The Inevitable


Lately, my laptop is part of my workstation so I find many beads underneath my key pads. So far, I’ve fished out four. I should really get a keypad protector to avoid those small beads from slipping through the gaps. Yes, my work involves beads. And I pricked my fingers many a times today. But thanks to the sofa and soft pillow, working has been relatively comfortable. The demand for work hour is unfortunately high so all day I have been sitting in the same spot doing the same repetitive work. I would like to call it a work of art, if I may. For want of a more professional word, it would be embroidery.

I found this IORA name card on my sister’s desk and I thought the design is really pretty so I took a picture of it. A name card is like the first impression of a company or a person. If a name card is plain, expect a really boring firm or sales representative. On the other hand, if you see evidence of the efforts involved in designing the card, you can expect the card owner to be a creative person running a company that merit in presentation and style.