The Spirit of CNY

Chinese New Year this year has been great so far. The one thing my friend pointed out about our new year is that you can be at home and still get ang paos when guests visit. It's very much different from Raya, where you need to visit houses to get any. I don't really know why we do it differently but I guess that's just the way our culture is. 

The saddest part is when we take advantage of ang paos and get it just for the sake of money. It has sadly become a burden to give and an expectation to receive, and this is where we lose the true meaning of the celebration. 

But in the spirit of CNY, do appreciate the gifts you are given and not take it for granted. Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year Eve

Today is the last day of the rabbit year as we come together to celebrate and welcome the year of the dragon. In this auspicious day, very much like any cultural tradition, we usually have dinner with our family. And much like the Dongzhi festival last year, the food was catered. Later on, we're gonna have a little firework to mark the new year so I'm just killing time waiting for the countdown!

Our family dinner this evening.

We want to wish you Happy Chinese New Year, have a nice weekend and enjoy this wondrous new year!

Days leading to CNY

I used to play the guitar EVERY SINGLE DAY especially when I was staying at the hostel in UBD. In the UK, I played less. However, lately I've been playing considerably less. And when I do play, I realized I've forgotten many of the lyrics and chords. The learning curve is endless when it comes to musical instruments. Therefore, I want to make it a mission to play the guitar at least three times a week for the next quarter of the year. Luckily for me, I enjoy playing the guitar very much so I'm actually looking forward to playing it.


Yet another sushi night, this time with le family. People who loves sushi like us will know their favourites from the top of their head so that when the waitress come, they just shout the orders without a glance at the menu. I mean, where's the fun in scrolling across the menu and pointing at a dish and say, "I want this" *glance nervously at the waitress* But nowadays, I'm hearing people say they are getting tired of eating sushi. It used to be a delicacy, now its merely a kopitiam that you go for lunch. True story.

Of course I have to mention about durian. It's because everyone is talking about this. You see it everywhere because it is THAT season. And what makes it more special is the fact that durian season clashes with Chinese New Year. All the more reason to celebrate? Anyone serving durian for CNY this year?


I finally met Izzy and Judin the other day at Times Square where we had lunch and a little karaoke session. That one year living with them was good fun. What I miss the most is probably the TV commercial guessing games that these two play, and not to mention the singing, recording, dancing and strutting that...wait, what? And of course not forgetting the adventurous part as well: that concert at O2, Alton Towers, Venice, Ebom, collapsed ceiling, evacuated from our home due to the substation fire, and I miss shawarma so much! I also realised that Izzy never signed me up for How to Look Good Naked. Hmmm.

Half a Spenceley


It's always comforting to use a new-ish karaoke room, especially the mics. 
Otherwise, I'll probably be a kiasu and bring my own mic!

Shely came with me too.

I think we did pretty well on the k box. If there were scores, we would probably get 101% each. LOL. Hopefully next time we'll get together with the rest of the gang. Spenceley reunite is definitely in my agenda.

Another Toy House

Today I don't feel like writing much so I will let do with a stack of photos taken sometime last December when my brother got himself a LEGO set. He wanted to build a better-looking house than the one we did previously, which I wrote about here. This LEGO version took my brother quite a while to build because he was busy taking stop motion photos at the same time. Too much Mystery Guitar Man!

A disassembled head in a mass of puzzle pieces.

Putting together the main door.

And the result...

It's quite impressive, I must say. It makes me want to go all Godzilla on it! Next time, I want to build an island.




How was your New Year celebration? Mine was actually quite uneventful although we did countdown to new year while watching various fireworks went off at midnight around the neighbourhood from our balcony. Free view so can't complain. 2011 was a great year. Lots of good stuff came my way so I hope that will carry on this year. And hopefully, it comes sooner than later. Waiting is not a fun game because it can be exhilarating. I just hope the phrase "good things come to those who wait" is true and not merely a form of excuse to procrastinate.

On a lighter note, I love our cats so much so here I'm gonna share with you some lovely pictures of Wikkie and Twinkle.

We like giving Twinkle a ride in the toy wheelbarrow, which he absolutely enjoys.

He likes to snuggle too!

Wikkie and Twinkle bromanc-ing. Adorable!