Family's Best Friend


We let our family dog out yesterday and it was so happy it went crazy running around barking and zigzag-ing across the lawn. I seriously don’t know what goes on in the dog’s mind. You see, the dog hasn’t been let out in a looooonng time so we let it free for at least the whole afternoon. We’re not allowed to let it out on normal days because it’ll kinda scare people. So since it’s a Sunday, no customers so the dog’s free. The dog’s very tame, by the way.

I played with it for a while, treating it with crackers. And I tried in vain to teach it tricks. So much for my constant yelling, “Sit, Boi Boi, Sit!” But it’s either deaf or it goes by the saying “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks”. I guess it’s the latter.

“You think I’m stupid?”

I wanted to give Boi Boi more food but all I had was leftover pasta and more crackers so I tried the pasta and luckily it gobbled it down in a flash. Point to note, dogs like pasta, or at least mine does. After a while, I decided to lure it back to its so-big-it’s-comfortable cage but it sensed what I was about to do. Hmm, apparently not stupid at all.

The problem is his collar broke as you can see above. So using a leash is out of the question. I tried the breadcrumb trail method. The dog ate the crackers along the trail and I thought it’s working until it stopped dead right outside the cage’s door as it sensed the trap. It sniffed the crackers by the door and slowly and carefully reached out for it, snatched it and fled to safety to chomp down his prize. Correction: very clever indeed.

So in the end, I had to trick it with more crackers thrown in the cage so it’s more tempting. Boi Boi couldn’t resist it and went in. Halfway in, I quickly slam the door shut behind its butt. Lol. The dog tried to turn back but it’s too late. It did gave me the sad look. Nice attempt but not buying. Oh well, at least it has plenty of crackers to enjoy until its next meal.