That's the term used to define my first library book I checked out with the machine. Yup, damn it, it's lost! Ironically, it's lost IN the library in the washroom. Fortunately, the book is not worth a fortune. I remembered reading the price tag - 14 pounds. still, I have to pay for it... someday. The worst part is I just started reading it and is beginning to get acquainted with the characters. Shame. It's the one I mentioned: Ian Rankin's Wolfman. Last night I did read another one of his novel 'Black & Blue', very Scottish and by the end the real killer got away.. Sigh, so much for an ending. I still like his books though. Detective novels is always my favourite. Well, guess now I can't read much because of school work and stuff. Maybe the next holiday... I'll be looking forward to it.