Clean Desk No More

I noticed I have a habit of taking out everything from my files when I revise. And by the end of the day, I get everything mixed up. And then I'd file everything back in place. And this cycle goes on and on again. Now it's at a phase where papers fly out of the window when I attempt to open it. No worries. It'll all clear out after the exam. And I meant clear as in really spotless clear coz I'll be moving out by then.
I'll miss the monkeys the most. Everytime I see a monkey outside my window, I can't resist opening my window and calling out to it, and then eating in front of it on purpose just to make it jealous..Lol..failed attempt though. It usually just stare curiously for a while and then go about its own business. Such an arrogant creature!

Summer Movies

Tuesday April 29, 2008

I went to watch Forbidden Kingdom at the Mall last night with dad, Shely and bro Stephen. This movie was at the top of my must-watch summer movie list. The reason is pretty obvious: I’ve been a fan of Jackie Chan and Jet Li all my life. I was so excited when I heard about it (only during the premiere) and I finally got the chance to watch it. Don’t wanna write any spoiler here but well, the fight scenes were great! But the language part…hmm… I thought they would speak Mandarin. Turned out the movie is in English so, for the first time in Chinese tales, Monkey King speaks English, and a lot of other Gods, monks, etc all converse in English with funny accents. And I thought I heard "Bitch!" -_-"

Well, now I’ve still got a long list of movies to watch. I’m just gonna erase the top and replace it with *check the list* …… Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I’m a big fan of Indiana Jones. I’ve watched the earlier movies countless times. It just never bore me. This is gonna be even better with Shia LaBeouf! I watched the trailer for this new flick. I thought Harrison Ford was as old as Clint Eastwood! Lol…Was surprised to see that he still does stunts. He’s a great actor. Anyway, I found this pic in my laptop and it’s been there for a while so I have no source.

Harrison Ford

Weekend plans

If you are in PP debt, you really shouldn't be reading this now. Get back to your work! Lol same to me =P

I sat in front of my desk for hours everyday sometimes really doing my report, sometimes contemplating, and other times procrastinating. But the whole thing would pay off by the end right? Amazingly, after much trials and errors, I managed to get my game running on my phone with no problemo. The arrow keys work, the number keys work, and I modified the layout for more flexibility when run on different phones. My future task, testing it on other phone models. But now it's the report that's bothering me! Testing....hmmm....I don't even know if my report is written the way it should be written.

There are a few obstacles that is taking away my time tho:
Friday - cleaning campaign (I'll just pretend to clean)
Saturday morning - Maths test
Saturday afternoon - motivation talk (u gotta be kidding me)

Going back Saturday and will definitely jam and laze around.


I wonder how the others are doing… I’m currently writing this tedious report and had been doing so for days. My least favourite section: implementations. This is so not fun. I don’t know how to explain the implementations. My project is about developing a mobile game. Anyone wants the game? Haha... actually it still doesn’t work on my phone, I have no idea why. It works on the emulator though. Getting it to work on real devices is not as easy as I thought. I just need to figure it out before this Saturday. That’s the last submission date!

I’m now at a phase where I beat my own high scores at various games I can find on my computer. I always do that when exam is near. Normally, I wouldn’t even bother to play the games in my PC. It’s my way to beat stress I guess, a way to take my mind of exam. But it’s SO near I can feel it….I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. Yea, whatever. I’m out.

Dream vs real thing

Shely, you posted about your dream where the kittens died. It reminds me. I dreamt of the same thing a few days ago. In my dream, the dogs tried to eat them. I know it’s cruel but hey, I didn’t have the remote control to stop it. Someone let the dogs loose and they went chasing after the kittens. I was struggling to save each one of them. By struggling, I mean lying on the ground crawling towards the hopeless creatures and screaming at the top of my lungs. How much tiring can a dream get? It was such a nightmare watching the dogs edged on the poor kittens! It’s like the monitor lizard once again. Now this one is not a dream. How I wish it was. We had a kitten once and one day I opened the kitchen door to find a huge lizard at the edge of the stairs biting something in its mouth. It took me a moment to realize it’s got our kitten. I screamed and the lizard got scared and scurried off, taking its souvenir with it. I was stupid I know. I should’ve saved the kitten. But then amazingly, the little thing came limping back with one twisted eye. I guess I must’ve scared the lizard so much that it let go of the kitten. I guess it’s true they say cats have nine lives huh?

Ok, enough of that. Now on the bright side, I made a sketch the other day and here it is. Guess who? I know it’s a piece of crap but then sketching is tiring and time-consuming, time that may be well spent doing productive work. Well, this is what I do when I’m supposed to do something but did nothing instead so end up doing something else. Ok, I don’t even know what I’m saying. Join the club.


I just got my timetable and I gotta say, this has to be the neatest timetable I’ve ever got. One paper each day from Monday to Monday the next week. It’s almost as if they are marching in line. And so I’m done by May 12th. Whew. I guess it’s not so bad, considering the fact that the last day of exam is actually 17th. I get the few extra days of holiday as a bonus. Who wouldn’t want that?

