foolish look. What did I say about people who look prepared always end up struggling in the end? He actually asked me the simplest question and I couldn’t answer him. He got impatient and called the next person straight away. Sigh. I hope I still get marks for trying. Next week he wants us to bring a Rubik’s cube. We’re to solve the cube using some fancy mathematical theorem. Ok, it’s not fancy at all but I never knew how to solve a Rubik. Help.


This is totally random. Here’s how the hostel looks like in the evening from my window.

Who's That Kid?

I took out my calendar and started organizing my schedule. And as I was marking them, I realized that I will not be free until the end of the year. The long vacation won’t be a holiday for me this May. I don’t even think I’d have time to breathe after the exam. Like I always say, every closure comes with new worries. Life is a loof that runs around in a circle.

I saw this picture at the official Idol site. Wow, Adam looks so different then. Like, who is this kid? Where’s the thick eyebrow? And what’s with the color of the hair? Well, obviously his hair now is not a natural color. The only feature I recognize is the blue eyes. Go to the official Idol site here for more Idol childhood pics.

Quote of the day

[On Math] :

“If you can cope with this, you can cope with anything; except mosquitoes in Africa.” - Dr H