Less than a week to go before I have to move again. I’ve got my results for last semester’s exam but I still don’t know the practical attachment’s result. We had a group chat yesterday trying to figure out whether we’re being neglected again...but we’re gonna ask the coordinator soon.

My results are okay, but not what I wanted of course. It could’ve been much worse so I guess I shouldn’t complain. You reap what you sow. I guess I didn’t study the past-year paper hard enough. Yes, sadly, that’s the only way to get a good score these days. The lecturers are so damn lazy!

Another few months of this and we’re good to go!

I don't know whether I want the holiday to end or not. But whatever will be will be right? I guess I'll have to look forward to lectures next week. Yay?!

I was trying to measure the distance between two places so I used Google Earth. Here's a simple method if you're interested.

After drawing the path, the path name will appear in the Places tab. Copy the KML path name as shown below.

Then use any KML measurement application. Try this application which I would recommend since it's easy to install and use. This is the application when you run it:

Then, paste the KML as shown below. Press "Calculate".

There you have it, the distance between a route that I wanted to know was 5.906 km. It's pretty useful if you wanna know how far is one place from another. Go ahead and try.