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A Bestseller Book

What's up? These days I've been catching up with lost times so I've been watching lots of series and reading some books. And spending my time online checking my Facebook at least 20 times a day (c'mon everyone does that!) And of course I've been following French Open as well. And I haven't bought a fish and I haven't made pancakes. So I'm procrastinating as well. I don't know, I feel like life only goes on after my result's out. My excuse to everyone who asked me what am I doing now is, "I'm waiting for my results". But what happen after that? What kind of excuse should I come up with? "I'm auditioning for P2F?" haha

Anyway, I'm currently reading this book by one of my favorite author Ian Rankin. I just started but it should be good. Got it from Booker. Naturally, this is a detective novel.

French Open

I hope to see Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the final. But I don't mind if Novak Djokovic makes it to the final also because he hasn't been in the final since Australian Open two years ago. But unfortunately, I don't see that happening now since he's not in his top form due to a pollen allergy he had recently.

Early upsets in the tournament include Ernests Gulbis, Gael Monfils, Fernando Gonzalez and Sam Querrey. Players who are still in the draw include the top 3 players, John Isner, Fernando Verdasco, Lleyton Hewitt, Andy Roddick, Robin Soderling, Andy Murray, Jo Wilfried Tsonga and some others.

My god, I got all these from the top of my head. I need to get a life!

Candles on a Cake

What does it mean to have candles on a cake for your birthday? Well, you can either see it with optimism or the other way round. To add a candle a year, it really means you've aged a year and you're getting older. There's nothing good about that, is there? But if you are optimistic, you can see it as being one year wiser. It could mean that you become more mature, you have more experiences, you gained more skills and you are more confident. With these points in mind, it's no wonder young people look forward to their birthdays while older ones dread theirs. It is just the way it is.

Last week, we celebrated Shely's birthday at home with simple home cooked meal and a cake. We sang a slow melodic birthday song for her which she thought was creepy. Haha. But I think it's fun. I'm sorry Shely for putting this message on your cake. It's like a slap in your face. Don't worry, you are still young. You'll always be younger than me anyway!

Two days later, we celebrated my mother's birthday but since we were in KK, we celebrated in the hotel. This butter cake was bought in the cake shop on the ground floor of the hotel. My grandma and aunt were with us so we had a small gathering in the hotel room. It was simple but being together calls for a better reason to celebrate.

BBQ Party

As promised, here is the post about the party we had on May 15 2010. It was supposed to be a party for Maths and Computer Science people but the idea fell through so in the end it became just a party. Period. The party do I put it? A bit disappointing but fun at the same time. Disappointing because we didn't get to play the games and I guess you can blame me for that. I learned on that day that I am not a good host at all. I'm sorry for that. My excuse is it rained! And when you think about it, who would actually want to play the games? There are not many kids and realistically, it just won't happen. Such a shame.

But besides that, everything went well. The food, the BBQ, the location, and most of all, the people who came. I just want to thank everyone who contributed to the party: Nina, Fakhriah, Aden, Shy Ni, Jia Liang, Chun Ping, Haniff, Fadhli, Chee Keong, Foo, Bernard, Kevin, my supervisor and all the people who attended. It was great to see everyone there. I'm gonna miss you all.

Without further ado, here are some pictures which I already uploaded to Facebook last week.

The barbeque man at work (Thanks Fadhli and Haniff for helping with the grill)

These tasty finger foods was part of the main course

We managed to surprise Nina all thanks to Fadhli, Shy Ni and Jia Liang

L-R: Nina, Aden, Fakhriah, me and Shy Ni

Dr Saiful conversing with Prof Didenko and his wife

The CS guys: Foo, Chee Keong and Bernard

In the middle of the party, Dr Anderson gave a speech as a farewell for Dr Holtby and presented him with a gift.

Despite the rain, the party ran smoothly and because we did not play the games, all the gifts were given to the guests as an appreciation for their attendance.

My Short Vacation

I've been away for a few days this week for a trip to KK. I have to admit it's my first trip ever there as I'm not a person to travel all the time. So naturally, I can't resist snapping photos of everything I came across while I was there. It was a worthwhile trip, especially after my six-papers exam and the party. Speaking of which, I think I'll elaborate more on the party next time. Anyway, I'll go chronologically in this post. I've got tons of pics but I'm selecting only these for your viewing pleasure. You'll get bored anyway if I post too many!

The view of KK from Tang Dynasty Hotel

The first dinner we had was at Heng Long Restaurant

This is the famous Shanghai pao with soup in them and obviously I've forgotten the name

We stopped by the Chinese Temple on our way to 1Borneo

Guan Ying statue in front of the temple

The iconic roundabout near the pasar area

One of the many roadsigns spotted at KK junctions

KK market area

And here I saw a pair of seahorses selling at RM 65! It's apparently used in making soup. But I don't know what's their significance!

Outside 1Borneo

At 1Borneo, I had to drop by M.A.C store to purchase something for Shely...

We had sushi in the middle of our shopping spree.

My mum asked me to climb in to take a pic! You can actually see her in this pic too. Lol

Okay, there's actually so much more than this but I'm yawning already here. So I'll just stop here. Overall, it was a great trip for me cos I did lots of shopping and got a lot of stuff that I can't normally get here. I should have warned you that this post is mostly just photos. But that's all for now.