What’s the worst thing to do when the exam is near? Counting down to the holidays. That’s all I’ve been thinking about. I’m like 40 more days, 39 more days…Damn I should be gearing up for the exam. I’ve made a list of to-dos for the holiday way earlier than making a list of my study schedule. Come to think of it, I haven’t even think about study schedule until now. Alright, I’m thinking…

While I’m at it, just wanna say I’ve been playing this song called Stranger by Soler and really love it! It’s coz my hostel neighbor Mandy wanted me to find chords for that song coz she like it so much. I’ve never even heard of it before that. Now, it’s in my head all the time. We were at the common room singing for hours to that song and oww…my fingers got really numb.

“sui ran shang kou yue lai yue tong, gan jue hu xi yue lai yue chong
Bu hui zai ting zhe yi zhi zuo meng, ku ye mei yong, ren zhe shang tong yea”

Stranger(Mo shen ren) is a Chinese song by the way and Soler sings mainly Cantonese and Mandarin songs and they are twin brothers. They really remind me of the group Dong Li Huo Che. Many similarities there.

I'm 60

I’m officially a Math geek. This is my jersey. That’s number 60. It came from my email. It has no particular meaning. 60 always remind me of an old age. I can’t think of any other numbers to tell you the truth. Yup, we get to pick our own numbers. By ‘we’, I mean the CS and Math group. Almost all of us have a piece and no, it’s not free. I don’t really understand the percentage part. But whatever. It’s math. Good enough for me. My personal math motto is “DO Math or DIE.” Hopefully, it will motivate me to do well in the upcoming exam which I barely started revising.

To a special friend:

Hey Mijah!! It’s ya birthday! Happy Birthday if you are reading. I’m sending a gift to you. You’ll receive it tomorrow I guess. It’s not with me right now!! Anyway, wish ya all the best and be the gurl you’ll always be. Don’t abandon your humour coz I just love it!

To readers landing on my page, I may not be updating anytime soon because the storm’s coming. It’s a war and I have to gear up. I’ll get back to you hopefully in one piece by mid May, that’s when the war ends. Of course I might add a bit of this and that in between war break. Thanks for visiting my page =)

*war = exam

Clean Desk

I just cleaned my room. Exam is coming so have to get rid of the clutters to make way for more. It's gonna be a new pile of exam clutters. And I'm gonna be buried in it =P

clean and clear...and dust free

Five Wonders of My World

Ever wonder about life or people? Well, here are the five stuff I wonder all the time...

Number One: Life in the past, what's it like and how do people get by

Number Two: Life in the future, what's it gonna be like

(u can say i'm not satisfied living in the present)

Number Three: Unsolved mysteries of infamous criminals, jack the ripper, escaped prisoners from alcatraz, so on and on

Number Four: Why is everybody special and yet nobody's perfect?

Number Five: When are we gonna be satisfied with our life? We always want more when we already have more than enough.


I woke up suddenly expecting a knock on my door. There was none. I squinted at my watch: 10:00am. Yup, it’s a good time to wake up. I thought it was cleaning campaign day but actually that was last week. I can’t stop thinking about it after I accidentally skipped it. Well, it wasn’t really accidental. I actually forgot completely about it until three days later. It just suddenly hit me. “Wait a minute! I thought we’re having this cleaning campaign some time soon?” I searched for a notice but failed to find one. That’s when it struck me, I missed it. I asked my neighbor and apparently, someone did knock on my door. I heard but I ignore it because I was too sleepy to move. Now the regret lingers on me. Regret that I can easily get through this but I didn’t. I more or less slept through it. I’m not a cleaning campaign enthusiast, let me get that straight. I just want more ticks on my passport activity. Occasionally I still think about it like this morning when I wake up. I think it’ll be sometime before I get over it. Come to think of it, it’s just some stupid event that nobody cares about. Why am I whining? Go figure!

Fear is a Luxury

- tagline for Supernatural

It’s a Wednesday and I skipped all my classes today because firstly, I went to see my supervisor and secondly, I’ve got a bad stomachache, one that’s been bugging me since my sleep early in the morning. So, I went back to the hostel. It was pretty quiet.

I managed to finish watching Supernatural Season 1 after a couple of hours. So, there are the two hunky brothers Dean and Sam Winchester from Supernatural. I’d say most girls go for Jensen Ackles, guy who plays Dean a.k.a. the older brother. He’s so HOT!! But I think sometimes it’s funny when he’s standing with Jared (younger brother Sam) because Jared is like a few inches taller than him. And Jensen is suppose to be the big brother here X) Still, his good looks cover the fact that he’s not as tall as Jared Padalecki. I did a sketch of Jensen and here it is ^^

“Hunting…it’s our family business”

The Tough Camera

I ran into my good old friend Mijah at the hostel last Saturday. She showed me her new camera – Olympus Stylus 850 SW! Wow!! In case you don’t know, it’s the camera you always see in commercial, the one that went inside the pool? Yup, it’s shockproof, waterproof and even freezeproof. I wonder if it is fireproof *lol* She got it from KL, I don’t know if it is sold here but it’s quite cheap if you buy it at KL, cost over RM900. Anyway, here’s a pic of her camera.

Pretty cool huh
I finally get to go to Giant. I actually went shopping for bathroom accessories: toothpaste, washing powder, shampoo, boring stuff. I was wearing heels so after one round, my feet really hurt so my advice, if you ever wanna shop at Giant, wear sneakers or flip flops coz the place is HUGE!
Giant superstore