You Can't Always Get What You Want

This song is in my head ALL the time so it's the first thing I think of when I write this blog. Damn, it's still playing... can't stop!! I got this song from youtube by Band from TV, it's originally sung by the Rolling Stones. I think it's good, I don't know about the original version but this is good enough for me.

If you wanna check out this song, watch Season 4 House donno which episode but it's one of the tracks there..Maybe not released here yet. I haven't even finished watching Season 3! Hopefully sooner or later. Right now? Check this..

I'm doing a project with Eve and ShyNi which is to make a user interface about matchmaking. How cool is that? And frankly speaking, I've never registered for this kinda thing online so I dono how it works. I have a mental plan which looks like friendster where you can add people and stuff but really, me no match maker! But I'm pretty eager to do it. I wana know the popularity of matchmaking on the net, how desperate people register themselves and await destiny... u believe in true love online? I simply do not trust.


That's the term used to define my first library book I checked out with the machine. Yup, damn it, it's lost! Ironically, it's lost IN the library in the washroom. Fortunately, the book is not worth a fortune. I remembered reading the price tag - 14 pounds. still, I have to pay for it... someday. The worst part is I just started reading it and is beginning to get acquainted with the characters. Shame. It's the one I mentioned: Ian Rankin's Wolfman. Last night I did read another one of his novel 'Black & Blue', very Scottish and by the end the real killer got away.. Sigh, so much for an ending. I still like his books though. Detective novels is always my favourite. Well, guess now I can't read much because of school work and stuff. Maybe the next holiday... I'll be looking forward to it.

Ready or Not: not an option

I don't know why I have so many animal pictures in this blog..haihz

Ok, here's the summary of a new beginning.

First of all, I have to brainstorm (shoulda done that during the holiday) for programming project. Ms. Daphne said I have a choice between generating tic-tac-toe or making a J2ME game. Now, that's where the problem arises. I'm not exactly acquainted with J2ME. I just know that it's Java for mobile. I don't know how different it is from Java. I'm never good at Java anyway.. But I'm gonna try. Then there's the problem with the choice of games I can pick. I'm thinking I wanna do a board game: chess, reversi, those stuff but right now I haven't decide yet.

The course with Dr.Brown is also quite tough. I'm in a group with mates Shy Ni and Eve and we have to "make an interface to" something according to Dr.Brown. I'm not sure that's exactly what he said but it's something in that line. Lol.. We also have to write a short report on our usability experience. Wanna get it over with quickly..

Reading Comprehension..again? Hell, it's boring! To make it worse, I left my dictionary at home, my guide and my mentor. I guess I have to do my work in the library, maybe find some materials for the project and maybe a good novel.. I saw the John Rebus Novel by Ian Rankin and I bet it's good. But I still donno how to use that machine in the library for borrowing books.

Ok, enough crap for now :)

Animal Lovers - sorta!


our new puppies!!

tiger cat King

he's so lazy!

King and Mourri licking their

Mourri provides the fertilizers!


I found this old VCD my mum bought ages ago called BlackAdder starring Rowan Atkinson. It was a famous comedy back then in Britain. But not quite in Asia coz i think not many understand the jokes. Anyway, I’m saying this because Hugh Laurie, or better known as Dr. House, was in that series. Here’s the still picture I’ve taken. I think he looks kinda funny in that big hair and thick makeup! At first I didn’t even recognize him! Not much wrinkles

Exam Result

Yes, it's finally out! It's earlier than last year by two days. Haha..But that's not important. The important thing is I pass! Fakhriah helped me check and i got her message earlier while i was shopping at kb. Thanks fakhriah! It's actually better than my previous two results last year. Well, now i'm really looking forward to a new sem. It's a fresh start.

By the way, the result is already posted at ubd website.

Artistic figure sketching

I just did my first sketch of the year earlier today. Actually, i copied it from a sketch book's cover. The drawing on it attracted me. It's a figure drawing of a man in action..I like the artist's shading, looks like a detailed drawing of human's muscles from a bio textbook,very realistic and yet artistic. It took me quite a while to draw because i wana be precise- stroke direction, thickness and fine details,all those stuff. Sorry, can't post it here coz i copied. I highly respect the artist's work. Besides, mine looks like crap next to the original -_-"