The Cleaning Affair

If you fear insects and wasps, this post is not for you.

Here’s Jimmy. Who, you say? This ‘beast’ here invades my room one rainy night while I was studying Waves (It is not a wasp, scroll down for wasp) This sneaky little thing entered my room uninvited and landed on every possible things in my room; my papers, my desk, my books and even crawled under the cooling pad. He was pretty annoying to say the least and kept landing on the paper I was writing on. I was afraid to sleep at night for fear that Jimmy might land on my face or I might swallow it by accident (very unlikely, though) Well, it was gone the next day. Dead I presume cause insects don’t live that long now do they?

On a different incident, there was a wasp in my room a couple of weeks ago. It’s always there early in the morning and at night. At other times, it cannot be found. But at those times, you can never miss it. And I tell you why. It was building its home behind the lower cabinet in my room. I don’t know why it picked that location. Maybe because it’s dark and I haven’t open that cabinet in ages because I don’t use it (I just leave my travel bag in it)

So anyway, I was cleaning my room after my exam. When I opened the cabinet for the first time in months, I finally saw the nest close up. I was pretty sure the wasp was not around anymore because it looked abandoned. So using the edge of my broom, I gave it a strike. It was surprisingly firm and didn’t come off. So I hit it harder and after a few attempts, it finally gave away. Everything that happened after that was just nasty. Dead wasps fell out and rock hard sand hit the floor causing a mess. There were dead eggs as well, still attached to the remains of the nest. My god, it was really a nasty affair but you gotta do what you gotta do. Do you know what the worst part of the cleaning is? Staring at the nest! I can’t help it. There were about eleven holes and you just have this tingling sensation with goose bumps all over and just want to scratch them out. Don’t believe me? Here are pictures of the nest.

Getting goose bumps already?

Came Engraved

The day before I entered the university, I was given this pen with my name engraved on it by my colleagues. It was a farewell gift from them and they had their best interest in me. Fast forward four years, I sat in the examination hall scribbling away with the same pen on my very last answer booklet. Thank god there is still ink left in it (because I’ve emptied out 7 pens in the last two weeks!) If you are expecting another long story then you’re not on the same page as I. I just want to say that this pen has been with me for four years and it survived. And so did I!


My plan after the exam. Last paper is on Wednesday.

Who wouldn’t want to have days free of work, school, meetings and the likes? To some, it is paradise. To others, it simply means days of extra naps. But I have learned that human is not as simple as that. We’re never really satisfied even if we claim we are. It is no doubt a fact that when one is working, he misses his days being a student, and when one is studying, he just wants to work. But of course this is not always true for all. I have but a few nerd friends who love studying and can’t get enough of it. God bless them for having the brain. That is why professions like researchers exist to feed these hungry people with infinite knowledge.

All I know is I am not these people. I would like to stop studying at one point in my life and pursue my career. Of course, I am contradicting myself here because once I settle myself on a certain profession, the first thing I’ll be doing is study. So we’re back to square one. The moral of the story is the day we stop studying is the day we give up one our work and find no pleasure in it. So whatever you are doing, do it with joy and give yourself some challenges. You might find you’d actually enjoy what you’re doing.

I bought this 3 in 1 coffee at Giant because it is cheap and I just wanted to try this brand. And I regretted it the instant I pour hot water over it in my cup. I don’t even have to describe the horror of it because you can pretty much tell just by looking at it. It smells like burnt coffee to me, even though I don’t know how burnt coffee smells like but I’m pretty sure that I just found out. First of all, there is residue that settles at the bottom, and then the color changes from grayish brown to this muddy dark brown. People, stick to your usual brand the next time you go out to buy a 3 in 1 pack, okay? Lesson learned the hard way. FYI, I’m still drinking it because it’s such a waste. Eek.

Deja Vu

I don’t know if this is common or not but I have never had a déjà vu experience before. I’ve heard of people around me experiencing it all the time and I thought, “What exactly is this feeling?” They have described déjà vu to me, which is a feeling that you have experienced a situation before even though you haven’t. Déjà vu is French literally translated as “already seen”. I have read articles on this phenomenon and trust me, I have pried my brain to remember myself in any situation that qualifies as a déjà vu experience. I have found none. The closest situation I could find is when I have this uncanny feeling that I have seen a certain place before, but it was in my dream. So that disqualifies it. And because I’ve not had one, I am very curious about this feeling. Is it a good feeling? Is it bad? Do you like having a déjà vu experience? How often do you have it? I already feel less human thinking about it!

Well, on a brighter note, I will have my stress free days in a week time. But I hope not for long. This is one of those holiday breaks that can take weeks, months or even years. My friend and I have agreed that seeing ourselves in a few months time is like seeing through a blind man’s eyes. Or for my case, seeing without my glasses (I’m that short sighted – literally, of course). In any case that I land myself a job by the next two weeks, I’ll buy everyone a round of nonalcoholic drinks. And if I’m jobless, I’ll haunt you with lame twits and blog entries and fill up your Facebook page with Farmville updates.

Okay, I actually despise all games with names ending with “ville”, especially from the Facebook franchise.