Served Cold


I haven’t been able to go online these days but here I am again. I remember a few years back when I barely go online at all. Like maybe once in a fortnight. Now, every few hours I find myself either on Facebook, Twitter or some other social sites. If you still speak of Friendster, then you must still be living five years back. But maybe five years from now, Facebook will be an old fashioned word too. Who knows what’s gonna be the next social thing on the net right? We simply move on from site to site. I am still wondering how long I am going to keep this blog rolling.

But anyways, moving on, these days my breakfast is served cold. First of all, I am lazy to go downstairs to order and second, I am lazy to cook. And I am also always in a rush so I don’t have time to prepare the food. But then I am starting to enjoy the cold breakfast because it keeps me wide awake in the morning, except Monday of course.

I am yet to start reading my lecture notes and attempting the tutorials but I find them the hardest tasks on my to-do list. It’s so easy to borrow academic books from the library but it’s so hard to read them. One second I find myself staring guiltily at the pile of books I borrowed and the next I find myself watching a movie on my laptop, books forgotten.