Happy New Year

Last Post for 2009?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. And also, Happy New Year 2010! That's a bit early but I don't know when I will next update this blog so better be safe. Wherever you are, whether you are celebrating Christmas or not, I hope you enjoy your day as I do mine. And we're counting down to a new year. Yeah!

The exam result is coming out soon. Honestly, I haven't given any thought about it until my friend reminded me. But am I concern? Actually, I'm more concern about what's in store for me in my final semester next year. It's gonna be like hell!

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about New Year's resolution. Recycle last year's perhaps? But that way it doesn't feel fresh at all. I'll think about it when I have the time. Right now, I got a couple of things to do before 2010 arrive.


My family and I went shopping in Miri near the festive season and might I add the festivity is definitely more defined there than here in Brunei. Happy Christmas everyone and if you are having your holiday as well, enjoy the rest of 2009!


I just love the song No Me Doy Por Vencido by Luis Fonsi. Along with some other songs. I have no idea what the lyrics mean but the music is good. Apparently, the title translates to "I Don't Surrender". Good stuff ;)

Anyway, I'm watching the True Blood S2 now. That MaryAnn character is such a confusion for me. Like what the hell is she? But I haven't get to the end so I'm going to find out soon!

Sharon and I wanted to watch Princess and the Frog at the Mall the other day but there were two rows of seating left in front which is too close to the screen so we decided not to watch in the end. Sigh. I do love Disney's animated films about classic princess tales. Those tales are what most kids grew up listening and watching so it brings a kind of magical vibe to us even now. So I'm looking forward to watching it sometime hopefully when I get the chance.

Christmas is around the corner. How I wish I'm not home for Christmas. Haha. Cause that's where I've been for weeks. The worst part is my project is left untouch. My supervisor must be wondering why I haven't contacted her yet. I don't know what to do.

But let's not kill the Christmas spirit now. Wish everyone who's celebrating a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday.

Bubble Wrap Mania

I remember how I used to play with the bubble wraps that come in packaging boxes. Well, if you think you're an addict, a cheaper way to satisfy yourself is to play virtual bubble wrap. Of course, it is mindless and useless. But believe it or not, it actually relieve stress and is a good therapy. Go on, pop some bubbles!

*Click on image to play
Virtual Bubblewrap

And if you are looking for mini games to play online, there are several good sites and I recommend friv.com and agame.com

Secret Formula

How’s the holiday so far? Mine is kind of blurry with hints of Ugly Betty, shopping and a badminton session. That’s about it. Other than that, I can’t even remember what day it is on a particular day. But I’m trying to keep tab of what I’ve been up to. In general, not much I guess. And I’ve only just been told that there is a Spanish version of Ugly Betty that was shown on TV a long time ago. I don’t remember watching that though. But I do remember The Nanny, The X Files, Are You Afraid of the Dark and Back to the Future. That sort. Oh, and of course good ol’ Full House. But anyway, the Ugly Betty I’m watching now is the American one. The one with America. She’s a brilliant actress. I also love her character in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Alright, enough about the movies.

Since I am home, I see toys in front of me all the time. Ok, I’m exaggerating. Only when I watch TV do I see them. The living room has become my brother’s play room. Naturally, on one of the forgotten days, I played with dough. I know I’m not a kid but I see it as a work of art. Here’s my ‘art’.

This comes from the toy box by Doh-Dough called ‘Burger Set’ so burger it is. I was thinking about Krabby Patty and the secret ingredients so I got my own secret formula for that ;)

I tried (and failed) to make a pizza as well

And then there was another forgotten day when I decided to ‘design’ a spacecraft. Fancy stuff, eh?

And It's Done

I just had my last exam earlier today and well, I thought it was better than the previous Stats. But I hope all my papers are okay because I don’t want to do so badly since this is my final year.

After the paper, my friends and I went out for lunch to enjoy the post exam period. Haha. It has become sort of our little tradition after the end of every examination. Today, we were introduced by Nina to this nice restaurant in Kiulap (I regret to say I can’t recall the name) and had steamboat. We busied ourselves with the food which can be quite a messy affair if you are not used to the whole thing. Either that or steamboat is just naturally made to be that way.

So without further ado, here are some shaky shots for your digestion.

Call The Cops

I have one more paper to go. But that's four days away so I'm going to relax a bit for now. But I have to remind myself that the last paper is going to be the toughest. I'm hoping I don't regret this one as I have the earlier one. Oh, and today outside the examination hall where people put their bags, someone's phone got stolen. The a-hole thief better rot in hell for that!

My say on ATP World Tour Finals:

I was quite disappointed that Novak Djokovic didn't make it to the finals. Also that Nadal lost all his round robin matches. And also the fact that Soderling lost to Del Potro in the semis. Now I don't really have a favourite in the final. The final today sees Juan Martin Del Potro in a battle with Nikolay Davydenko. Somehow, I kept mispronouncing his name as Didenko cos that's the name of our lecturer. But whoever wins, well, deserves it of course. And that would mark the end of tennis for this year. I'm looking forward to the next season!


Exam has officially started. Mine starts on Thursday but I’m still not a hundred percent in that mode yet. I still play a bit of the silly game which I’m getting very sick of. I watch live scores all the time which is bad in this situation. Why the heck does the exam time always clash with the ATP World Tour Finals? Because of the exam, I can’t watch my favourite players live on TV. Speaking of which, here are some pictures of the players posing for the official portrait in London.

