One Last Post for This Year, I Promise!

I just feel like I should do one more post before the end of the year, and what better time to do it than when I'm all comfy in this quiet cluster? Okay, you got me, I'm supposed to be typing my report now but gimme a break! I've been at it for days now!


I really need to webcam with my family before the end of the year because I avoided them how many times now? Not on purpose so I'm really sorry! It just wasn't the right time. I still have one day to go so I'll hunt them down tomorrow.

And I'm pretty excited for tomorrow. End of the year. Gathering with the people. I bought my gift. It's a big ass one so it'll be embarassing to carry! But I hope that person like my gift.

And the most exciting thing is I'm gonna try out my new shoes! But having test walk it just now, I realise that this is a pair of trail shoes, not running shoes. I don't know how far I can jog in these. And yes I know how the weather looks like these days so I'll go out probably looking like a polar bear.

Is there such thing as a New Year's wish? I do have's the same one I made at the wishing well in London...

Late Christmas Greetings

It's already 28th December so I was thinking to myself why bother greeting a Merry Christmas? You know what, I'm just gonna say Happy New Year 2011! I hope this year has been good to you because it sure has been the highlight of my life.

New years resolution? I don't bother to do it for 2011 because I already know what's gonna happen to it if I do. Nothing. That's the problem. I'll just go one step at a time, absorb the good and drain the bad. That's how we should live our life, not based on some lists. I know I'm being a hypocrite but a phase change is what I'd call it.

Wish this coming year will be just as good as this current year. May you all be blessed with a wonderful New Year. Enjoy and see you in 2011!

Best wishes,

P.S. Just check my FB if you wanna see photos from Paris et al.



Before I embarrass myself by describing football stuff that I know nothing of, I'm just gonna stop and say that I don't want to explain things I have little or no knowledge on. Everything around me that I saw today, I keep bringing tennis back in my mind; comparing how a typical tennis stadium would defer from a football stadium, how the locker room would be more personalized and how the court would be smaller. I don't understand why people are so crazy about football. Being crazy about tennis makes much more sense!

And yet here I am... touching the ground of Anfield.

The locker room in the stadium.

This is how the stadium looks like when it's empty. Love it. I can totally bring a story book and sit on one of the chairs and read for hours. Too bad that's not allowed :(

A little souvenir I got from the merchandise store.

A cute little official badge I got for my monkey. This little thing costs me £3. No shit.

I almost forgot that Liverpool is also the town of The Beatles! Luckily the guys drop by there or else I will surely regret not arriving here. LOL~

I got myself two plectrums! Love them!

And more badges! Lovely stuff. I wanna go back there and get more!

My Love for...

I love food. Have I ever say that before?

And looking at this picture just make me love food more. This is mushroom chicken. Heaven tastes like this :)

It's officially the holiday and so far it's been great. There are, of course, worries about the exam somewhere at the back of my head. That's inevitable but I just want to get my mind off it now and enjoy my days here.

This picture below was one of the few pictures that I took while waiting for my friends in the street of Castleford. I like how this place is outdoorsy in contrast with those high street indoor shopping centers. And the nice thing about this town is it's less crowded than Leeds, which makes the shopping experience here much better.

The Beginning

My mama swore that she would never let herself forget~

Oh, hi there. Sorry I was listening to music now as I type these words. And I can't focus when I listen to music because I'm still mouthing the song so I'll pause the song now...

Ah~ that's better.

Where was I?

In my last post, I was talking about how unlucky I was not seeing the snow fall. Well, I take back the whole paragraph down there. Now every time I go out, I am showered with white specks of snow and I'm beginning to think maybe it's not all that fun after all. Pretty, yes. Fun, depends on where I'm heading...If I'm going to class, I would love to be able to float all my way there. If out for some snow fight, yup that's the fun part!

And my little snow globe with Mr Rudolph looks extra pretty with the snowy background from my window sill. This is my first white Christmas after all!

Also, now that the semester is coming to an end, I fear for the worse to come because we will be having our exams in January, which gives me less than a month to study given the fact that I'll be on vacation in the middle of December. I keep harping about this but I want to do well in my exam and I don't want to flunk any papers!

And to date, I barely started my marketing report. Die la die.