Graduation Day

Today is a very special day for many UBD graduates. Here are just a few of pictures from today's event.

I'm a Carpet Flipper

Let the pictures do the talking. That's a good excuse to be a lazy blogger once in a while :)

@ Mimi's Open House

The Chem people got a talk. Presentation by one of the lecturer? Unfortunately, Mimi and I entered late so we missed the whole thing.

But guess who I spotted?


Camels and Graduation and Everything Nice

Before I start, I just want to remind tennis enthusiasts that the Asian swing is here! PTT Thailand Open and Malaysian Open will be held from 27th September 2010 onwards. Juan Martin will be back for Thailand Open after months of absence! But obviously Nadal will take the spotlight there. In the more humble tourney, Soderling and Davydenko will lead the Malaysian Open. Watch out for surprising upsets in these both tournaments!

Alright, back to my life.

I wanted to take a picture of the cute Blossom soft toy which I got from Happy Meal in McD but something ruined this picture. Try and guess what. It's so distracting!

I had this when I was in uni a few days ago. But I can't remember what I was there for and how I got into my sister's room at the hostel. All I remember was I haven't eaten and I was so hungry. The nasi lemak was a sight for sore eyes!

Camels this year. I wonder what NBT will come up with next year.

We are graduating pretty soon so it's time to hunt for materials. I've got myself a set of brooch and pin...well that's about it. I think everything else will be borrowed. I still don't have a pair of black shoes, which reminds me I don't have black stockings as well. It's a busy time for graduates!


I didn't think I would go anywhere for raya this year but in the end I did. My first house was Fakhriah's and from there on, well I didn't keep track. Thanks guys for inviting me along!

Today, Nina and I went to Miza's open house.

The ones below are from last night. The only pics I took from last night was the one where we were waiting in the car for the others at Jerudong.

Sorry for this practically-no-words post but this is suppose to be picture only. Until next time!

Paper Hang Glider

Jobless - Science Experiment - Attempting to fly a paper hang glider

I made a paper hang glider from BUT unfortunately it didn't work. It's so frustrating to control the thing. I had to adjust the flap to an exact 20 degree angle and the wire in front has to be in the right position. After a few minutes of trying I gave up. I just couldn't get it on air and control it with a card board. Maybe I'll try again some other time when I have nothing better to do.

You can get the whole instructions and cut-outs from the said website. If anyone succeed, you gotta show me how you did it!

Good Stuff

Before I begin my journey on this post, I would like to greet all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. I hope you guys have a wonderful first day and of course do enjoy the rest of raya as well!

Now back to my journey.

So on my dad birthday, we had a nice Italian tiramisu cake from Mum's Bakery thanks to a certain ko ko :P All these while I've been having cheese cakes and this is an absolutely satisfying transition.

The graduation is near! My friend and I went to take our robes on a Wednesday. I met up with some other friends as well. It's so good to see them again.

The classic cam-whoring in the toilet.

We dropped by Times Square as well. One thing I learnt, do not drive here because parking is impossible to find! Well, use a bicycle or walk or ask someone to drop you here. Luckily for us, we arrived there early so after a few turns we found a good spot. The late comers weren't so lucky though.

I kind of like this Super Save better than the Miri one. I guess it's because it's new.

Below should be the only reason you come to Times Square for now cos most of the shops aren't even completed yet.

Reason why I should watch US Open semifinal tonight:


Everybody knows Federer will sail through and meet Nadal in the final but being a Djokovic fan, I can't help having this glint of hope that Djoko might actually win this one.
This Slam is gonna make history once agian!

Federer Does It Again

Have you guys seen Roger Federer's tweener the other day?!

Don't know what a tweener is?

It's a trick shot in tennis where you hit the ball between you legs with your back facing the court. It's a really cool trick and not many players can pull it off. Well, except Federer of course.

Roger Federer at the US Open [Image source:]

Federer's famed tweener

Check out the video here:

"One Step at a Time" is organising a contest for disabled children to "make a short video that changes the way the world views childhood disability". Please view the video below by one of the contestants, Chau Lui, and kindly vote for him.

For more information on how to vote, visit Vance Tan's website.

Voting ends September 15, 2010.