Before I embarrass myself by describing football stuff that I know nothing of, I'm just gonna stop and say that I don't want to explain things I have little or no knowledge on. Everything around me that I saw today, I keep bringing tennis back in my mind; comparing how a typical tennis stadium would defer from a football stadium, how the locker room would be more personalized and how the court would be smaller. I don't understand why people are so crazy about football. Being crazy about tennis makes much more sense!

And yet here I am... touching the ground of Anfield.

The locker room in the stadium.

This is how the stadium looks like when it's empty. Love it. I can totally bring a story book and sit on one of the chairs and read for hours. Too bad that's not allowed :(

A little souvenir I got from the merchandise store.

A cute little official badge I got for my monkey. This little thing costs me £3. No shit.

I almost forgot that Liverpool is also the town of The Beatles! Luckily the guys drop by there or else I will surely regret not arriving here. LOL~

I got myself two plectrums! Love them!

And more badges! Lovely stuff. I wanna go back there and get more!