Out and About


My exam is finally over! I need TV, novel, internet and a guitar now. I just want to waste my time and laze around the house for the rest of the holiday. I really hope I don’t have any supplements coz I’m so not in the mood to study during the holiday.

Nina and I went out right after the exam and we bloated ourselves at Pizza Hut. It feels good to get out after the exam. We went around searching for gift bags after Nina bought a couple of gifts. And at this store this woman was so rude. Oh well, I’m not gonna talk about it coz I don’t want to ruin a good day =) But then at another store, the shop assistants were so friendly. They helped Nina decorate her gifts. Such friendly people are hard to come by. Oh, and I finally got myself the Twilight novel. Really makes me look forward to the holiday.

Nina munching on a pizza

I like this drink…float…whatever

What's left of the food. sorry you have to see this =D