Zombies Attack


I finally visited some friends for this year’s raya. The very first house was Mijah’s. That was it for the first week actually.

This one below is at Nina’s open house but the light you see here is from my flash. There was actually no power the moment we entered the house so we were in darkness for the most part. This was a bit of an experience for me because I drove. That means I get to show my friends how reckless I am at driving, and I hit someone’s trash can in the process. Let’s not get into the ugly part. The blackout wasn’t fun at all. I can barely see all the good food and it got hotter and hotter. Damn the power shutdown.

Lately, I've been attacking zombies in a silly game called "Plants VS. Zombies" and I have completed all levels. Now I am in the mini-game mode if you must know. I am not quite satisfied with the ending so I restart from the beginning. Alright, that's it for this post. I'm off to kill zombies...