Frantic Days


Guess who this is?

Yes, if you are the up-to-date type of person always watching the entertainment news it would’ve been old news for you. He is Emma Watson’s brother Alex. I heard he is only 16 and already he is posing for the Burberry Ad with his sister. He actually acted in the latest Harry Potter film as one of the background guys. I’m sure he’s gonna find himself in more major roles in the future.

So here I am in my first week of the semester. There are already many notes to read and it’s only the third day. Fortunately, the class on Saturday is moved so I’m free. But the timetable might change a bit more before I can really say I have my weekend free. We’ll see whether we can squeeze some more classes in between others during the cramped weekdays. And look who’s spotted wearing a pair of glasses…

He’s so animated when he lecture and he owe us 8 minutes in just two lecture classes. Somehow, I have a feeling we’re never getting back our 8 minutes from him, not that we mind since we’re time-wasters ourselves.

The days are rainy and the nights are cold. Maybe the January heavy downpour to the point of flood is coming. Brace yourself for another episode of the great flood!