I finally watched Roland Garros last night. I had a little doubt with Federer but he made it through. That was close! I really hope that this time someone else wins this Grand Slam. Nothing against Nadal, I just thought it’d be interesting to watch.

So it’s been very hectic at work these days. I’m kidding. I actually have little to do. Nina would come to my place and we would bore each other out and we would take pictures and she would post it on facebook. I actually have pictures of her in coverall but it’s still in my phone. But here is one pic I grabbed from her fb. To see more just go to her fb. It’s more interesting there.

More Like Tweets


This post is gonna be in chunks. I’ll just write anything that pops in my mind.

Does anyone know what time French Open is on? I want to watch it. I don’t want to catch the live score online. Where’s the excitement in that? Tell me if you know.

So, I have started watching Samantha Who and I think it’s a great show. But I heard the show is canceling. That’s just too bad.

And I just finished watching Supernatural Season 3. Did I actually finish it or was it intended to be a cliffhanger? Jensen Ackles rocks.

I can’t wait for the weekend. Every Monday, I’ll start counting down to Friday. And before I know it, I’m counting down again. I can’t wait for the ‘holiday’ to end.

I go to bed early everyday. I know, amazing right? Why can’t I do that during school days?

For more short updates, just read my tweets. I think I tweet everyday. I’m not sure. Writing a blog requires more time and effort and I’m lacking them these days.

The Underdog

I just watched American Idol and as you know Kris won! I really thought it’s gonna be Adam. But both of them are great so it doesn’t really matter. I actually got the spoiler from my colleagues when I overheard them talking about it before the show was aired. Damn. I was planning on watching it and finding out myself. And actually two of my friends mentioned it after that. So yeah, even if I don’t want the spoiler, there are so many various ways I can find out unwillingly. It feels like everyone is just screaming the result. But I enjoyed the performances! Some of my favourites are David Cook, Michael Sarver with Megan and Steve Martin, and also Queen (the band, not the other Queen). Well, there goes this season of Idol. I’m anticipating for the next one already. And I didn’t know Kara can sing so well. Loved her performance too.

These past few days have been a bit slow for me. Most of the time I just sit there not knowing what I’m supposed to do and not daring to disturb my neighbors who seem so busy. Luckily for Nina, I can go downstairs to disturb her. We explored the building and at one point we actually go around the same corridors twice. It’s a bit confusing but we managed to get the hang of it. On the third day, I joined the team in a monthly meeting and it was scary and all because I don’t know anyone and I don’t know what everyone’s talking about throughout the meeting. Important things I figure. It’s alright I guess. I just don’t like waking up early in the morning. It’s like high school all over again.

Day Before Tomorrow

First of all, I’d like to wish this girl on my right a HAPPY 18th B’DAY!

Moving on~ Hahah. Sorry, but I’ve greeted her like so many times already today so I don’t want her to get sick of it.

So, to sum it up, here’s her unfortunately ugly cake we bought from Mum’s. Ps, don’t go to Mum’s in the future. Noted.

And they can’t even spell diamond! And look at the 18. So shaky! I can do better.

So anyway, yesterday something stupid happened to me. I woke up and went to the bathroom. Then, I brushed my teeth. When I was done brushing, I suddenly thought, “Hold on a sec, that doesn’t taste right!” And then it struck me, I used my facial cleanser instead of the toothpaste! Damn. I puked it out and rinse my mouth, brushed my teeth again (this time using toothpaste) and then used Listerine. That was so silly of me. Yes, in that process of brushing my teeth, I was day dreaming and I really didn’t realize until I finish. Lesson learned. Do not brush your teeth until you are really WIDE awake. Wonder how the facial cleanser tastes like? Please, you don’t wanna know.

Let’s move on shall we?

Today, I went to RTB to watch a singing competition. To be precise, my mum joins the competition and I was there to support her.

That’s about all, I guess. I’m suddenly lazy to write because I just remember I need to sleep early today. Big day tomorrow!

No Theory Like Big Bang Theory

My old scanner worked so here are the pictures we’ve taken at the arcade as promised.

So, I’ve moved out of the hostel this morning. Packing was quick because my stuff was light. I avoided bringing the big stuff like fridge, air cooler, big laundry basket, microwave oven, that kind of stuff to the hostel. Anyone who’s been to my room agrees that it’s quite plain. And I like it that way. Now that I am home, I get to enjoy the TV and speaking of that, I just watched American Idol. I’m actually kinda glad it’s Kris in the final. I wanted Danny out ever since he hit that disturbing high note. But I love his performance last night. Well, somebody has got to go right?

Next week American Idol is a must watch. We all know who’s gonna win but it’s still something to talk about. And yes, I do want Adam to win. And speaking of winning, Novak Djokovic just defeated Andreas Seppi 6-4 6-4. Haha, sorry about the random info but I just remembered. And I’ll let you ponder about how long Federer will last in this Madrid tournament.

We Are The Champions


That was supposed to be our exit song outside the hall today. But Chairlift’s Bruises kept coming to my mind.

I do not understand a damn thing I wrote for the exam just now and everything I did was, sadly, by hard. This is not knowledge. This is only brain power.

Today is officially the last day of our exam and so me along with them Nina, Fakhriah and Aden went out after that. Somebody suggested the arcade days before the exam’s over so the arcade it is. Fakhriah got to shoot the gun and I got to shoot the balls and Nina’s actually a secret Guitar Hero expert. Heheh. And somebody is shy at the kbox ;P

We actually have some decent sticker photos we took there but nobody has a scanner now so that has to wait. For now, all you got is from my phone camera.

Please Nina, don’t you dare! Lol Don’t make that story of yours at FB. I will do a Mizah on you! What’s that website she said again? I will Mohawk your hair!

See you guys in three months time! (copying Fakhriah’s message)

Monday blues...

Pre Exam Syndrome


Well, not really. I’ve just been addicted to my mobile game lately and I’m addicted to the internet too. I abandoned my study yesterday and I’m struggling to catch up today. And now I’m here online again. Shit. But on the bright side…

We had a little surprise for Nina when she came earlier. Her birthday is two days from now but we decided to give her a surprise earlier because the exam is near. So we used the resource room and set things up. We had to trick her into coming earlier by saying that a lecturer wants to see her. When she came, the candles were already lit and we sang her the birthday song. It was all great but after we’re done, we went straight to revision. Sigh. What to do? It’s the exam week after all. So here I want to wish Nina a Happy Advanced Birthday. Hope you like the little surprise we gave you. And good luck for the exam!

Mini cakes to celebrate

We just bought some snacks

Waiting for Nina…

The “double-sided” birthday gift from all of us

Nina enjoying her cake

And then we’re back to studying…It’s just inevitable!