Tsonga's Thick Hair


Raya is very much around the corner so raya rush is very common these days, be it preparing food and cakes or making raya clothes. I'm pretty sure dressmakers are very busy these days. Yes, I am sure. I never undersand the process of making a dress. Many people ask me but I have no clue.

US Open 2009

US Open is taking place now in Queens, New York. If you’re interested, you can watch the live score using the Slam Tracker at the official page www.usopen.org. Well, for me, I am looking at the Slam Tracker while watching the live match on TV. I don’t know why I look at the Slam Tracker when I can see every point on TV. Unnecessary really.

I wanted to start this post about Tsonga's hair but I lose interest halfway through. Yes, Nadal sports a shorter hairdo while Tsonga looks like he's wearing a wig. Not that it's gonna affect their game. Just want to point it out.