One Last Post for This Year, I Promise!


I just feel like I should do one more post before the end of the year, and what better time to do it than when I'm all comfy in this quiet cluster? Okay, you got me, I'm supposed to be typing my report now but gimme a break! I've been at it for days now!


I really need to webcam with my family before the end of the year because I avoided them how many times now? Not on purpose so I'm really sorry! It just wasn't the right time. I still have one day to go so I'll hunt them down tomorrow.

And I'm pretty excited for tomorrow. End of the year. Gathering with the people. I bought my gift. It's a big ass one so it'll be embarassing to carry! But I hope that person like my gift.

And the most exciting thing is I'm gonna try out my new shoes! But having test walk it just now, I realise that this is a pair of trail shoes, not running shoes. I don't know how far I can jog in these. And yes I know how the weather looks like these days so I'll go out probably looking like a polar bear.

Is there such thing as a New Year's wish? I do have's the same one I made at the wishing well in London...