DelBoy The Champ


US Open Final

Juan Martin Del Potro def. Roger Federer

The match just ended. Now I think is the prize ceremony. I just caught the live score on the site's Slam Tracker because I have no TV here at the hostel. I was practically cursing all through. I didn't watch from the beginning of course. That was like 4am so I watched halfway through. Bottom line is no 6th US Open Grand Slam for Federer. And as much as I don't support Del Potro, he deserves the credit at least cause it's his first Slam final and he managed to grab the title. That much I respect. Other than that, he's too tall. He should be playing basketball, not tennis.

I still wish it was Nadal on the other side of the net instead of DelBoy. That would be an epic match don't you think?