Holiday Season

Finally, semester break! Well, after tomorrow I mean. Can’t wait! Of course, to all my muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya – in advanced. And all Maths major, don’t forget to study for the after-raya-tests! Haha. No, I’m not kidding >.<

But I won’t be having much fun this holiday T_T because I have to help my mum. It’s the time of the year, if you know what I mean. I just need good movies to go with it.

Hmm…I’d really like to watch the old classic Vampire’s Kiss. And also one of David Caruso rare movies - Kiss of Death. Oh, and I heard Desperate Housewives Season 5 is airing soon on American TV. Soon, like really soon, like maybe 28th. I can’t wait to watch it! I heard they have new actors for the Scavo kids and Bree’s son. Something like that. The very last scene of the very last episode of the last season was such a shock. So this new season better gives a good reason why that scene is what it is.

Complicated Test Paper

I had my complex test today. It’s very complex because I can’t answer most of the three questions. I got a semi-circle below the x-axis for question 2. Anyone has the same answer? I hope I get it correct. I sure don’t want to flunk it. But unfortunately for me, Maths is not over. I still have to do tables tonight for tomorrow’s enthusiastic lecturer.

“Do the koostion and bring it on Thursday. If you don’t come for this tutorial, you will fail.” That’s what he said.

So I headed to the male’s hostel for sungkai today with Mimi. This is my food. I know it’s common for the guys but it’s the first time I try this weird food. Everything’s raw, except the chicken chop and deep-fried mee on top. But of course it’s not called salad for nothing.

This is what Mimi ordered, her new regular: linguine. I still think the chicken is too salty.

The Book And The Unrelated Creature

Recently, I read ‘Angels and Demons’, one year after reading ‘The Da Vinci Code’. I know it’s kinda reversed but well, I didn’t get the chance to read this one in the first place. All I can say is I love it! Dan Brown really has a distinctive style. You know, naked body, a mystery, an investigation and a short timeline for the plot. The book reminds me of the ‘National Treasure’ trilogy, except of course in Cage’s movies, no dead body triggered an adventure.

And on a different note, can anyone tell me what kind of lizard is this? I found it just outside of my house. I thought it was a baby monitor lizard coz we have a lot of those creatures in our area.

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler. Scottish actor. Most famous for his starring roles in '300' as well as the romantic comedy 'P.S. I Love You'.

Fed-X 13th Grand Slam

I slept too early just now so now it’s only 10:15pm and I can’t sleep anymore. But I decided to write instead so here goes.

Alright, first of all, Roger Federer won the US Open on Monday. He now has 13 Grand Slams and needs just one more to tie Pete Sampras’s record of 14. Hope he goes to win more in the future and exceed Sampras.

I went to the complex yesterday with Mimi again to play volleyball and squash. Just to get things straight, I don’t know how to play volleyball and played it the wrong way and ended up getting bruises all over my lower arm. I guess I won’t be playing for a while. It's a tough game to play. It ties with tennis, at least for me.

Mimi getting ready to serve

And yes, I know it’s the fasting month but the complex is open during the day too and there were very few people around. Oh, and Mimi broke her fast at the complex. I’ve seen people gathering at the hockey stand in a group to eat when the sun goes down which I think is pretty cool. You should try eating at weird places too when you break the fast.

(Federer image source:

Dad's Birthday

We celebrated dad’s birthday on Saturday. It was just simple, food and a cake, that’s it. My sisters and I gave dad a mobile phone for his birthday. It’s the most expensive gift I’ve bought so far. But then again, I don’t want to buy stuff he’s not going to use, right?
I had to cook early because dad had to go out in the evening with my sister and brother for the students’ awards at Chung Hwa KB. And he performed a song too, that’s what I heard. So anyway, I was the one doing all the hard work at the kitchen. To keep it ‘simple’, everything was deep fried. Oh yeah, my dad got the alphabet nuggets too.. lol

Me and my parents

US Open Semifinals

Here are the semifinalists for US Open men’s single:

Rafael Nadal [1] vs. Andy Murray [6]

Novak Djokovic [3] vs. Roger Federer [2]

I really want Djokovic to win but then again, it wouldn’t hurt to see Federer claiming another win for the 5th time, or is it 6th? Err..on the Nadal vs. Murray side, I don’t really care who got in the final. Nadal has won 2 Grand Slams this year and I’m just not a big fan of Murray so whoever got in the final, I hope either of my favourites win the Grand Slam.

On the women’s side, today’s actually the semifinal matches:

Dinara Safina[6] vs. Serena Williams[4]

Elena Dementieva[5] vs. Jelena Jankovic[2]

Anna Ivanovic is as disappointing as always. She was out in the second round quite like her early defeat at Wimbledon. And I’m talking about the world no. 1 here. Sigh. It’s just too bad. My favourite to win is definitely Jankovic because she plays really well. But I think the champion is going to be Williams. I just have this feeling.

Watch the men’s singles semis live on Saturday and the final on Sunday! Please, I’m talking about tennis here in case you don’t know. Time difference is 12 hours so 11am match means 11pm local time, I think.

Time Well Spent

The first day of the fasting month I ate at the canteen as always, not that I’m fasting. I just wanted to taste good food. However, it turned out that there wasn’t any buffet during the feast. We had to order instead. What’s worse, the food Nina and I ordered suck like real bad. Her tom yam chicken soup had one piece of chicken, I repeat, one. And my butter milk chicken had barely half a bowl of chicken, maybe like 6 pieces. And that’s just the quantity. I don’t even want to describe how it tastes like. All in all, I really really hope today’s better.

I played around with Nina’s phone and we tried the self-timer. In the process, I found out that my own phone has a self-timer which I never knew. Anyway, here’s the outcome of Nina’s phone camera.