The semester is already coming to an end and I can't explain why time goes so fast when you least expected it to. If you follow my blog from two years back, I talked about this feeling of leaving a chapter of my life behind, closing the book or something in that line? (I can't recall the exact words) Well, it's happening all over again. Damn it, I hate change.

Perhaps I'm overreacting because in theory, I still have half a year to go. But it's not gonna be the same without lectures and seminars. Those are things that a student looks forward to (or not?) so after the exam, I'll have nothing to look forward to but my project. Not that I don't enjoy torturing myself with Java but it's nice to have a variety of subject areas to study than only focusing on one. Maybe I should find a hobby so that I can switch between options and my new hobby.

List of possible hobbies (I sound like a retired woman)
1) Disassemble my old laptop
2) Explore Leeds, like literally walk every streets if my legs allow me to
3) Record a cover of the Friday song, you have to admit it's quite catchy
4) Disassemble my guitar (jk)

So yesterday, I've got my sushi sauce, wasabi and sushi-gari. What comes next?

SUSHI, of course!

Honestly, it's not the best tasting sushi around but it beats dipping nuggets in wasabi sushi sauce. I did that once - bad idea.

Tomorrow I will have one last lab session before the Easter break. And oh no, I should be in bed by now. Why does it have to be a morning session?

One Fine Wednesday

I am tempted to talk about food now even though this post has nothing to do with it. I was just thinking about Ayamku Special. And probably because it's 4.24am now and I'm still wide awake. Who knows what triggers my cravings.

So anyways, this week has been a very good week for me, for all of us actually. Our presentation on Monday went well, the late afternoon class that day turned out to be fun because we created two 'prototypes' for a 'product' and presented our idea in front of the class, another lecturer was unusually enthusiastic for his Tuesday class, we had another presentation on Wednesday which we were all ill-prepared for but still got a prize for that, and for the whole Thursday and most of Friday, I simply procrastinated and possibly stalked people on the internet. Admit it, everyone does that. The only people who don't do that are people who don't use the internet. So the theory is: internet user = internet stalker. And I'm going off topic here.

Back to my Wednesday story. There is no story actually, just pictures. Bottom line is, we had time to we killed it.

A nice scenery

James and Philipp


Me and my cookie


Moving Mountain

When I saw this photo, I just had to steal it from Shely and share with you here. It may not seem meaningful to you but it is very much to me.

You see, this scene has had its fair share of changes. Back then, it was so peaceful I just loved standing up this hill that overlooks the sea (Not from this angle though). Now, after much disturbance from the construction project, it looks sad if not appalling. A few years from now it will be gone and what's left of it won't even be recognisable. Oh well, something is going to change somewhere someday so all we can do is reminisce and eventually move on.

Fortune cookies tell no lie - I hope

My latest fortune cookie message says:

Oh, I sure hope they will, especially after spending about 5 quids on sweet and sour chicken.

Tonight on my way home from the carnival, I decided to stop by Shawarma because I was craving for the lamb meal. My first unfavorable moment of the night was the sight of an unfamiliar guy behind the counter. I was questioning his ability to make the perfect shawarma meal that the previous guy was able to make each time. My question was answered when I got my meal. I noticed something different with my meal - parsley! You know how I always tell people I eat practically anything? Well, I was lying. If there is one thing I hate the most, it's the smell of parsley in my food. You can imagine how my meal went after that. I had to handpick each piece and put it to one corner. I was so preoccupied with this little activity that I hardly notice what was happening on the show I was supposedly watching. Before long, I had a pile of parsley at one corner of the container. Needless to say, I won't have any takeout from Shawarma for a while.


My friend and I had a map vs app game going on during the trip to Hull the other day. She got hers off a vending machine for one quid. I got mine from a well known store for a whole lot more. Unfortunately, technology can be very unreliable sometimes and at this time when we needed it the most, my app decided not to work properly. Twice we navigated wrongly with it so my friend had to rely on her map to find our way around the city. But at least we found a nice Chinese restaurant that serves buffet so the trip wasn't so bad after all.

Oh, and we did waste 10 pounds each by visiting a big aquarium that has fishes in it and all. Honestly, I found the jelly fish tank more attractive than the actual big tank.

I almost expected to see Sponge bob appearing in the tank with his net

This strange bright coral thing is where many 'Nemos' reside

The two divers also became the attraction for tourists. They waved at the crowd and somehow, I felt like they are the exhibition.

Until I find inspiration to write a better post, good day people.

Our Voice

Our society celebrated our country's national day a couple of days ago with a buffet lunch at one restaurant in the city (notice no keywords? haha)

We were randomly divided into four groups and played a good number of games that include quizzes and charades. The most memorable one for me was the challenge of composing our own patriotic song. I mean, make a song in 15 mins and it has to relate to our national day's theme? That is not one easy assignment. Our group was so focused that we skipped dessert to complete the song. I'm proud of the outcome because the lyrics are simple yet clever and grasp the concept of the love for our country and our nation.

The team in action

Unsurprisingly, we won. Well deserved guys!

Honestly, this is the first time I actually do something patriotic on the national day. I never celebrated this day before until I am away from my country. What an irony. But I'm glad I did because it's never too late to express the love for your own country and being here, I see myself as a flag barrier everywhere I go.

5 bucks if you can find me in this pic. I kid ;)

Photo credits to the society