Deja Vu


I don’t know if this is common or not but I have never had a déjà vu experience before. I’ve heard of people around me experiencing it all the time and I thought, “What exactly is this feeling?” They have described déjà vu to me, which is a feeling that you have experienced a situation before even though you haven’t. Déjà vu is French literally translated as “already seen”. I have read articles on this phenomenon and trust me, I have pried my brain to remember myself in any situation that qualifies as a déjà vu experience. I have found none. The closest situation I could find is when I have this uncanny feeling that I have seen a certain place before, but it was in my dream. So that disqualifies it. And because I’ve not had one, I am very curious about this feeling. Is it a good feeling? Is it bad? Do you like having a déjà vu experience? How often do you have it? I already feel less human thinking about it!

Well, on a brighter note, I will have my stress free days in a week time. But I hope not for long. This is one of those holiday breaks that can take weeks, months or even years. My friend and I have agreed that seeing ourselves in a few months time is like seeing through a blind man’s eyes. Or for my case, seeing without my glasses (I’m that short sighted – literally, of course). In any case that I land myself a job by the next two weeks, I’ll buy everyone a round of nonalcoholic drinks. And if I’m jobless, I’ll haunt you with lame twits and blog entries and fill up your Facebook page with Farmville updates.

Okay, I actually despise all games with names ending with “ville”, especially from the Facebook franchise.