Nadal looks so smart with his hair combed back. I think he looks better with a shorter hair.

Group photo of all singles and doubles players. I haven’t had the chance to listen to Bryan brothers’ new song Autograph. I heard Federer and Djokovic are featured in it!

And here is the charming defending champion Novak Djokovic.

All images from atpworldtour.com

I hope Nole reach the semis. And I hope to see some wins by Robin Soderling as well.

Well, my revision week is not all about the ATP of course. I do study when I can.

Proof: (1) Highlighter

(2) Stuff in my “pouch”

Ok, I run out of pictures. You get the idea.

Also, before I end this, I just want to show you the mini melts I got many moons ago. It’s mango flavored which is one of my favourite flavor but somehow this one lacks flavor. What was that I just said?

Today my exam motto is: kill or be killed


As I have said, I've been playing this game for a while now. I stopped and started again. Pathetic, I know. But what else can I do? Study all day long? I don't think so.

I find this game rather colorful and welcoming, a contrast to the mathematical stuff I have to face these days. But what you see here is not the high level ones. I'm just playing the survival mode.

In comparison to the exam, I'm the Pea Shooter and the papers are the Zombies. And the reward Bag of Gold Coins are hopefully the good grades I'm getting in the end. Ok, I gotta stop cos if I keep on playing, for sure my brain will be exponentially decaying as t goes to infinity. Oh, Maths, damn you!


The exam timetable isn't out yet which is really frustrating because I don't know how to schedule my revisions. Ok, that's just an excuse to slack for another couple of days. I came back home and I didn't bring anything back to revise. And I'm skipping the very last class of the semester, even though I'm still not sure if we have a test or not. Screw that. Haha

My sisters, mum and I went shopping earlier and they got at least 3 pieces of clothings each. Me? Zero. I don't know, the salesperson kept showing me different choices of clothes but I just shrug and nod. I guess I suck at shopping for clothes.

Water supply at home has been very low and now I think we're completely cut off so imagine the difficulty especially when we want to empty our bowels. We even have to ration the water for showering. That's why we only feel the importance of water once we run out of it. Sigh.

And of course I won't end this post without mentioning BNP Paribas Masters. Roger Federer lost in his opening round which is a bit disappointing. Andy Murray also lost to Radek Stepanek. Rafael Nadal is wearing the same checker pants which is fugly! (the neon shirt doesn't help as well) And I'm gonna miss Marat Safin. Guess I can still watch his sister on WTA.


I really like this cute little thing that I got as a souvenir from a friend. Thank you!

The label of this product says, “Please do not give water.” Ok, I’ll try to remember that -_-

Choc Cake

I had my Functional test today. To be fair, it wasn’t that hard, but I still got some answers wrong. Let’s just hope I can still pass it. We were given the solution immediately after the test but I’ve only skimmed through it and don’t feel like comparing my answers just yet – to avoid depression, that is.

Anyhow, after the test, we made a surprise for Shy Ni since it’s her birthday today. It was just a simple cake and I hope she likes it. Well, the process of selecting the cake wasn’t simple at all. We kept changing our minds at the cake shop and annoyed the hell out of the salesgirl. The order form was a mess when we finally decided upon this chocolate mousse cake.

A shiny day for the birthday girl

Career Fair

The Career Fair is currently being held at Chancellor Hall so if you are interested, you can stop by. I went there earlier with some of my friends and we went to almost all the booths. I’ve never heard of some of the companies until today so it’s really a good opportunity for job seekers to expand their knowledge on the different companies in Brunei.

The booklets I got from the fair

There were some displays of speedboats and some vehicles by the Police Force and the Fire and Rescue Department, much of a contrast from last year’s display of MinDef trucks. As always, knowing us, we can’t resist exploring the interior so we clambered up to the biggest boat (Sorry for the bad description!). Here are some photos I managed to take with my phone camera.

Crackle Crackle

Only two weeks left. My friends are right. Most of the courses that we're having feel like they've just started. It's as if we've only covered the base. But nevertheless, there are only two weeks left.

I don't know if I am an organized person. I do like to organize things (in this case, schedule) but I usually fail to follow them. But I still do it anyway, out of habit, really. If I don't do that, I'll feel very insecure.

This week has been much of a relaxation for me, except the day I joined the Amazing Race, of course. Yes, I admit I went to get a copy of the local newspaper just to have a glance of our picture. Haha. Now, that was something.

Saturday, my sisters, my cousin and I had a karaoke night. I still don't know how to sing like my sister, therefore I stick to the simple low-key ones and avoided Celine Dion ('All By Myself' is suicidal). I find Elvis Presley's and Abba's very enjoyable to sing to. And I think rock songs are too loud but they make the best karaoke songs. Really!

Also, by the end, I started hearing weird crackling sound coming from one of the speakers. I hope it's not because of us :)


The Amazing Race was held yesterday at campus. I am not in the mood to elaborate each and every thing that happened but you can hear from us in person. The moral of the story (imitates Dr.VM) is we really enjoyed ourselves even though we were so dead tired by the end. We completed all six activities and before the time limit so it was all great for us. I'm still wondering what other activities are there though. Feel free to elaborate if you've been there. And also as usual, much more of these at FB.

I guess that's it. Exam is getting nearer so I have to start organizing the papers cos they're all over the place. I need to do something this week. That's all for now.