Moving In Soon

It’s a busy week for me as I’m moving in once again. This is the fifth time I’m moving and damn it’s tiring. I’m getting the key soon and that’s when I’ll know which room I’ll be in. Hope it’s not the second floor. I’ve started packing of course. Clothes and stuff. I don’t usually bring much. No cabinet, fridge or whatever big people like to carry to the hostel. What a waste of energy. We have to move out after four months anyway.

By the way, found this picture hiding in my folder.

Playing Kid

When I was a kid, I used to play all kinds of games, including make-believes, you know, like acting. We would play storekeeper-customer, doctor-patient, and other kinds of scenarios. It’s really fun because we learn body language and communication skills. Now that I’m no longer a kid, I would reminisce those days when I can act freely without feeling ashamed. But since I have a brother who’s in the growing phase, I’d accompany him in certain games, the ones I don’t look stupid in, say water balloon fight and modeling materials.

That’s what I’ve done recently. Making miniature models are harder than I thought but I managed to make one mini model of Patrick Star. It’s the size of a ping pong ball. It's a bit distorted though -_-"


Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker is excellent! I mean, comparing to Jack Nicholson back in 1989. Remember the old Joker with the wide evil grin? That was really scary. But then again, Jack is known for his wide smile, that’s why he’s excellent in the old classic movie Werewolf. I remember watching the old batman trilogy by Tim Burton. They were good but I don’t really like the one with the penguin. I hate the penguin actually. My favourite Batman then was George Clooney and now it’s of course Christian Bale. Anyway, here’s the difference between the new and old Joker.

What do you think?

21st Birthday

I celebrated my birthday yesterday, just a small gathering really. It was a great day of course, what with lots of angpows and gifts. I’d like to thank you for your greetings (you know who you are).

Thanks Mijah for inviting me to LLRC the other day as well as coming all the way to my house to hand me a birthday gift. I like your hint: “I hope it fits”. You’re definitely gonna see me around in it!

Thanks also to Syamimi for LLRC too the next day, especially the jog =) Half a court, remember that. He knew we were suffocating.

I got a birthday cake mixed-fruit flavor ordered by mum and she made a mistake when ordering the cake. It’s really funny. My sister’s name was on my cake instead of my name. My dad had to go back to the bakery to change the name. Fortunately, we only had to change the last part of the name. You can read about it at Shely’s blog.

The “Y” looks big coz it was “F” before the modification
When dad got back, he got me this (pic below) and told me it’s a water gun.
Don’t judge a gift by its wrappings
At first, I really thought it was for real. It does look like it has toys in it, doesn’t it? Well, guess what it is? A tennis racquet! Wow, I really didn’t expect that. I’ve never played tennis before and I really have no idea how to play tennis.

It’s Empty

I went to KB town a few days ago, and then to Tutong town. You know what I noticed? They’re like ghost towns. Maybe I didn’t pick the rush hours time but still, in a row of shops in KB, I was pretty much the only one walking along them. In fact, there were plenty of parking spaces. I actually felt odd just walking around. There may be another explanation – not pay day week. Or maybe they just prefer big supermarkets rather than small stores that sell just a bit of this and that. Well, small towns in Brunei are always dubbed ghost towns anyway so there’s no surprise there. Business is unfortunately going down the drain with lack of shoppers roaming around. It’s just been very quiet at the moment.

Earlier today, my sis and I made this banana ice-cream using fresh bananas. All I can say is it was a failure. I don’t know what makes it taste so bad (actually it did taste like banana - it's just taste funny). Maybe the milk has gone bad. We dumped it. Maybe I’ll try to make strawberry ice-cream next time.

Stay Put

My laptop power went dead twice today – first time from power failure in my house and then the battery died. I don’t know why lately we have many power failures at our house. It affects the neighborhood as well and it sucks especially while we’re watching TV. One second we were getting indulged by the tube, next thing we know, we were lighting candles in the living room. So now I don’t know whether it’s safe to run my laptop with cable or battery. Getting really sick of it now.

I caught an amphibian sneaking around outside Sharon’s room, who knows, maybe trying to peek in. It has an extremely long tail. I’m not good with animals but I think it’s a chameleon. Correct me if I’m wrong. I really wanted to get a good picture but I’m scared of lizard-like animals so this is the closest I dare get. It fled when I hit the flash button anyway so I can’t really get anything better than this.

Anything Goes

I don’t know what to call this but here’s something funny that happened yesterday.

I went to this restaurant with dad and Shely. We sat at one of the cozy place near the bar table. No waitress came so I got up to get the menu on the counter myself. Well, a waiter saw me getting the menu so he came around our table with his pen and the small receipt book that he carries around and waited for us to place orders. By the way, he’s a Malay waiter, and for the record, he’s cute =P

I said to the waiter, “One fish & chips”. He scribbled it down. “Fried mee in tomato sauce”, said my sister. “And I want a peach float”. My dad ordered Teh-C, his usual, and then dad turned to me and asked, “What do you wanna drink?”

I looked around over the waiter to the big menu above the counter.

“Err, shui bian [trans: anything]”.

Then I saw the waiter scribbling down something which puzzled me. After we’re done, he tore out the receipt and placed it on our table. I took it and saw that he’s written “soya bean” which none of us ordered.

Yeah, he heard my “shui bian” as “soya bean”. Lol... How could he have heard wrong? Those words don’t even rhyme. We had a good laugh about it. I took the order cause I don’t really mind an extra drink. Besides, it’s only a dollar. If he wrote down something like blackforest shake, then I’ll be pissed!

Bad Condition

I played badminton the other day at home, without a net and marks on the floor of course. It’ll be great if I have a badminton court at home. My point is, when I played, one of the racquet’s strings broke. And the handgrip slipped away from the handle. Furthermore, as I was about to hit the shuttlecock, my racquet hit the ground so hard it left some scars upon the racquet’s frame. I know it sounds like racquet abuse, but believe me, I didn’t do it on purpose. Damn, my racquet is in a really bad condition now. Well, at least it’s a little better than the fate of my shuttlecocks. They constantly fall into the muddy drain or fly to the roof. If the drain is met, you can be sure my next serve is a wet one. Hitting the wet shuttlecock is like pointing a shower hose at the opponent. And the drain at the back of my house is pretty big but still sometimes the shuttlecocks land on the other side of the drain. Lol…you can imagine how bad I am at badminton.

The shortest game I’ve ever played at home is less than a minute. It’s a game with my 10-year old bro. He was going to serve first. We were both in position. He hits the shuttlecock.

Off it flew high into the air…

Then it landed on the roof. Shortest game ever. My racquet never even gets the chance to touch the shuttlecock. That was our last shuttlecock. We had no spare then. I was definitely disappointed. I scowled all the way back into the house.